1. Free Will v Determinism

2. AI v Organic Ascension

4. False Light

5. Timeline Split

6. Divine Will


1. Conditioning

3. Embodiment

4. Evolution


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3. Hyper-dimensional

Archontic parasitism

As electromagnetic bombardment intensifies, the level of subservience increases as those plugged into the artificial intelligence grid have their thoughts and emotions installed into them, mistakenly believing them to be their own. This infiltration opens up portals for the possession of demonic entities who can subsequently use their hosts directly without an external medium. These demonic entities are what the ancient Gnostics referred to as the archons who are imprisoning the divine spark of human souls in the material domain from which salvation comes through esoteric knowledge or gnosis (knowing). This is why they try to keep people divided at all costs by perpetuating fear based mind control and polarised belief systems. Being constantly emotionally charged, externalising the blame and failing to take responsibility for our own internal state feeds the parasitic energy and keeps the system of control in place. They don’t care which side you choose because energy is the currency.

The establishment is structured in way that promotes maximum harvesting. Beings that reside in the shadows/astral realms manipulate consciousness in the third density in order to sustain their life-force. Because they have split off from their spiritual nature they require the energy of others. They want to keep spirituality suppressed to hinder the organic ascension process that would disconnect them from this food source. This is energetic vampirism. Sexual and emotional energy are siphoned from stress and trauma in the environment. They rely on humans to stay in fearful and low vibrational states so they can be infiltrated through unresolved blind spots to latch into our energy field and implant limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging tendencies which weaken spiritual defences. These can arise spontaneously, even at times when we are feeling our best. This may be characterised as a heightened state of anxiety or paranoia, which can be taxing to the nervous system. This can lead to irritability/mood swings, restless sleep and scrambled thoughts and dreams that can be overwhelming and confusing.

Much of these thoughts and feelings are not our own but on some level there has to be consent for something to enter our field. This is normally unconscious, stemming from unresolved trauma or other subliminal manipulation that creates entry points. These can quickly take hold if we don’t engage the higher mind to observe these energies without judgement, which allows them to freely flow and dissipate. Any human can be used as a portal for dark infiltration and many souls are completely hijacked through identification with the negative ego which parasites unconsciously (or consciously) off others energy for self-serving gain.

The ancient Gnostics refer to this worldly physical manifest reality as the Demiurge from which there has been a corruption to serve an entropic timeline. This era could be recognised as the Kali Yuga which in Hinduism refers to the dark age. Kali means ‘discord’ or ‘strife’ and Kali Yuga is associated with the demon Kali. The true controlling force is hidden from public view. What we see at the top of the power structure are simply spiritless conduits conducting the bidding of their handlers. They have forfeited their souls for demonic possession, normally during demonic rituals. This is done in exchange for wealth and power, with the ultimate aim to prolong physical life by energising off human lifeforce. This level of evil is the result of deep fragmentation and genetic distortion, which can be passed along through select bloodlines.

Occult Rituals

Interferences are exemplified during particular celestial alignments. Given the way we know the moon influences the Earth and human beings, there is reason to believe that it is a frequency suppressor, siphoning organic consciousness and perpetrating disconnection from communion with source. During this time, the dimensional veil is the thinnest, opening the portal to allow dark energies to infiltrate the Earthly domain more readily and to feed off trauma.

This is amplified when in conjunction with Halloween, a day where satanic ritual abuse and black magic occult rituals are most rife. Halloween represents the transition into the darker half of the year between the autumn equinox and winter solstice, and this can be a good time for getting in touch with our own shadow aspects through introspection. Our Celtic ancestors celebrated this day as Samhain, part of one of the four primary seasonal festivals. This would be a kind of ritual honouring for ancestors who have passed, as well as an opportunity to commune with the passing spirits through offerings to protect livestock and the population during the harsher winter months. Though classed as mere superstition in the modern day, these were strongly held beliefs and customs, and astrological dates have been significant to all indigenous cultures who were well attuned to the energies and seasonal shifts.

As with anything pertaining to spirituality, there are two polarities, and being aware of the darker side affords protection from interference during times when the veil is thinnest, including during full moons. Demonic entities will exploit any opportunity to increase their energetic harvest through capitalising on peoples unconscious blind spots when they can. When we open ourselves through intoxication, sexual lust, or engagement with rituals, and without sufficient psychic preparedness, we become prone to interference by creating access points through the auric field where entities can latch into the lightbody and feed off negative emotion, unresolved trauma, and addictions, amplifying this where possible.

Over engagement with the higher centres, without sufficient embodiment, misaligns the energy body so that we aren’t anchoring our vibration through the nervous system to remain centred and grounded on earth. Many New Age teachings encourage opening up during full moon through ritual practice, tantric sex, or psychedelic use without appropriate caution, believing it an opportunity for heightened manifestation and other benefits. This can compromise the organic progression to higher states of consciousness that is best attained from a sober state and as a consequence of committed self-work to assimilate the unconscious, with safeguards in place to protect the psyche from unintended infiltration.

