Ideological Polarisation

We have to be careful not to be singing the praises of capitalism when resisting the rise of communism. Both these models are ineffective and result in top down control. Likewise, polarising to the right wing to resist the left is not effective. Both these wings serve the same agenda, it’s just the pendulum swings from one end to another at different times.

Though capitalism gave more freedom of opportunity, the outcome was predominantly the acquisition and monopolisation of industries from multinationals, who acquired the vast amount of wealth and used lobbying and other deceptive tactics to take control over legislation and politics to strengthen their control.

This was made possible through the Fractional Reserve Banking system and Fiat currency keeping the global population enslaved through debt and giving the founding families a distinct advantage. Other businesses were left to contend for the rest of the market share through fierce competition tactics that underpinned the capitalist mindset. This resulted in harsh, long and rigid working conditions with a low quality of life.

People sparsely had the time to invest properly in their personal relationships, families and personal development. The overwhelming majority of individuals would be working for someone else as opposed to nurturing their own unique creative abilities. The education system geared people to be compliant working citizens to generate as much profit as possible, which was considered the marker of success over ethical or humanitarian considerations, resulting in the unsustainable exploitation of people and resources.

Communism presents a completely different story, and arguably a worse one, but as long as power is retained by elite interests, there is no system or political ideology that will favour the masses. By their very nature they are wielded as tools for control and to harvest human energy for their own purposes. The old ways weren’t working and neither would a ‘new normal’. We should resist tyranny in all its forms, without identifying with any divisive ideologies. We need to move beyond this dualistic ‘either, or’ way of thinking.

What’s more important is bringing power back to the individual and abolishing centralised governance altogether. This may seem unrealistic to those who have become so accustomed and dependent on external control and don’t believe an alternative would be viable, but certain individuals ready to take the responsibility for self-sufficiency will have to lead the way for sustainable and healthy living through the formation of responsible communities with shared ideals.

The precursor to this is the development of self-awareness and the engagement in committed self-work. This is not an easy process but is the only way of removing external power that takes advantages of people’s vulnerabilities and exploits their ego to feed a reality that works to their own demise.

There is no shortcut or external saviour who can do this for us. For those that want to be governed, more traps await. Those who wish to reclaim their mind and elevate their consciousness, will move toward a reality where they are in charge.

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