Healthy Masculine/Feminine Integration

There is a growing movement emerging, throwing the baby out with the bathwater and dismissing the power of integrated masculine feminine polarities due to its perversion by external forces who are distorting these principles to install a genderless agenda. This is completely different to the integration of the masculine/feminine ‘principles’, which are energetic forces and not related to biology.

We all possess both of these, though in most cases men will embody and express the masculine traits more organically and vice versa for women. It depends on how we feel on an energetic level, free from external manipulation through conditioning. What contributes to this could have its roots in our ancestral DNA that we have inherited, our soul signature and/or unique life purpose. We are not all born the same, and being biologically male or female does not automatically equate to feeling ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’, especially in the way society rigidly defines it, through capitalist derived stereotypes.

The idea is to recognise these traits on an individual level and understand the interplay of them, as expressed through energy, so we can identity if we are imbalanced and know how to recalibrate. The process of integration is a very difficult and gradual process to achieve. We have to understand our human nature beyond the confines of our biological self, but without dismissing that biological differences are still important.

I am strongly against the manipulation of gender when a child is young and impressionable and is likely to become confused if fed the wrong stimuli from their environment. Any parent feeding these distortions into their child is engaging in child abuse, period. Once a child has gained sufficient independence and can think for themselves then they can choose how they wish to identify, even though my belief is that there are only two sexes, and that once we integrate the spiritual polarities, it doesn’t matter whether we have a penis or vagina, because we can draw on the energies accordingly, without having to tamper with our biology. It’s not necessary to change our biological anatomy to address an imbalance. That way we are swinging from one gender identification to another.

If we are a man with a strong feminine essence, then we can work to integrate more masculinity to reach wholeness, and vice versa. However, if one wishes to pursue the biological path of altering their hormones and genitalia then they have the free will to do so, just like I am entitled to disagree with it. The same could be said for practices like circumcision, cutting off a sensitive part of man’s penis and subjecting him to life long trauma. No parent should be able to make this decision for their child. If somehow a man was convinced this was necessary at a later age, then again this is his choice, though I doubt any sensible man would voluntarily opt to have their penis mutilated, once they discover the benefits of the foreskin and know the damage of tampering with nature.

Yes, our parents have to make decisions for us as part of our growing process, but this doesn’t excuse any decision which subjects their child to abuse. Parents need to take responsibility and to educate themselves before acting on distorted beliefs engrained into them through establishment conditioning. Those operating the system don’t care if this happens. They promote it, because it feeds their demented fantasies, which derive pleasure off violating humans and their spirituality and feeding off their trauma, because they have disconnected from their own spirituality and require the energy of others to sustain their energy. This is vampirism.

This is much like how humans have been programmed, or fallen so far in density, that they require sustenance from meat to be healthy. Once we evolve to a certain level of consciousness, where our life force is more derived from source, we no longer need to exploit others and can break the karmic cycle. But this a process of evolution that we can’t bypass. Acknowledging this is the first step toward getting out of it.

The perversion of masculine and feminine energy is the most manipulating force on the planet. Both men and women have suffered because of it, and become divided from each other, failing to recognise that at our core we all want the same thing. From this place of mutual understanding, we can appreciate the interplay of the polarities more, but without succumbing to rigid stereotypes of what a man or woman should be like, that are founded on a dysfunctional society. Just because the left wing liberal agenda is more prominent at the moment, this doesn’t mean that the solution is to regress back to rigid conservative and capitalist ideals, which were a stepping stone in creating this mess in the first place.

It’s easy to look back and assume the family dynamics were healthy and ‘happy couples’ were the role models for men and women. In reality, many of these romantic partnerships were built on insecurity and the need for validation, bypassing spiritual growth in exchange for security and comfort. This is why divorce rates are staggeringly high and there are so many single parents. We shouldn’t be glorifying this. Attracting a suitable partner takes time and commitment to developing the self, which comes through the integration of the masculine feminine poles.

This doesn’t imply that we can’t have other romantic relationships along the journey, because this is where we learn lessons, but ultimately we don’t want to settle out of convenience, and use our romantic partner as a means to compensate for our lack of integration. This is why we see the stereotypical man and woman come together and believe they’ve found wholeness, when wholeness must be attained within the self first for true long lasting fulfilment. Perhaps, certain individuals aren’t ready to embark on this journey, but integration is a fundamental part of the process of transcending beyond dualism.

