Multidimensional Manipulation

As the technological timeline accelerates, so too does the awakening in consciousness. In this way the darkness is serving to exemplify the light. Whilst we shouldn’t mentally subscribe to the prophetic dystopian singularity, or energise it with our emotional energy, it is important to expand our awareness of the reality inversion system beyond the fundamental mechanics of the global establishment as it manifests through its visible tentacles of control.

Multidimensional manipulation

The Climate Deception

By knowing what the wider intention is for humanity, we are best equipped with the knowledge to utilise our free will to align with a different pathway. Otherwise we are prone to falling into other deceptions masquerading as benevolent. We are now moving into the great climate change deception, blaming carbon for weather extremes and warming temperatures.

Carbon is a foundational element to life and is being extracted to create conditions suitable for full infiltration of dark energies so that they can inhabit the earths atmosphere. Metaphysically this corresponds to a suppression of the collective consciousness and its vibratory field.

There are many components to this, including the intensification of geoengineering to reflect the suns frequencies and create a negative magnetic charge that interfaces with satellites orbiting the earth, transmitting harmful electromagnetic frequencies through cell masts and other antennas that electrify the earths atmosphere. This will hook to the human nervous system distorted through bioengineering, including the current bioweapons that are priming the vessel for transhumanism.

The Virtual underworld

This is what the virtual sub-reality is about. It is a devolution of the species into an underworld mimicking organic creation through the metaverse, which tricks the human brain into accepting this as its true version of reality through assimilation with it. Anyone promoting synthesis with technology as a solution to the worlds problems, whether that be curing diseases, a longer life-span, convenient digital ids hooked to a centralised blockchain, or any other technocratic utopian vision peddled by the social engineers, is falling right into the deception.

None of this is organic. Our physical expression of reality is already restricted within a limited electromagnetic bandwidth that suppresses consciousness through ego programs, but we still have the capacity to reclaim our souls back down the path of individuation. In the metaverse our souls are completely hijacked and programmed to a specific frequency of reality through artificial intelligence architecture that governs the human mind and emotions, rendering them more limited and potentially obsolete.

Human Energy Farming

This is the gateway to possession through the body so that we exist as a continual battery source on a human farm that funnels consciousness out through the planetary grid via inverted portals along the leylines. This manipulation works on multiple levels penetrating domains outside our comprehension.

The entire fabric of reality is being manipulated. We only perceive the condensed vibrational expression in the form of matter confined within space-time, where we can’t easily establish a causal link between cause and effect due to time delays and separation consciousness.

As we understand the mechanisms of energy and that this is the prized elixir for those who have surrendered their souls to anti-christ forces, we can work to reclaim energetic integrity by withdrawing from the harvesting programs so that we can become enlivened through spirit and expand consciousness to encompass a wider reality from a place of soul embodiment to harness higher frequencies through the body, anchoring our spiritual essence on the earth.

The process of shifting timelines is not about denying our worldly experience in favour of a preferable afterlife, but establishing a higher vibrational footprint on the planet to help counter the reversal grids that are parasitising off our life force within the frequency prison.

Aligning Back With Organic Nature

We are all participants of the collective consciousness and cannot run away from our souls purpose for incarnating here. With the gift of insight, we are tasked as the stewards to protect the planet as it cycles through this dark night of the soul on its own evolutionary journey, of which we are reaching the end of the cycle.

This presents a great opportunity, providing we can expand our perception to recognise what’s occurring within the grander context of multidimensional reality, expressing itself through duality and responding to free will. The battle is not over, and all of creation must reintegrate back to source in the end. This is where the scales can start to tip back in favour of organic life, so that reality can provide for the collective without the need to experience continuous suffering.

By realising that what affects one affects all, we are reconnecting to divine law where harmony is our natural state, and where we can also experience the gift of diversity as we explore creation as unique expressions, with reverence for one another as other extensions of the same god source. This is when life becomes a real adventure. Everything is quantamly entangled. Nature is alive and speaking to us. Its lifeforce runs through our veins but the illusion of separation has deceived us.

Sure, we’re on one hell of a ride at the moment, but there is a world of magic that awaits us, if only we can remember that we are the divine spark waiting to be activated to become the creator of worlds birthed from the imagination.

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