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Many will be feeling the increasing disconnect to those still caught in the hypnosis of matrix programming. It may feel as though we aren’t participating in the same reality whilst walking amongst those exhibiting more unconscious mechanical behaviours and exuding fear. We may at times struggle to relate on any human level as we listen to the regurgitated mental programs.
This is not intended as a judgement but a reflection of the reality of the situation which will become more self evident as the worlds bifurcate. This will stimulate a yearning for authentic relating back in communion with human nature, which is becoming increasingly extracted due to soul fragmentation achieved through trauma, intense fear programming, and depletion of energy through distraction and enslavement to unhealthy egoic desires/impulses.
Add to the mix a concoction of chemicals and intensifying eugenics and you have the recipe for beings devoid of conscious awareness, operating purely based on the survival instinct and behavioural conditioning. This constitutes severe Stockholm Syndrome whereby any perceived threat to that persons stability will trigger an automatic and often unconscious emotional reaction which they will project onto those who are deemed as the threat to their illusion of stability.
In this case it will be directed toward those who try to unshackle them from their mental bondage through presenting truthful information about the nature of reality and the dark magicians who have entranced people under their spell. We are already witnessing this pertaining to the bio weapon where the test subjects have willingly sold their dna to the satanic genetic engineers to whom they have placed their blind trust without consideration for any alternative.
Ironically, the crippling fear of death puts them in harms way and forfeits common sense and basic logic in substitution for blind subservience, irrespective of all the conflicts of interest, lies, hypocrisy, contradictions and coercion that point towards an obvious nefarious agenda.
It doesn’t matter at this point how much plausible evidence is presented, if it diverges from the majority consensus it is deemed as a threat to the established way of life that many are too scared to relinquish, fearing an unknown which actually holds much more potential than the drudgery of the dense conditions architected by those disconnected from spirit.
For many, accepting they have been living a lie is too painful for the psyche to bear and they’d rather take their chances with unapproved, emergency use experimental technologies and offer up their own children as lab rats, than to apply appropriate due diligence to make an informed decision.
Whilst we may be unable to get through to those who are hopelessly brainwashed, we must persevere to protect our children and preserve the innocence on this planet whilst it still exists. Children are the future and others judgments of us are irrelevant in the face of such an important task.
We may have to contend with continued ridicule, condescending judgements and labels, even being ostracised from our own loved ones as the propaganda ramps up. We are already witnessing headlines like ‘time to ditch unvacksed friends’ but we must be willing to do what it takes to serve divine will and protect the future of the species.
Loss and separation will be inevitable but the outcome of the spiritual battle is not yet determined. There will be many more twists and turns in the tale and we are tasked with the soul contract to step onto our archetypal hero’s journey and fulfil this purpose. We have been chosen for this because we have been gifted with consciousness at this time, remembering who we are beyond the identity and ego personas crafted through social engineering.
This is not a battle that has to be fought alone. The spiritual warriors are mobilising with a common goal and will not be beaten or coerced into submission. It is sad to some witness what feels like a betrayal from their loved ones who have gone behind their back to receive the dark potion, but this is their path to walk, as painful as that may be to come to terms with.
We all want the best for those we love, but they have to learn their own lessons without force, or else they’d hold us responsible for the perceived loss of participation within society, which could arguably make matters worse. Where there is some receptivity, there may be hope for success, but don’t condemn yourself as a failure should they not take heed of your warnings. Most are so deeply programmed, they cannot conceive of anything outside the matrix web. This agenda has been a long time in the works and extends beyond conditioning in this lifetime.
Many things are uncertain as we move forward but nothing is set in stone and there can still be salvation for the lost souls should they choose the path of rehabilitation and to reintegrate the fractured parts of their soul represented by fragmented DNA. DNA is plastic and can respond to consciousness, but until the mind is reclaimed, it is in the hands of the engineers who can hijack it to feed their inverted soul harvesting paradigm.
As the awakened ones, we can help to restore the light of consciousness one person at a time and this will elevate the collective consciousness, which may be able to override the artificial implants and reactivate dormant or damaged dna. The choice ultimately falls with each individual and in light of the greater evolution of consciousness, there can be no other way.

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