Video Consultation

£100: 60-75 minutes

£250: 3 Hour Package

Existing clients please contact first

I absolutely love my sessions with Sami.

His calm & gentle nature creates a safe space where I feel at ease to express myself openly.

His guidance makes so much sense to me. Like he speaks my truth. The truth I innately know, have always known but haven’t yet known how to articulate yet.

I feel he has wisdom beyond his years. I feel his sessions are transmissions. Speaking to a deep part of you that knows this knowledge already but just hasn’t had the container to surface in as yet.

Sessions with Sami have helped me to make sense of & flow with this tumultuous time humanity is experiencing. Allowing me to see & understand the bigger picture of what is really going on. I have shifted out of anxiety & into a place of empowerment so I can move forward in alignment and integrity with my soul/true nature.

I am learning to identify, accept & balance all parts of me, masculine and feminine. I now feel a freedom, an allowing, a trust that I am/we are all being guided to identify our learnings now & reconnect with our source. By doing this we are participating in the evolution of humanity. Working with Sami will assist you on this path.

~ Emma Jackson

My first session with Sami can only be described as an energetic surge that lit up my neural network and allowed me to perceive and connect scattered fragments of insight and ideas.

These sessions are powerful with Sami because they facilitate self directed inquiry and realisation of your own unique questions AND that were perhaps below your level of awareness.

I have generated amazingly powerful questions and answers that have changed my course and have surrendered to and trusted this experience. It happens in between regular 1:1 sessions, there is no directive or specific instruction needed.

These sessions amount to reciprocal energy that edifies the self as you become more aware of it’s many facets and blind spots. Lasting awareness, more self trust and access to a higher level of consciousness have been the notable changes I have felt since conversing with Sami on a regular basis.

~ Heather Lloyd