Holding Centre Through The Storm

2020 has bought huge waves of change on the Earth in both directions. Whilst some have felt elevated and activated with purpose during these trying times, others have felt the weight of the external pulling them down and at times it feels as though hope is lost as the clutches of the control system tightens its grip, removing more freedoms and plunging more people below the poverty line and into greater states of physical and mental imbalance.

For those that are struggling in this way, hold on tight as the storm continues to rage. You are being tested and you have the power to see this through. The divine is always there to guide us if we can listen to its call. There may be some bold life decisions that we need to make to nudge us along a different trajectory.

This is a good time to take a risk that we may have been too scared to before. As the Matrix dwindles and clings on desperately to its power, personal opportunities will present themselves and new connections will materialise as we find more internal alignment. These may be virtual for the time being, but it’s important we anchor these powerful connections across the quantum field. In this way we assist the collective.

If we continue to look outside for the answers, we will be met with confusion and frustration. The world is on standby as many people try to hold on to the illusion that institutions care about them and that things will return back to a normal that was never serving humanity properly in the first place. It’s time we all face up to that fact.

We have to ride the waves of change, whatever way that expresses itself and find our calling amidst the chaos. This requires inner stillness. We have to remind ourselves that we are bigger than these attempts to suppress us. A new dawn is beckoning and a new world must be built within ourselves first. Face the fear front on. Express the emotional pain to transmute it. Clear the shadow of its junk and open the portal to who you really are.

As the days get shorter and winter beckons, it is an important time for self-care. With less solar activating frequencies, our energy reserves are more limited. There are forces that will try to wear us down to depletion through inciting increased fear and chaos during this period. They want us to succumb to negative emotional states and to project them onto one another to accelerate their plans.

Now is a good time to introspect and to practice the art of surrender. When we project too much penetrating masculine force, always trying to predict, control and work things out, we can send ourselves into overdrive and quickly drain our resources. This opens us up to manipulation and self-sabotaging tendencies, which further drains us.

We all contain the feminine aspect of being which knows how to find wisdom in the silence and to forfeit control to the higher aspect of ourselves, which communes with the higher realms and which can be filtered through our being to help rejuvenate and to gain valuable insight and direction that we may be struggling to ascertain from our masculine logical counterpart.

This wisdom is communicated through feeling, felt in the body. It requires that we utilise the breath to allow the circulation of energy through the chakra system and to take our attention away from the confines of the head and into our holistic being, which connects through presence to the external environment. This state can be readily activated through meditative disciplines, including walking, listening to music and exercising creativity.

The darkness can be our ally and a great teacher if we embrace it. We only fear what we don’t understand but the unknown is a place of untapped potential. Where many feel they’ll enter a void they discover more of themselves, and these suppressed aspects hold the key to activating our purpose on the Earth. We don’t always have to seek the solutions on the outside. They find us when we learn how to let go and trust.

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