Graduating Through Soul Lessons

Certain karmic contracts are now reaching completion as we transition into neutral by resolving the inner conflicts governed by polarity identification. This means embodying the knowing that we have always held the key to our own salvation and that external reality serves as the mirror to show where we are still in a state of fragmentation through the inheritance of limiting beliefs and spiritual amnesia as we stepped down the dimensional layers.

The Merging of Light and Dark

It is through traversing the labyrinth of this dualistic realm, that we are spiritually renewed in the light of expanded consciousness, humbled by our initiation through the shadow to embody a deep reverence and conscious awareness of our true nature.

We are all unique expressions of creation experiencing itself, and this is why there has been no divine intervention. There is no outside saviour because the source code lives within us. When we believe we have to outsource the power to manage and direct our lives, this divorces us from the higher mind, which speaks to us through our intuition.

When this intelligence takes the forefront, we are under the directive of the soul, which interfaces with our higher spiritual identities. This is the most trusting counsel we can receive. This higher faculty takes time to nurture, like fine tuning an instrument. At first the signal is muddied, and we can’t correctly discern it from our thoughts/emotions. Over time the signal gets clearer. It is felt as an absolute authority that we know we can trust. Our cells resonate on this frequency of truth as the voice of the soul speaks to us.

It is often suffering that serves as the catalyst to expanded awareness, to break the spell of amnesia. This is the merging of the light and dark back into wholeness. All that was hidden must be revealed. On outside appearances, this may appear chaotic, but don’t let this deceive you. We are witnessing the necessary breakdown and purging of all that is no longer in alignment with the organic integrity of creation.

The Individual Choice Point

All destabilising external events serve as a choice point, and we are witnessing the collective cycle through its dark night initiations, in order to restore integrity to the planetary grid and liberate all life forms on this density. This collective fate is secured, but as the co-creators, we are responsible for how and when that manifests. Here we stand at the precipice of great potential transformation, if we can heed the lessons of old and collapse the timelines back into the unified heart field of the present. This way we lift the spiritual quarantine and can freely birth reality through the imagination, as part of the open source self-replenishing source field.

This transition is already available to each individual, when we decide it to be so. The shift is happening now in each moment, even in subtle ways. Nudges from the universe to relocate. To move fearlessly into more authentic expression. To relinquish all obsolete and stagnant external attachments to open up new doors of connection.

Everything in our personal reality conforms to an energetic Law of Structure that we are architecting and can be programmed with a clear intention that determines the vibration of that energy field. This includes our body, our place of dwelling, our relationships, our social media environment and all contracts (physical or energetic) that we have consciously or subconsciously entered into.

As we restructure our field with greater energetic integrity, this is reflected as increased harmony between our inner and outer world, and translates as more inner peace, self trust, and greater well-being in the present moment. This level of embodiment will naturally determine which future timeline we interface with.

Trust in Divine Timing

There has to be sufficient energetic potency for this to materialise as community structures, but the wheels are in motion and we will be receiving signs through those we are starting to attract and recognise as soul family, irrespective of where we are physically located at the moment. This is the planting seeds phase of the grand reorganisation process and we must be able to practice acceptance for our present life circumstances, whatever they are.

It can feel isolating during this transition, as we yearn for more authentic connection, and come face to face with some deep inner conflicts seeking resolution. This may require periods of solitude for recalibration, but rest assured we are never truly alone and there is always support available for us. If we are pure and genuine with our intentions, we open the door for divine grace to guide us through the winds of change and into the unknown, from which all new creative potential is born.

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