Mobilising as a Truth Community

It’s more imperative now than ever that we mobilise as a truther community. There will inevitably be a growing degree of variance in people’s beliefs, based on their own research, discernment and intuition, which is unavoidable in light of the multiple psy-ops at play in the global arena at the moment. Never before has there been such warfare at every angle and so many people invested in different narratives. 

What’s most important is the sincerity to seek truth free from the mainstream control agenda narrative, which for anyone aware of the centralisation of power to establish a nwo, will no longer be buying into. However, there are various traps along the way, and if we stop asking questions and attach to a definitive external belief system or ideology, then we risk inadvertently feeding this same agenda.

These exist at various levels of consciousness. In the conspiracy research domain, the Flat Earth psy-op was arguably pushed to try and discredit other information, by tarring other researchers under the generalised banner of unhinged conspiracy theorists. The same outcome has happened with Q. Anyone challenging the dictated narrative are brandished as Q followers and attributed with the Right Wing ideology and Nazi/fascist label.

This is an easy way to discredit legitimate conversation and research and keep the population divided, regardless of whether Q turns out to be genuine or otherwise. Putting all these people into the pro-Trump/Q/Right Wing box has been an intentional strategy to keep the truth suppressed. And now we have a situation where there are irreconcilable differences between these sectors of the population from which there will be a spillage of pent up energy. There’s a feeling of this huge bubble waiting to burst.

It will be those who see Trump as their one and only chance for salvation and those who utterly despise him and see him as the next Hitler that will be most embroiled in the upcoming conflict. Thankfully, one side on this occasion seems to be much more rational and peaceful in their approach and forms the majority of the US population. This could give them a distinct advantage in the event of civil unrest, though agent provocateurs are always ready equipped to infiltrate and incite violence to send the wrong message. 

It will serve well to be cognisant of being lured into one of these traps in the coming weeks and being distracted from other ways of mobilising and communicating our message. This is where the truth community can play an important role. Many of us have been quietly preparing for such times, though none of us could have predicted the speed and intensity that events would unfold.

Nevertheless, if we have engaged in the process of real self-work and shadow integration, we will have a greater mastery over our emotions, and be less likely to project them onto others. We will also have learned how to uphold healthy boundaries and protect our energy space so as to offset any interference, which can infiltrate from multiple realms. First and foremost, we have to be coming from a relative state of balance within ourselves before we can be of any real service to the world. 

If we succumb to our emotional reactions, we risk being dragged back into the division game and letting hatred rule us. Righteous anger and frustration is unavoidable when aware of the extent of evil and deception running the world, but we have the choice not to let it control us. We can transmute this into a positive force by aligning with divine will and activating our personal power by developing our unique gifts and offering them back to the world. 

These contributions, when multiplied, will offer a genuine alternate trajectory for humanity, activating a quantum grid that functions at a vibration that can resist plundering under the chaos of the dying world. But we can’t do it alone, and connection will always be stronger than separation. 

This doesn’t mean to force a connection with those who are completely incongruent with our state of being, as we risk being pulled down and re-entering an unfavourable timeline. By exercising appropriate boundaries we can remain neutral to their position and align with the natural gravitational pull toward those who are of resonance. Though some may see this as an echo chamber, that doesn’t account for the generation of consciousness which has a real impact by penetrating the collective space. 

Those who feel its pull can then benefit from the increased light permeated into the environment and choose to undergo their own personal transformation back to self-awareness and away from external manipulation. If we are at constant loggerheads with one another over who is or isn’t a disinfo agent, or what is or isn’t a psy-op, we risk fracturing these bonds that were once strong before all the fuckery of this past year. 

Truth will continue to reveal itself if we maintain trust, and it’s okay to admit when we don’t know something, rather than projecting a definitive stance and condemning others in disagreement. Darkness thrives on separation, no matter how that expresses itself. I am careful before criticising and judging those who have inspired me along my journey, even if there are areas which I don’t currently align with them on, or if I don’t agree with their approach. 

Ultimately I know they are critical thinkers who want to see this evil eradicated, and that for the most part we know what the overall agenda is. If we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, and keep attending to our blind spots and traumas, we put ourselves in the most advantageous position going forward. 

Censorship is driving people in their droves off the big tech platforms, in what could be a necessary mass exodus, but we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and abandon ship prematurely, especially when we have spent years becoming more acquainted. We can make sure the transition is more gradual and smooth, so that we don’t lose connection and we can share new platforms, whilst riding out the current ones. 

We can offset censorship by being clever. Viral links will be a prime target for censorship so we can find ways to express our findings through our own personal expression. Those that are meant to hear it will gravitate and won’t demand evidence because they will resonate with the essence of the writing, which may confirm their own investigation and/or help to fill in some blanks. 

Again this echo chamber will be very necessary going forward and will draw others in. There is little point wasting reserves of energy on deaf ears. Collective progression is gradual. By all means plant the seeds, but in the face of personal attacks or trying to appeal to those who have no capacity to look at the information provided, it is just wasted energy that could be invested more wisely.

Others will be triggered into their own awakening through inevitable disillusionment and suffering, and this can initiate a positive trajectory for those with the willingness to face their own shadow and step on their personal Hero’s Journey, willing to face fear and death in the face and pursue their spiritual growth through the transmutation process that entails some unavoidable difficulties, but there is no other way. The best way out is through. 

We alone have to make the decision to walk the path, otherwise we will become the object of others projections when they blame the dissolution of their cognitive dissonance on those who showed them the light, which for some is too bright to bear as they wish to retreat back in their dark hole of perceived comfort. Spiritual strength has to be activated from within and as a response to free will. I am hopeful we can navigate through this impending upheaval if we approach this correctly. 

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