Men throughout history have died in needless wars to uphold a perceived patriotic duty which was just a manipulation of masculinity to peddle forward an anti-human agenda, and likewise women have been subjugated and exploited for sexual gratification and had their spirituality suppressed and demonised. However, does this make all men and women culpable. No. It highlights the perversion of the masculine and feminine, which was orchestrated precisely to incite division and trauma from which the ‘solution’ can be proposed, which is just more external control, convincing us that authority is necessary. We are being governed because we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated like this and we are divided within ourselves.

This is why feminism is not the answer, because it falsely believes that equality comes through equal opportunity, but when that opportunity is based on dysfunctional ideals, it just breeds more of the same problem, in this case the ‘patriarchy’, as defined by those who believe the entire masculine gender is somehow at fault for the world’s problems. The rule of the ‘patriarchy’ through hierarchy arises as a macrocosm to our own internal split from the body and rule of the head.

This is all a convenient distraction from the forces pulling the strings, which ironically just keeps us controlled and divided and eager to blame the opposite gender for our problems. When I build a relationship with someone, I don’t judge them on their sex first. I look at their qualities and how aligned we are in character and resonance. If there is sexual chemistry between myself and a female then sure i’ll then explore that, so we can take the relationship to new heights, and this is when the beauty of the interplay between the masculine and feminine is revealed.

Sexual union and intimacy is an expression of that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t express affections, love and intimacy for our friends as well. What would constitute an ideal romantic partnership for myself would be someone I was able to establish a strong friendship with first, because they are the qualities I look for in such a union. Otherwise, I am prone to being driven by desire, which can be confused for deeper feelings.

Neither a patriarchy or matriarchy is the solution, or both, for I don’t believe they can exist simultaneously. They are both representative of domination by one polarity, and in my mind the patriarchy is correlated more closely with capitalism and matriarchy communism. The pendulum merely swings from one end to another to keep us polarised and in rejection of the opposite polarity, which needs to be integrated so we can activate the third unifying and transcendent force. We have to be cognisant of falling prey to combative dualism, where we see the faults in one polarity, and swing back to the other to try and compensate.

The dysfunctional expressions of capitalism, and now liberalism, in society have both been perversions of what these systems would look like if applied correctly, and without rejection of the other. In theory, there are positives we can take from both. For example, free market economy (decentralised), and free expression (not perversion), both could exist simultaneously so that society would become more self regulating, but by violating our spirituality through manipulations of the gender principle, humanity remains in conflict and divided whilst a governing force plays the two polarities off one another to ascertain more control.

We have to stop this blame game and trying to assert our ideals of masculinity and femininity onto one another, and recognise the manipulation at play, so we can celebrate our similarities and our differences, without resorting to labels and brandishing the majority as guilty for the crimes of a minority. However, so long as we continue to comply and remain ignorant to controlling forces, we too are also complicit in this division and must accept responsibility. Denial and ignorance are not valid excuses and not permissible under objective Natural Law.

Just to give an example for those who don’t understand what I mean by masculine and feminine principles, it can be represented in one way, for example, through the two hemispheres of the brain. The right brain (the feminine) equates to feminine qualities such as intuition, creativity, subjectivity and the left brain (masculine) analytical thinking, logic and objectivity. Both are equally as valid and we all have both of these hemispheres.

Likewise, the masculine pole of consciousness is situated in the upper area of the body, mainly within the head, where this logic is computed and applied. The feminine pole exists within the body, which enables presence, access to feeling, intuition and surrender, which is accessed when we allow our awareness to filter through to the body. These are the active/passive forces that work in unison with one another. You cannot have one without the other.

As a society, we have been confined to the logical brain predominantly, and so collectively we should work to understand what embodiment is (accessing the feminine in the body), but this doesn’t mean that we move into the body at the expense of the mind, for at a higher level both are inseparable and need to work together for unity. It’s no good now polarising to the feminine, so that we neglect logic and common sense and allow our emotions to govern all our decision making and behaviour, for this just opens the gateway to more manipulation.

This is what we are seeing happening in 2020. A complete hijack of our emotions, so that all common sense is disregarded in favour of virtue signalling to gaslight people into believing that they are guilty of harming another, when it is their ignorance which is in fact doing so.

And this is exactly how these inversions operate. Those preaching ’science’ are also victim to this, because they aren’t thinking for themselves and are allowing fear to drive their beliefs by putting blind trust in those who call themselves the ‘trusted scientists’ and ‘health professionals’ without actually applying logic to investigate the vested interests and ties between the global powers.

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