Manipulation of The Feminine Principle

Every human being has both masculine and feminine energies. When we alchemically marry these two energetic forces within ourselves, they will be reflected in the collective. This means that the healthy feminine will have integrated masculine components and vice versa.

Gender separation is one of the most understated and most powerful dividing forces in a world governed by duality. Masculinity has been the overwhelming predominant force for thousands of years now but the pendulum is swinging in the other direction.

The suppression of the feminine has been boiling up in the collective unconscious for so long now and is starting to demand attention. What presents a powerful opportunity for the collective could also prove to be as detrimental as when the toxic masculine seized control.

It’s important that we redress the imbalance in the right way. This requires that we don’t allow our personal and collective wounds to be exploited so that we inadvertently join a cause that we believe to be inclusive and progressive, but actually divides us from others who don’t agree.

An example of this is the way feminism was subverted to attack biological males as servants of the patriarchy, yet in seeking retribution for past suppression through demanding equal gender rights, through equal opportunity, many women polarised to the already masculine dominated system, giving it a greater stranglehold over the collective.

This fostered a further disconnect from the feminine essence. Feminine based roles and creativity were still undervalued and dismissed as less important in favour of industries generating greater profit, no matter what the cost to the bigger picture.

Now, with the disillusionment of the establishment bubbling out the collective psyche, we are seeing a gradual and systematic dissolution of capitalism and right wing politics and the liberal left is generating fast momentum, supposedly predicated upon greater equality for the underprivileged and a redistribution of power.

However, all its new emergent belief systems (isms) are funnelling into greater centralisation of power, where the individual is still in servitude to an external authority who governs its decision making and controls its freedom.

This misuse of morality uses emotional manipulation to shame people who don’t pledge allegiance to these destructive groups, as if there is an obligation to project anger into fighting for equality.

This is much like how men were manipulated into dying in wars for tyrannical superpowers under the guise of nationalism, little realising both sides were manipulated and funded by a controlling hand to create order from chaos.

If we aren’t careful, our unhealed pain will be subverted to divide us against one another, using political correctness as the new weapon to stifle free speech and cast anyone who opposes mainstream consensus as discriminatory. This is a form of emotional blackmail.

The real discrimination is not over illusory labels (gender, race etc), that are reinforced when we give them energy and attention, but by those who knowingly use mind control to confuse, trigger and manipulate people into fighting one another using various false flags and brainwashing tactics that are so effective that those under its spell would turn on their own friends or family members in favour of a system that wants ALL its participants enslaved under perpetual fear to siphon energy and resources.

Collective ascension will require the resurgence of the feminine, but has to come from a place of integration within individuals first. This means being able to manage our emotions effectively and identify when our triggers may be exploited or acted out (projected), causing us to behave irrationally.

It also means bringing more spirituality into our lives through activating extra-sensory capabilities, like intuition, to read between the lines and discern what information is true and what is based on corruption and lies.

These faculties require deep introspection and self-work, clearing out faulty programs of mental conditioning (linked to the logical masculine), and clearing the space to transition toward more authentic creative expression (the feminine aspect of being) rooted in holistic awareness of the body and the embodiment of higher frequencies.

An individual’s internal split is a microcosm of the collective external split. Just how failing to attend to and clear out trauma stored in the vessel of the body results in imbalance and sickness and allows the logical mind (the masculine pole) to govern and overrule the wisdom of the body (the feminine), failing to adequately address past suppression stored in the collective consciousness will result in inequality. This gives more power to the upper echelons (the elite) of the hierarchy, who act as the tyrannical patriarchal decision maker, overriding the needs of the collective.

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