During these windows it is a good time to stay centred and to avoid slipping into unconscious states. This can be achieved through mindfulness. This thinning of the veil can be a good time for quickened manifestation through intention setting and a time where intuitive faculties are heightened. It’s a case of being attuned to one’s energy field and conscious throughout the process, in which case negative influences can be transmuted. Emotions can feel intense and fluctuating as we feel the magnetic pull of the lunar forces. By bringing awareness to the impact of the moon on our being, we can sufficiently prepare for such lunar alignments and to recognise where our emotional states are more sensitive and vulnerable, or where we may be in a reactionary state due to amplified energies.

The media also take advantage of these unstable periods through broadcasting fear frequencies that interact with human consciousness and work as a form of mind control tantamount to mass MK Ultra, penetrating the subjects unconscious mind, implanting predictive programming and inducing states of hypnosis resulting in blind subservience and intense Stockholm Syndrome. Those under the spell are completely unaware that their thoughts, feelings and behaviours are being controlled by external forces and, consumed by fear, they become frequency transmitters themselves, spreading the contagion into the wider environment.

Those who understand metaphysical laws and exploit them to their advantage use deceptive occult rituals, hyper-dimensional technology and mind control techniques to manipulate others free will into serving their own agenda. They know that free will is a fundamental divine law and that they need consent to pull off their tyranny, so they play on unconscious blind spots to manipulate consciousness. Because they achieve participation from their subjects, they believe this absolves them from negative karma and transfers the burden of responsibility onto their subject. Their mentality is ‘if we can get away with it and they are too stupid to notice, then it is permissible’. This of course is a gross perversion of a divine benevolence, but humanity has to transition through this cycle in order to reclaim its power, otherwise it will not learn the necessary lessons to prevent such a reoccurrence.

We have to start to understand the implications of our behaviour on a metaphysical level. The tactics employed are always multifaceted, stemming from multiple dimensions. Not wearing a mask when required, for example, isn’t just about preventing physical illness but not submitting to being silenced and choked by the system. Masks are a symbol of slavery, suppression and dehumanisation. When we wear it under false pretences we are giving consent to partake in the mass occult ritual. It was designed with this in mind so that the burden of responsibility is shifted onto the individual engaging in the act.

We were indoctrinated into this system as soon as we identified with the fictional legal character written on the birth certificate, which in effect means we are under control of the state who use this name to keep us contractually governed by restrictive laws throughout our lives. We are indoctrinated through the education system, initiated through graduation, wearing robes and the black square hat which symbolises the cube of Saturn. Saturn is a planet which influences earth through running energy inversions to harvest consciousness. When we shake hands with the Freemason during graduation, this is also a symbol of initiation. When we put the tie around our neck to go to work, this represents being choked by the system. When we bind in love through contractual agreement and wear the ring (again of Saturn) as a token of our affection, these are all traps of agreement that are registered by our soul and diminish spiritual sovereignty.

None of us are totally free from these agreements. Our choices have consequences, whether or not we are aware of them. The more consciousness we bring into our lives, the greater we can align our choices with the authentic and not the conditioned self. We can reclaim sovereignty by consciously choosing not to consent to harmful agreements, and by relinquishing any prior attachments through rendering them null and void, granting permission for our soul to unbind from subconscious entrapment. This conscious intent has a powerful ability to reshape the metaphysical landscape.

Hijacking the mind is only possible if we are not conscious of it, so that we allow entry points through our own blind spots that exploit unresolved conflicts embedded in the unconscious psyche. An accumulation of miasma/shadow material is the ideal breeding ground for parasitic hosts to lodge and influence mental processes. Thoughts aligned with our higher self are pure and enable us to navigate reality down the correct pathway of personal evolution, but those that regurgitate the algorithms of the machine are disconnected from the outside observer awareness that regulates thought, and so their identity is attached to these instilled beliefs. Anything that diverges from these is perceived as an infringement on that person’s stability and they will fight to protect their investment in the illusion.

When we focus too much on fighting an evil outside of ourselves, by projecting negative emotion or feeling controlled and helpless, we actually contribute further to our own demise through self-fulfilling prophecies. This is why subliminal and predictive programming techniques are successful. They subconsciously rewire our beliefs so that we collectively bring the desired negative outcomes into manifestation. Despite efforts to suppress human consciousness, if we were to reclaim sovereignty over our minds and undergo a process of inner transformation, we could no longer be manipulated and we would starve the parasites of their energetic sustenance.

We best reclaim sovereignty over our energy by tuning into the source field, but this channel is blocked when we are still being governed by lower impulses. All ascending souls have to initiate through shadow synthesis. Discomfort is part of the transformation and it’s a case of learning to be compassionate with ourselves as we are confronted with some of our deepest ancestral and soul trauma that needs to be finally resolved and released to clear the karmic imprints so that we can anchor more light and expand our electromagnetic potential. This provides natural defence against the dark arts by sealing up our etheric field and countering frequencies that aren’t resonant. We can only be infiltrated by what is a vibrational match. Reclaiming control of our energy field calibrates our vibration to a different channel outside the grasp of dark psychic intrusion.

