Masculine/Feminine Synthesis

Everyone carries the coding related to the masculine feminine principle which emanate from the source blueprint and expresses through multidimensional reality. All life in the third dimension is governed through this dualistic expression. Every male has an unconscious feminine counterpart and every female a masculine counterpart. These are less habitual as they are not outwardly expressed, but can be consciously assimilated through an understanding of these energetic principles that govern physical reality, and through engagement in self-work to bring these forces into harmony.

Divine Union

Synthesising the masculine and feminine has nothing to do with becoming the other gender. It works according to metaphysical principles and is not to be conflated with the gender reversal program instituted by the social engineers to prime for transhumanism by dissolving binary gender. This works by meddling with human biology through interfering with hormones which impacts our bio-resonance, as well as other social engineering methods, all which externally pervert the gender principle to disempower men and divorce women even further from the authentic feminine essence – qualities that are still dismissed and undervalued relating to our spiritual nature.

The Anima & Animus

Both the masculine and feminine are contained within one another because they are inseparable from a metaphysical standpoint. Carl Jung defined these unconscious counterparts as the animus/anima. He outlined four stages a male and female would typically graduate through on the path to synthesis, and related these to archetypal expressions at each stage. For example, at stage one a man’s anima would be the mother archetype who provides the fundamental nurturing aspects for the man. This is reflecting his own unintegrated capacity to provide these aspects for himself, and this can lead to dependency issues, and the ability to be easily controlled.

For females, stage one would equate to the ‘stud’ who provides commitment and offspring which the woman may feel is necessary to provide her the security and stability she needs. 

At stage two, a man’s anima would be the archetypal sex symbol. A man seeking to integrate this would be exploring his sexuality with multiple partners, though none would be able to live up to his expectations for the ideal embodiment of a female. A woman at stage two would be looking to solidify her stability through the all round practical male who fulfils the expectation to serve and provide for the family in all the material and grounded ways.

Though these relationships may have some longevity, they are still unconscious projections seeking resolution through external compensation, and so they are prone to dissatisfaction and painful dissolution. This can play out in destructive ways as the psyche yearns for reconciliation but continues to face the same patterns on the outside until the lessons have been integrated so that the psyche can initiate to the next level. Synthesising these qualities by recognising them in ourselves means we don’t look for them outside as a compensation, usually in a romantic partner.

Once the anima and animus have been fully embodied, this could be reflected through romantic union, or what’s commonly referred to as the twin-flame. This is a partner who has successfully graduated through their own assimilation process so that the two partners converge without any co-dependency, and so can co-create with no loss of individuality. The sexual union would serve to enhance this, activating transcendent stages of consciousness through the circulation of energy through open circuitry from a state of true unconditional love. This represents an energetic merging of the souls so they exist in union with a shared destiny, as well as their own.

Masculine Rejection of Emotional Intelligence

A male who has integrated his feminine aspect will be able to fulfil the divine masculine archetype more efficiently through leading from the heart with his morality in check. Otherwise he continues to serve a materialistic, competitive system devoid of heart based spiritual connection. Every individual has a pain-body. This is a repository of unresolved trauma and requires attention to enable healing. This entails synthesis of the emotional spectrum.

Denial of emotions is a form of self torture for males who are conditioned to believe that their emotions and sensitivity are a weakness. This internalisation creates great tension that will eventually boil up and need an outlet for its release, normally bursting through in moments of uncontrollable violence, rage and anger. Nothing goes away until it is processed and dealt with.

Males who suppress their emotions too deeply can also be driven to suicide, stuck in perpetual torment, unable to reconcile with their pain. Otherwise, they may be confined to a life of lust and addiction, serving their impulses over higher pursuits, which leaves them energetically drained and therefore disabled from applying their masculine qualities in a healthy, productive way to serve the wider needs of humanity and themselves. They become servants of an establishment that harvests resources and needs its worker bees to produce the harvest.

Hyper-Masculinity & The Patriarchy

By denying our emotions, we reject the wisdom of the body and are unable to attain sufficient soul embodiment through merging with the multidimensional self. We continue to operate under the governance of mental ego programs, leading with the intellect and exhibiting self-serving misogynistic tendencies masked as masculine strength. Traits associated with distortions of the masculine principle would include intimidation, manipulation, arrogance, entitlement and inflated self-importance.

Both males and females have the capacity to embody these traits when functioning through negative ego programming that prioritises self-serving and materialistic interests over heart centred qualities such as acceptance, empathy and compassion. On a societal level, hierarchical structures work according to these inverted principles which generates victim/victimiser co-dependency that keeps humanity divided and the genders in conflict.

There is a clear distinction between righteous/rightful anger in the name of truth and justice, and projected anger that leads to harsh judgement and harmful behaviour. There can be a tendency to conflate the two and resort to immediate denial when called out for bad behaviour. Sensitivity to criticism is another expression of the unhealthy masculine. No amount of charisma and delusion of grandeur can keep the tyrants true face hidden for long.

