Intellectual Indoctrination

The most dangerous threats to society right now are not the politicians and the mainstream media, though they still wield a powerful influence using mind manipulation and policy making over those who choose to accept only one spoon fed narrative without any critical thinking.

But there is a more destructive influence coming from those who pride themselves as the ‘intellectuals’ and use propogandised logic to try and invert reality to fuel an anti-life timeline which is developing into the AI time stream. This indoctrination is heavily funded throughout the university establishments and supported through rich ‘philanthropic’ investment from multi-billionaires who claim to be supporting the progression of humanity, using matters important to people to manipulate them into providing their consent. 

They have hijacked scientific research and publication so they favour the preferred narrative and those that don’t align don’t receive the necessary funding or have their findings censored or removed. For those who wonder why we don’t hear about this, the answer is simple. The media won’t report it as they are in cahoots with the same networks of bloodline families who call the shots. All you have to do is follow the money and establish the links and the hierarchy is easy to decipher. 

Anyone with such financial influence is able to infiltrate multiple industries that all feed into the same version of reality, which presents itself as evolutionary, but is entropic. The manipulation of nature through synthetic and technological means, the promotion of nuclear science and particle physics with little respect for quantum mechanics and its relationship to consciousness, disrupts organic ascension which would bring closer unity back to source, instead devolving consciousness into a programmed hive mind that is governed by a centralised external operating system that dictates the algorithms for thought and behaviour whilst suppressing feeling through intellectual superiority. This diminishes the connection to the holistic self harmonised through the alignment of energy vortices and meridian pathways. Instead the brain is worshipped as the creator rather than the receiver and transducer of consciousness.

The disconnect from our body stifles the embodiment of higher frequencies that upgrade the nervous system and unlocks dormant DNA codes able to carry more light and to project this into the world to upgrade collective consciousness. Head-centric living promotes survivalism that keeps humanity locked in the fear program and reliant upon pre-chosen representatives to determine science for them, falsely believing they have reached those conclusions through their own independent critical faculties, but whilst disconnected from discernment and intuition which are felt through the vessel of the body and converted into knowledge. 

Those who lack these capabilities are unable to comprehend its value as a faculty for information processing, instead ridiculing them as pseudo-scientific and unprovable, and referring those individuals to the ‘experts’ as the arbiters of truth. 

What we are witnessing is the split of two timelines which are intensifying at an astronomical speed due to the quickening of information processing, both through technology and the evolution of consciousness. These two modus operandi will inevitably come more into conflict, though disregarding science and technology altogether would be foolish. We need to become educated about who has control over these establishments and for what means they wish to use them. 

With decentralisation of power and the reclamation of our minds so that we are conscious and sovereign, we can shift the power in favour of the organic timeline, using technology and science as assistive tools, until the abilities of our consciousness become so advanced that they are no longer required. 

To reclaim this personal power there must be an integration of the healthy feminine polarity which has been under-represented and demonised during this cycle of human history. Those who can predict this transition have already placed their fail-safe mechanisms by using their usual inversion tactics to invert the healthy feminine using ultra liberal and New Age philosophies to promote acceptance and unity in a way that feeds right into a new world order. 

True unity must be established within the self first and not arise as an external projection which creates an attachment to destructive belief systems, that sound good on paper, but play on unresolved conflicts using gaslighting, virtue signalling and moral superiority to enforce a politically correct tyranny that stifles free speech and brandishes critical thinkers as right wing extremists who are fuelling fascism, little realising they are feeding fascism themselves. 

Young minds impressionable to educational programming are a prime target for the promotion of these destructive ideologies that are ushering people into various traps that they are convinced promote equality, but which are created and funded by the same forces that control the science and technology which seeks to divide and conquer using such deceptions. 

This is why first and foremost we must trust ourselves and seek internal guidance. This will only be possible if we are willing and able to bring the shadow to consciousness to clear more space and open the gateway to channel true divine knowledge free from external manipulation. Anyone who forces you to adopt their version of truth as reality or convinces you to believe that authority is necessary to keep you in line and obedient is in service only to themselves and wants to exploit your energy to maintain their control, but they cannot do it without your consent. 

Your energy is yours. Nobody owns it, but we can’t escape the consequences of our choices. At some point we will all have to determine who we pledge our allegiance to.

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