Holiday Reflections

Coming into the holidays, this is a good opportunity to reflect on our relationship to the world and to each other. A time to question our deep seated beliefs and where we may still be conforming out of fear or obligation to what is no longer serving us. We are interacting with reality on many levels as part of a dream spell, casting magic every time we engage our consciousness with an idea or set of beliefs which gives energetic momentum for that to manifest as our physical experience of reality.

Self-Fulfilling Reality Prison

This is why the social engineers are able to get us to create self-fulfilling prophecies. They simply manipulate our consciousness by indoctrinating us through generations with institutionalised education and propaganda so we all subscribe to the same version of reality, operating within a limited bandwidth that can’t perceive anything outside the matrix prescribed programs. 

We fail to see that our consent, through manipulation of free will, keeps us stuck in a self-made prison – one we even celebrate on key holidays when the authoritarian overlords give us permission for brief respite from their energy siphoning machine that keeps us tied with invisible chains, perpetually distracted, docile and depleted, but just content enough in our servitude that we cease to question reality beneath the surface of what has been dictated.

We are born into a system that establishes these customs as normality so that we don’t question them and they gain widespread acceptance as part of cultural tradition, even if it doesn’t make any sense or isn’t sufficient. These manufactured, commercialised holidays all have esoteric significance. They are purposefully designed and pushed as part of a mass ritual. In some ways its even a mockery of the human herd (as they perceive us).

Indoctrination Into The Reality Inversion System

We are kept confined within a convenient bubble of cognitive dissonance that keeps the illusion alive that we are somehow free, and that this is the best we could come up with as a collective. Worse still, we are brainwashed into believing that their reality narrative is progression. That we have to bust our gut and suffer for our right to exist. This is how the fear programming works. It sells us the falsity of scarcity, so that we consent to being tracked, traced and monitored in the name of the ‘greater good’. Anyone who doesn’t conform to this can be brandished as dissidents and a threat to progression.

The reality inversion system takes everything we value internally and creates a mimicry of it in the external world. This is occult magic wielded by the dark sorcerers to keep us in the daydream spell of the matrix, devoid from access to spirit from an embodied state within. We are told the external environment is dying, when it is our inner landscape that has been neglected.

True connection is replaced with synthetic ego based validation, reliant upon technology and not true intimacy. Spirituality is substituted for materialism, or itself perverted into new age fantasies operating from over-active higher centres, leading to delusions and superiority complexes without being anchored in reality where embodied manifestation happens.

Reclaiming Authenticity From Status Quo

We become accustomed to having our lives directed from the outside, going along with majority opinion in fear of being seen as the black sheep. We grin and bear it, wearing our false personas and fake smiles to adapt to the status quo, but all the external validation and distraction only acts as a temporary avoidance mechanism.

Eventually all unconscious content spills to the surface, needing an outlet for release. What isn’t confronted comes forth in uglier ways. The longer we try to play pretend, the worse the external manifestation becomes. At the extremes this can breed the narcissist, or the perpetual victim. These are just two different expressions along a spectrum, with the same underlying problem at its root.

When the walls of illusion crumble, the fragility of it all becomes painfully apparent. We see the charade for what it is and no longer want to participate. We see where people are pretending because they are hurting. They are living in fear, which breeds wilful ignorance, upholding walls of ego to protect the vulnerable and neglected child within. Some of these souls may appear to have the most ‘successful lives’ on external appearances, yet behind closed doors there is unattended pain.

We owe it to ourselves to surround ourselves with those that inspire the best in us. Those that see who we are beneath the surface, when the curtain is closed, in all our rawness, vulnerability (and strength). It’s time we unleashed our authenticity unashamedly and irrespective of the judgements of those who fail to, or refuse to understand. Perhaps they are bitter that we have found the courage to walk the lone path, projecting their inability to confront themselves and still attached to the need to conform, no matter what the cost to personal freedom and sovereignty.

Death of the individual is the gateway to collectivism, a slippery slope to totalitarianism through condemnation of free thought. The individual is seen as selfish and a barrier to a collective progression based on inverted unity. Inverted because it has come from the outside and not as the result of dedicated individual will to strengthen and balance the internal landscape, in order to resolve shadow elements of the psyche that continue to give rise to dysfunctional expression. 

Inner Union Through Synthesising the Opposites

En masse, this breeds a fractured society built on a house of cards. The collective condition is a result of all its constituent individuals failing to take responsibility for their personal space, and so we see the shadow mirrored in the world and continue to exist in a state of fragmentation, divided amongst each other because we haven’t attained inner union.

When we haven’t synthesised the opposites internally, we grasp on the outside as a compensation. We might attract a romantic partner that reflects our neglected masculine/feminine counterpart. Or attach to a political ideology that most aligns with our confirmation bias, and inability to find the middle way – the unification of the best aspects of both that don’t require identification with a belief system.

Everything in this third dimensional expression exists on a spectrum that we perceive as opposites. These opposites are just the extremities and so they cannot be fundamentally separated from one another. Only by bringing observer awareness to the opposites, by witnessing how they play out within and outside of us, can we consciously strive for synthesis, and therefore move to transcendence.

This brings us to a state of neutrality. Not through avoidance or bypassing. That arises when we ignore the hard work to activate this state. It’s not an easy process, and it’s easy to fall back into a trap for as long as we still have trauma work to do that creates unconscious blind spots.

Liberation Through The Collective Dark Night

When we turn our attention inward to re-establish self-awareness, in connection to our true nature as an extension of source, we find all the solutions we were seeking on the outside. We know we are protected and guided by a higher intelligence. An intelligence that lives within us but has been obscured by layers of negative ego programs that are erecting defence mechanisms to avoid confrontation with our pain.

The ego is the master trickster. It tries to limit pain, but in doing so amplifies it as we meet our unhealed shadows in the world, confined to a life of addiction, pain, broken relationships and economic servitude. We forget that we live in abundance. That the creator does not impose limitation or lack. It is infinite and available to us all, in as far as we are able to reestablish the connection. 

This is what the collective is having to undergo now as we transition through this dark night phase. Sadly it cannot be any other way, and suffering is unavoidable. Suffering offers a catalyst out of ignorance, providing we are able to use it as fuel for transmutation. We are the Shaman. The Seer. The High Priestess. These are the archetypes of the adepts who have stepped through the alchemical fires of purification to turn lead into gold.

Our destinies are crafted through how we choose to respond to our experiences. Has disillusionment propelled us into curiosity to seek answers by asking the right questions? It’s the quest for knowledge that sets us on the path of truth, yet it is how we apply that knowledge that determines where our allegiances lie.

We always have a choice. Do we allow resentment and hatred to harden us and align us with the service-to-self pathway from which evil has arisen? Or are we humbled and heart-centred, having overcome our own adversity so that we can relate through empathy to others and assist them through their process where we are able and given permission.


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