New Year Blessings

As we enter the new year, consider how much your state of being is contingent upon external factors. Check in with yourself to see if you are still attached to a limiting belief system that determines the choices you make and validates your worth. 

This year the fear program has been ramped up and those invested in the matrix have found it harder to relinquish attachments and challenge their cognitive dissonance. This way the narrative dictated to them has disempowered them and created suffering and this is happening worldwide. 

Never before has authority had such a collective stranglehold over the earth’s population and yet there is 7 billion of us and just a tiny minority of them who have assumed the role of Gods and the power to manipulate nature and dehumanise its children. 

But nature always wins. It is an expression of divine perfection and there is no true greater power. We can meddle with experiments and allow our ego to run amok, serving the self irrespective of consequences, but all has to be answered for in the end. Every action has a reaction and ultimately all leads back to the creator. It’s not a matter of if but when.

Those who have already accessed and activated their spiritual nature will have found the strength to navigate these tumultuous waters with less resistance. We put our unshakeable trust in something much bigger than the perceived problems of the world. We understand that in spite of rule of darkness, the light can never be extinguished, it just needs to be shone brighter to vanquish the energies that thrive in low vibrational states. 

The more the darkness casts a shadow, the more this light is activated in individuals who answer the calling, often propelled through the dark night of the soul into a personal transformation that reignites our forgotten nature, which includes our capacity to descend into the depths of the shadow. 

Through personal inquiry we realise where our own ignorance, our fear, our projections and our self-interest have contributed to the collective climate and we no longer feel the need to externalise the blame continually. Self responsibility gives us power back. It is the through our external experience that we see our unconsciousness reflected, feeding back to us what is lurking in the shadows unintegrated. 

It is down to us to heed the call and to attend to those aspects that scare us the most. Because nothing goes away until it is healed, it just expresses itself through ugly disguises. And this is why we have descended as a species and the world appears chaotic. 

Energies matching that collective resonance are permitted to enter and take advantage of our blind spots to feed the power they are unable to retrieve through source. And therefore we have the potential to reverse this, but it is an individual process first. 

As the unhealed aspects start to reintegrate, we reactivate dormant DNA and become a vessel to channel the divine light through our electrical bodies and transmit this into the wider environment to inspire and assist others, drawing those who are in resonance to amplify our energy and offer genuine resistance against the inverted anti-life agendas. 

This is what they fear the most. This is why they are getting desperate and rushing, and in doing so catalysing a greater awakening. This year has activated a huge wave of transition out of ignorance and back to self-awareness and this momentum cannot be stopped. We can be fed doom and gloom through the mind control media programs, they can suppress and censor information, but they cannot send someone back to sleep. 

Once the portal is opened, we have accessed something far beyond their potential and we can invite in assistance through our higher self which communes with multidimensional wisdom to help birth a new paradigm free from the dying embers of a fallen world. 

Happy New Year.


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