We are being tasked to clear all external attachments that are keeping us tethered psychically and karmically to limiting timelines and to anchor a higher resonance to shift further along the service-to-others trajectory back in alignment with the divine flow, which will provide us assistance to continue along that path. We have to show we are worthy by embodying that source energy, otherwise the portal is blocked.

Satanic Ritual Abuse

The most sought after energy is that of the young. Adrenalised blood known as adrenochrome is harvested through sexual abuse, torture and then death. These children are trafficked through huge secret networks that operate largely underground in a highly covert multi-trillion pound industry. This is one of the darker agenda’s most carefully guarded secrets, where particular effort is invested in keeping victims and whistleblowers suppressed, whilst many are too fearful to speak out. When they do they often have to contend with disbelief from the public and may even be ridiculed or labelled as mentally unstable or fame hungry attention seekers. This is largely a consequence of severe cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome. It’s much easier on the psyche to convince itself that these people are lying or have some ulterior motive than to engage with sensitivity and an open mind, accompanies by independent research.

Unfortunately, the tech giants have been largely successful keeping this information censored, blocking exposure through social media and denying all allegations bought against huge multinational corporations, some of whom had been exposed for selling items on the web extortionately above their market value, in some cases using the names of missing children. Many transactions are also carried out on the dark web out of public awareness, and for this reason the public is unaware that in the US alone, hundreds of thousands of children go missing each year. In less economically stable countries, such as India, it is easier to steal orphaned or abandoned children from the street, and in some cases poverty stricken parents sell their children for a small fee.

Charities masquerading as NGO’s, or relief organisations such as the Clinton Foundation, use their philanthropic initiatives as a smokescreen for child trafficking. This was the case in Haiti, where the Clinton’s exploited the disaster for their nefarious activities. Psychopaths work their way into executive positions dealing with children, such as adoption agencies, social services, orphanages and care homes where the children are no longer accountable. Abuse is also present within the establishments themselves. In other cases, the parents themselves groom their children and sell them off in seemingly ordinary family environments, completely unbeknownst to their teachers at school, or friends and other family members. This is wide scale exploitation that happens in every single country worldwide and highlights the prevalence of undetected psychopathy in society.

Many of these dark energies reside in the lower astral realm which has become very distorted and is used as a realm to trap traumatised souls that have been victims of ritual abuse or who have suffered soul fragmentation as a result of extensive trauma in their life. Such trauma includes genital mutilation, rape, acts of pedophilia, exploitation through the porn industry and prostitution. Sexual abuse has been rife throughout human history, and not much has changed, though we falsely believe we have progressed in this area when comparing to ages gone by where acts such as rape may have been more overt. The energetic parasites still continue to exert their influence from the unseen realms.

Sexual trauma targets the sacral chakra and imprints a corrupted energy signature in that region fuelling ongoing addictive tendencies which diminishes creative power. The victim becomes like a host for parasitic entities who continue to feed off the ongoing trauma from the addiction cycle, which harms the soul of the individual causing it to fragment and scatter. These parts needs to be reclaimed through deep integrative healing.

During circumcision a baby’s auric field is open to infiltration by hostile forces that latch onto the sacral chakra and feed cycles of addiction throughout their lives, resulting in prolonged imbalance and sexual misery, which can lead the victim to become hooked into dysfunctional behaviour patterns such as perversions and fetishes as an attempt to cope with the emotional and mental pain. The victim may experience narcissistic tendencies or split personalities due to the soul fragmentation as a result of the trauma.

Circumcision is a blood sacrificial ritual dressed up with false justifications to brainwash parents into permitting such barbarism. A child cannot discriminate and registers extreme discomfort and pain in the genital region just like a victim of sexual abuse would, and so it should be treated as such. This satanic connection is at the root of why circumcision has pervaded such a percentage of the global population. It is intended to suppress the harmonic resonance of a man’s biofield, inhibiting his connection to spirit and interfering with divine unions between partners through the disturbance of intimate connection, whereby sexual connection can be used as means to activate dormant consciousness between partners and to embody and regulate this energy between them in an exchange that promotes healing, true love and the attainment of higher states of consciousness.

The pain inflicted through ritual trauma impacts us all on a collective level, stored as painful memories in the collective unconscious, slowing down the evolution of the species. It is of the benefit of all to work together to expose this barbarism that has been normalised in parts of the world. This is why awareness surrounding satanic ritual abuse, in all its forms, is fundamental in order to shift the balance of the collective consciousness back to a more empowered state. Sexual trauma has the most devastating impact on a human psyche and will require the most work to recover. Until this grotesque scourge on humanity is bought to public awareness, humanity will remain imprisoned and it is the duty of us all to protect the most vulnerable through educating and spreading information, irrespective of backlash. It is a difficult reality to face, but one that must be confronted with courage.