The distinction should also be made between healthy boundary setting and ruthless control tactics. A well integrated male, or female, will be able to discern what constitutes an invasion of personal space or infringement of privacy, and be able to confidently deal with such occurrences in a pragmatic and non-emotionally reactive way.

This ability to be able to hold emotional neutrality in the face of threat without resorting to judgements and projections is a hallmark of masculine/feminine synthesis through embodiment, having resolved internal emotional conflicts and transmuted unhealthy states into personal power, whilst retaining the capacity to perceive others with acceptance, rather than taking on other people’s garbage as their own.

The tyrant is the antithesis of the embodied masculine, exerting himself as the king of the castle. At the extreme, this manifests as narcissism, sociopathy or even psychopathy, due to disconnection from the divine essence which causes the soul to splinter and fragment into dissociate and multiple personality disorders. Women can also elicit misogynistic tendencies as a result of gender reversal and other social engineering methods that give rise to toxic femininity. This is still a rejection of the authentic feminine and collectively fuels totalitarian regimes that exert control through patriarchal domination.

Suppression of The Feminine

A female who has integrated her masculine will be able to step into her divine feminine archetypal expression without dependency on the external masculine for stability and independence. She is self-sufficient and able to drive her own destiny, with healthy femininity intact to ensure she doesn’t slip into gender inversion and exhibit toxic feminine traits. Females who are discouraged from pursing independence become the archetype of the subservient house wife, unable to access and express their deeper soul purpose for which they incarnated for their optimum evolution.

Religions are purposefully programmed to suppress the feminine principle, perceiving caretaking and procreation as the primary roles of the female, condoning the subjugation of women through subservience. This is depicted through the black burka, and regressive, extremist Islamic practices such as ‘honour killings’ against raped women.

In a more liberal setting, it would be objectification of female sexuality for male pleasure, as more of a conquest than an intimate bond between two partners through healthy sexual relating. Again, toxic femininity can play into these roles due to conditioning, such as using provocative sexual behaviours and manipulation to gain validation or any other self-serving gratification.

A culture hooked into dysfunctional sexual patterns will be unable to merge the masculine/feminine principle into energetic synthesis for heirogamic union. For this to be reflected externally, the union must be attained internally first. Sexual promiscuity damages the lightbody through amalgamation of conflicting energies that distort the organic signal. Likewise, forced abstinence and religious repression rejects the role of free will for learning. None of these extremes are conducive to healthy sexuality.

As a society, the authentic feminine has been long suppressed, substituted by gender stereotype roles that have served the dysfunctional masculine. Females themselves have been socially indoctrinated into the patriarchy through exploiting their sexual prowess for men they perceive as alpha male, which in reality reflects disembodied males disconnected from their trauma and compensating through dominant behaviour in service of a destructive system that rewards compliance.

We have been conditioned to accept this as the norm and so society has been governed by the victim-victimizer dynamic which results in a schism between the genders until these expressions are recognised internally and externally, and we withdraw our participation through integration of the masculine/feminine counterparts.

Masculine Feminine Merging Through Embodiment

When a female is able to take charge of her boundaries, she is no longer easily exploited and she is not dependent on partnership for her sense of identity. She becomes self-sufficient and therefore capable to act upon her dreams, rather than suppressing them. This reintegration of the masculine, however, can be easily subverted on a macrocosmic level within society.

The engineers, aware of the empowerment this would give rise to, continue to perpetuate gender conflict, pushing the narrative that males are inherently responsible for the female condition, rather than subject themselves of manipulation and trauma that require a collaborative effort to heal from, without guilt and shame tripping.

When logic is not applied to discern the truth of a situation, emotion can be manipulated and used as a weapon for gaslighting and other virtue signalling, deployed as a form of retribution against males. This compounds the gender divide and ironically injects more toxic masculinity into the collective field.

Female empowerment is better attained through recognising the power of the feminine principle that comes through surrender. From this place of surrender we align with the natural flow of life, relinquishing the need to always be in control, which creates resistance. This activates a higher intelligence that communicates through intuition, offering guidance and resolution for any problems from a place of presence and not preoccupation with past and future states. It conserves energy to invest where it is needed depending on our present circumstances and not on things we can’t change.

In this sense, the art of surrender does not require inaction. It is the precursor to intuitive action, and females have a natural capacity to access this place in their bodies. Unfortunately, this strength has been undervalued and spirituality suppressed or manipulated to serve nefarious agendas masquerading as benevolent. When we harmonise with the body, we bring ourselves into a holistic state of awareness and can open the heart which is our most powerful intelligence.

Being in greater alignment through trauma resolution, by resolving conflicts trapped in the body, opens the channel to embody and anchor higher frequencies, which has a transformational effect on the environment. From this state, the mind can be used as a supplementary tool to direct our will for manifestation of our authentic purpose. This way the masculine/feminine energies serve one another in an effortless interplay. 

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