Metaphysical Illness

Suggestions of illness are picked up through the energy body. We are constantly interacting with frequencies in the environment, including from each other, and so if someone is emanating weakness from their field, we can pick up on this and our body will generate symptoms as a way of detoxing and recalibrating. This is metaphysical the illness spreading amongst the collective consciousness, amplified by the mass hysteria.

Metaphysical Illness

Environmental Toxins and Triggers

This is why there is so much focus on keeping humanity docile and in a state of fear, so they are easily influenced by environmental factors and emotional infiltrations. Being aware of this means we are better equipped to restructure our environment so that those we more regularly interact with are aligned with our resonance. Where this is unavoidable, our weakened state may be serving as a warning signal, suggesting some readjustments are needed. The wisdom of the body works in clever ways and it’s not always what it seems on the surface.

The winter months are a time when many people will feel the symptoms of detoxing. Heavy mucous build up, lower energy levels, and many symptoms conveniently fitting the covid classification. The pcr tests will pick up the toxicity/cell debris and create false positives so that we all believe we’re harbouring some deadly virus, distracted from everything else going on. This is why we need to stop getting tested.

By wearing a mask we further deprive ourselves of oxygen which lowers our ability to fight off genuine invaders and intoxicates our cells. This cell death is also a response to electromagnetic frequencies which starves the cells of oxygen, through a process known as apoptosis. This is part of the dehumanising inversion which leads to illness, stress and a dysfunctional nervous system. Prolonged or intense enough, this can lead to death, or otherwise subdues the human soul so it is more programmable.

Heart Disconnection

It is no coincidence that the heart is being targeted by these bioweapons. The heart pumps oxygen round the body through the blood and energetically it has a powerful electromagnetic field, lying in the centre of the 7 primary chakras. When balanced, this opens the portals to the higher centres and expands our field of protection, which helps to fend off external invaders, including non-resonant frequencies that can’t penetrate the field. The heart also possesses its own intelligence. It is an information processing centre of the body with its own nervous system and it also releases neurotransmitters.

When the heart is damaged, our entire energy body is weakened. This also blocks the heart based love connection. This is intensified by genetic engineering, such as infecting the human genome with chimeric dna from other species, which hampers the signal to our genetic blueprint and can reduce human behaviour to more animalistic tendencies. Dehumanised in this way, we are more easily primed for transhumanism.

It is important to be aware of the different external bombardments. What we are conscious of has less power to control us. Our conscious energy can erect protective boundaries through belief and intent. We can also take physical precaution, but without falling into paranoia, because fear and anxiety make us vulnerable.

The skies are being sprayed all around us. Anyone with a discerning mind can see this is not normal and so the question is, what are we being targetted with? Heavy metals, nanoparticles and other toxins are likely infecting the atmosphere and poisoning our vessels. When the four elements are disrupted, this creates toxicity in our dna, because we are connected to the environment. This is also why the soil is polluted and the water contaminated. They are trying hard to push fluoride nationwide into the UK’s water supply. All ammunition is being employed in a full scale attack on humanity at a time when spirits are already low and fear is rife.

taking precautions

Obvious precautions include using filtered, spring or distilled water (or a combination), eating organic food wherever possible and making the most of times when the sun is out. The sun is the life giver. It is being targetted by the climate scam, when in reality the suns frequencies are intensifying which has a powerful healing effect. This is why the sun is being blocked and why we are encouraged to wear sunglasses and sunblock. Obviously we shouldn’t be reckless and over expose but that involves common sense.

If we are feeling ill, this is a sign from the body to slow down and to reboot health. We don’t need to apply all these stringent protocols, many which are still a part of the pharma machine. Sure some vitamins d & c, zinc and other anti-oxidants are helpful, but we must get to the root. Otherwise symptoms will reemerge later on. Herbal tinctures such as echinacea are useful, as is zeolite, colloidal silver and other relief such as lemon, honey, ginger, and apple cider vinegar which will aid the process of detoxing and healing, but we need to make a strong energy body our default.

Physical measures are the first frontier of defence. Without this we hardly have cause for complaint, but unless we are also engaging in trauma release, psychological work and mental rewiring then there will be no fundamental shift in our holistic body. Even homeopathy, which is an energy medicine, won’t provide a miracle cure unless we integrate changes internally. It is the synthesis of the physical, mental and emotional bodies that work to activate balance/homeostasis.

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