Halloween and Moon Rituals

Today is a rare blue moon, the second full moon this calendar month. Given the way we know the moon influences the Earth and human beings, there is reason to believe that it is a frequency suppressor, siphoning organic consciousness and perpetrating disconnection from communion with source. During this time, the dimensional veil is the thinnest, opening the portal to allow dark energies to infiltrate the Earthly domain more readily and to feed off trauma.

This is amplified when in conjunction with Halloween, a day where satanic ritual abuse and black magic occult rituals are most rife. Halloween represents the transition into the darker half of the year between the autumn equinox and winter solstice, and this can be a good time for getting in touch with our own shadow aspects through introspection.

However, when we willingly open up our field during a full moon, whether through sexual lust, intoxication (especially through psychedelic substances), or engagement in rituals, and without sufficient psychic preparedness, we become a conduit for hyperdimensional exploitation, working through unresolved unconscious blind spots. Over engagement in the higher centres can create disconnection that creates access points, and dark forces will tag onto any blind spots, particularly targeting individuals who willingly surrender to external forces without inner alignment to source that can work through our being, keeping us anchored and embodied.

This is a good time to stay centred and to avoid slipping into unconscious states. This can be achieved through mindfulness. This thinning of the veil can also be a good time for quickened manifestation through intention setting and a time where intuitive faculties are heightened. It’s a case of being attuned to one’s energy field and conscious throughout the process, in which case negative influences can be transmuted.

Emotions can feel intense and fluctuating as we feel the magnetic pull of the lunar forces. By bringing awareness to the impact of the moon on our being, we can sufficiently prepare for such lunar alignments and to recognise where our emotional states are more sensitive and vulnerable, or where we may be in a reactionary state due to amplified energies. I have often felt noticeably unusual sensations and emotional/mental states on specific days in the past, only to realise these corresponded with a full moon.

The media also take advantage of these unstable periods through broadcasting fear frequencies that interact with human consciousness and work as a form of mind control tantamount to mass MK Ultra, penetrating the subjects unconscious mind, implanting predictive programming and inducing states of hypnosis resulting in blind subservience and intense Stockholm Syndrome. Those under the spell are completely unaware that their thoughts, feelings and behaviours are being controlled by external forces and, consumed by fear, they become frequency transmitters themselves, spreading the contagion into the wider environment.

This is spawning a collective shadow that many will process as a sense of impending doom. It can be felt in the air and is reinforced by the low vibrational states emanating from multiple channels. Do not fear this. This shadow must be revealed and bought to consciousness for understanding and integration. Great wisdom can come from such confrontation, as more individuals transition through a ‘dark night of the soul’ in response to growing disillusionment and helplessness, forced to deeply question and surrender their previously held beliefs to break free from the shackles of illusion through cognitive dissonance.

Those of us who are familiar with this process will know that whilst at first it is very discomforting to come to terms with the extent of the deception, such an awareness acts as a catalyst for internal inquiry and a recognition of personal power free from external conditioning that kept us dependent on external authority to govern the conditions and direction of our lives.

As more individuals awaken in this way to their true nature, there is a shift in the collective and we begin to harness more light back onto the planet which acts to transmute the dark energies and starve them of their food source. The power of this embodied light, accessed from within and not from false external programs, should not be underestimated. It is far more powerful than the darkness, which is just an absence of light, granted more power through ignorance, denial and an unintegrated shadow.

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