Mitigating Election Tension

Tensions will be high today and inevitably in the coming weeks. There are many attached to the result of the US election to the point of crippling fear. This fear derives from the egos survival instinct, when we feel our fate is solely determined by deterministic factors. Putting all our eggs in the political basket and investing all our hope in the outcome of an election is diminishing our power as individuals to shape our reality free from external influence. Undeniably it will bear some influence on the direction of the the future given the US is at the epicentre of global politics, though many things are still unclear. 

The future will be written by a culmination of every individuals free will, and whilst it may seem this includes our political affiliations, the way we relate to one another and recognise our similarities despite our perceived differences transcends this. We can always find common ground and remember that beneath our conditioned behaviours and reactions, most humans want the same thing.

It can very frustrating when many have chosen the path of wilful ignorance and resigned their freedom and fate into the hands of others, unknowingly manipulated to turn on one another and perpetuate evil projecting onto those standing up for their freedom and future. And this division is precisely what enables the collective to be continually controlled. It has been this way throughout human history, only taking new disguises. Humanity will continue on this cycle until it unchains the shackles that puts restrictions on its autonomy and restricts free will, which could be utilised to create something wonderful in this world. 

It can be hard to extend compassion and forgiveness toward those who choose to see you as their enemy, but we have the power to hold our composure and remain neutral in the face of these attacks, not taking them personally and giving them more momentum with our emotional energy, because all we do is drain ourselves in the process and feed the vampire. There are unseen forces that will tag into our wounds, convincing us to project this unresolved energy so they can feed off the emotional turmoil. 

We have the choice to disengage and return to ourselves, remembering that even alone we can anchor a strong light onto this planet and that there is a higher power supporting us down our evolutionary path if we surrender to it and maintain an unshakeable belief that keeps us in communion with this higher nature, allowing its protection to filter through our being.

This does not negate action, but means the action will come from a more centred place that will unify rather than divide people. It is not our job to change anyone. All we can do is plant the seeds in the best way we can and whoever resonates will gravitate. This influence will grow wider the more it carries the right frequency in the message. Words are energy and they can be influential in either direction, depending on the intentions and integrity imbued into them. Many times they become a dumping ground for our projections, which causes more damage than good. 

But no one is perfect. Being able to observe our triggers means we can catch them in their tracks and choose whether we let them dictate our behaviours. Sometimes the anger and frustration gets the better of us and that’s okay, but it may be worth asking whether it’s worth it. Its amazing what a bit of time out to recalibrate can do. As we identify more of our personal shadow components, embedded as internal trauma stored in the body, and work patiently to integrate these into consciousness and dissolve their impact, we step into greater alignment and authenticity and can recognise where others are still hurting and in fear and understand how they’ve come to be the way they are. 

More people will step out of limitation when triggered sufficiently out their comfort zone by a disillusionment so strong it forces them to look deeper, to challenge their cognitive dissonance and awaken from the illusion, or else continued misery will ensue. That choice is theirs.

Don’t let the outcome of this election determine your faith in what’s good in the world. We are undergoing a turbulent but necessary transition and things will have to get messy before it heals. This is currently being reflected through the collective dark night of the soul where the shadows are being revealed and providing an opportunity for integration. Don’t fear or reject this darkness. 2020 has seen the next wave of individuals make the transition. There will be more as this spiritual battle intensifies. Don’t lose hope. There are many more layers to unravel.

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