Connecting with me is an opportunity to come into deeper self-realisation. I will facilitate your personal transition back to the essence beneath the conditioned identities that keep us stuck playing out repetitive trauma loops.

This is a chance to reclaim your life force by stepping out of the energy harvesting matrix which is exploiting our own blind spots. This way we align with our highest expression and take ownership over the direction of our destiny.

We will forge a symbiotic dynamic where we can intuitively access where attention is best focused. This is also an opportunity to expand beyond the confines of third dimensional awareness, tapping into and anchoring higher stations of identity.

Select a provisional date in the calendar below and a time slot. I will be in touch by email with all the relevant details once the form is completed. Times are listed as GMT so please take this into account and convert to your local time zone first. We will connect over zoom or telegram video.

There are no minimum number of sessions. It will depend on the flow we establish and where that takes us.

* Current bookings are not displayed. You will be notified straight away by email if there are any clashes. *

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