Internal Inquiry

Part of the enslavement agenda is to disconnect humans from their spirituality by keeping them preoccupied externally. This is achieved through mind control and distraction. Technology is the most effective tool to hypnotise the masses and keep their focus restricted to the brain, disconnected from the felt experience in the body. This applies regardless of what purpose we are using the technology for if we are unable to integrate awareness through the embodiment process.

When we consume information from external channels, we tend to process it in a logical way, filtering it through our current perception of reality and determining whether the information is of any of use. This can be beneficial providing it is serving as confirmation of our own internal inquiry based on personal experience and using our intuitive intelligence to gain truth as a resonance.

This wisdom is aligned with our higher aspect and can direct us along our evolutionary path with less deception, though we may at first mistake our emotions for intuition, which can also suffer the same pitfalls of logic when they are coming from a place of bias or manipulation.

Ideally we will unify the mind and body so that their intelligences can work in unison. This is an integration the masculine (head) feminine (body) poles, activating a third unifying force governed by the will of the spirit in service of the divine. This intelligence is a sense of ‘knowing’ and purpose which can’t just be shaken off, for it is the directive of a much more omniscient force that wants us do its bidding in service of personal and the collective evolution.

As we experience more confirmation of our intuition through synchronicity in the external world, we learn to trust it more and this strengthens belief in our higher guidance to navigate us through reality in the most efficient way, and we become less prone to conforming to belief systems. When we subscribe to a version of reality that doesn’t align with our own souls calling, we become prone to dogmatic, rigid or harmful beliefs that serve an external will/agenda.

We each have our own unique karmic lessons to cycle through and these can only be properly integrated when consciousness is anchored. Being in tune with the body also enables us to access and dislodge trapped trauma so that we aren’t governed unconsciously by our unresolved emotions. When we are tuned into this multidimensional space our path unfolds more effortlessly and different aspects of our life take shape, serving as consolidation that we are on the right track, serving our unique destiny. We find a personal order amidst the collective chaos.

Over time, we become accustomed to what it feels like to be on the most beneficial trajectory, so that if we stray off path due to external interference, or possession by/identification with the shadow, we can work our way back with greater ease. So long as we remain distracted by the shadows on the wall, we risk becoming disconnected from spirit, that will offer real protection in the upcoming and inevitable breakdown of society, from which we have a choice about which direction to pursue.

If we can hold our centre as the chaos ensues, we can maintain emotional balance and be a compassionate witness to events, without being pulled into an unfavourable timeline as a reflection of what we give our emotional energy to. If we stay plugged into the machine, we feed it with more consciousness, providing more data to drive the AI algorithms that learn from everything we input. This is why we need to be clever. The inorganic ones lack the creative seed through connection to spirit and rely on predictable and conditioned responses to gain greater control.

If we simply regurgitate information that hasn’t derived from an internal connection, our future trajectory becomes more predictable and prone to hacking, so that we inadvertently feed the very beast we are attempting to escape from. Increasingly more of us are losing our attention span, hooked into bitesize bits of information that provide quick dopamine hits and fuel our social media addiction. As this intensifies, the capacity to think for ourselves diminishes, and we can more easily be lured into psyops or become too lazy to validate information before it circulates, preferring to share someone else’s truth than to express our own.

Our ability to digest more comprehensive written information, like books, is lessening, overshadowed by memes and screenshots that fail to communicate the depth required to integrate that understanding and to apply it back to the self. This has transitioned to bitesize video content that feeds the ego and will continue onto augmented and virtual reality based software where more of the thinking is done for us and we are mere passive borgs, investing our energy to the synthetic parasites to feed on, because they are already completely disconnected themselves, unable to sustain themselves through true divine life force that enables soul regeneration and to gain power through connection and love, not at the expense of one another.

To restore connection, we have to reclaim consciousness, able to discern our own thoughts and feelings from those programmed into us, which the ego accepts as its identity. This is a gradual process, and technology can still be utilised as a useful tool to connect to the collective consciousness and find others of resonance, as well as conveying important transmissions, as we gradually pull out and find that connection through more organic means.

We are at war right now and so in the mean time we can utilise the enemy’s weapons against them, so long as we don’t become identified with them, because then they’ve got us. Over time, we can work to establish alternate means of communication and community that isn’t tracked and monitored. This is the true pathway to greater freedom. The technological timeline is leading us to a singularity that wants to account for everything without exception. We must be able to split from this and so let’s not forget that the true power lies within and not somewhere beyond the realm of our grasp on the outside.

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