Hyperdimensional Deception

More people are dabbling into the hyper-dimensional/occult realms, promoting certain teachers and practices that aid in healing and clearing.Many of these activations are being utilised by those seeking to bring back the divine feminine onto the planet, which is required but we have to work to integrate the feminine within our own being too and to harmonise the masculine/feminine polarities.

Healing modalities are useful, but we must exercise discernment when assisting others to ensure there are no shortcuts in their process and there has been engagement by the individual in some honest self work of their own first, with a prior understanding of the concepts in which they are partaking.Misuse can harm a subject if they open themselves up to realms that they have not yet reached through their own evolution of consciousness and are unable to integrate and embody. Resonating with certain messages/teachers is one thing, but it’s useful to learn at a pace where we understand the application of knowledge and not seek to keep going deeper prematurely.

The third dimension is not the only realm where duality exists. The astral plane is rife with distortions and dark energies that seek to attach to hosts in order to work through them by latching onto blind spots in the unconscious. If we haven’t been able to integrate strong aspects of our shadow, then they become prime targets for exploitation.
Once these forces hook into our field, they are difficult to dispel and they play on our egoic desires and fears in order to manipulate our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours to feed the false light or disconnect us from our true inner guidance. They can be very cunning, install false saviour programs and implant inversions, that on the surface seem consciousness expanding and benevolent, but actually feed the dark polarity.

We see this in many New Age philosophies and esoteric practices such as the Kaballah and Tree of Life. It is also rife in Religion. An example is in the teachings of Jesus Christ. When we attach to an external saviour, and wait for their guidance or return, we externalise our power and risk inviting in false versions of those prophets. The idea that Jesus was crucified for our salvation sounds more like a blood ritual sacrifice typical of satanic ideology. There need not be any bloodshed.

Likewise, the concept of Heaven/Hell has us believing that we are condemned to the eternal fiery pits of hell should we commit sin, which is a satanic belief system which instills fear and promotes strict Law and Order, restricting Free Will and promoting a deterministic future, that plays into the hands of the establishment of a New Order. The idea that we are all being punished for the original sin of Adam and Eve is also questionable, again installing guilt and shame programs that keep us locked in reincarnation cycles and desperate to seek salvation outside of ourselves.

As we integrate trauma and make the unconscious conscious, we naturally open the gateway to our higher self which is connected across multiple dimensions. Our higher self speaks to us through the body via intuition and in a way that still enables us to stay present, grounded and conscious so that we don’t slip into altered states and channel artificial messages or energies.

I have been in altered states a number of times before and have experienced the polarities at play. Luckily I have always maintained consciousness and an awareness of my physical aspect so that my soul can not become fragmented or implanted. It is through this experience that I have learned the importance of ascertaining higher awareness naturally and progressively, so we can integrate the knowledge and find application for it in our current human experience on this dimension.

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