Layers of Awakening

The awakening process is gradual and has many layers. When we bypass particular stages, or discourage others to bypass them because we feel we have ‘transcended’ them, then we potentially detract from the necessary progression in the evolution of consciousness, both individually and as a collective.

My journey consisted of becoming aware of the 3D layer of corruption first, through an understanding of the establishment hierarchy and the plans for a NWO. This involved correlating a huge amount of research to connect the dots to the point where there could be no doubt.

The negativity at times felt all consuming with no way out. This propelled me into a long ‘Dark Night of The Soul’ phase, where I had to account for the possibility that the world is just an evil place silently plunging humanity into slavery.

This inevitably bought up strong emotions, which begun as depression and helplessness, because there was no one to communicate my feelings to. It then progressed toward anger. Anger became the fuel to defend my right to be free and to educate others about the deception. It was a necessary phase on the journey.

This determination propelled me deeper down the rabbit hole, where I was to uncover my spiritual nature from which I could draw a connection between the inner and outer worlds. This was a liberating breakthrough and there have been many ‘awakenings’ since.

I would never criticise someone for being too hooked into conspiracy theories or claim that their anger is unjustified or unnecessary. By doing this I would be denying someone the right to go through their necessary process.

I believe a ground up approach is best. When we have a knowledge of the workings of external reality from a dual perspective, we can more easily uncover that same duality within ourselves.

At this time, there is an opportunity to shift public awareness to an unprecedented degree. We are seeing the advent of the technological Age of Aquarius (The Age of Information), which corresponds with a movement toward collective consciousness. Certain information will inevitably come to light, and this will create chaos and confusion in its early stages, due to the pace at which things are speeding up.

Many people can find this overwhelming and some will try to cling onto the old ways, but eventually people are going to be confronted with truths that are first uncomfortable, because without that knowledge we’d be avoiding a big part of the picture. There are going to be a lot of different reactions to this.

To move into an era of more harmony, the truth must be allowed to come out in whatever way it needs to. The current power will try to subvert and censor this and have us believing that all information that conflicts with their narrative is dangerous conspiracy theory.

This can infiltrate into the minds of the free thinkers as well, who may lull themselves into a detached state that sees all conflict as division through duality from which any participation is complicit. But this isn’t a Republican v Democrat or Conservative v Liberal battle. It is a War on Information and Consciousness, and everyone has the right to express their perspective so we can reach the collective truth. 

We can also help one another through demonstrating our knowledge and experience on multiple levels. This is what I convey in my content and those who read a variety of the material will start to see the interrelationship between the components.

If you are someone who no longer gets angry or frustrated because you have recognised your ability to engineer your reality to whatever degree, be mindful that others haven’t yet acquired this level of awareness and that their contribution is just as valuable when seen in light of the bigger picture and the evolution of the individual and collective.

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