New Year Revelations

Entering this new year, lets be optimistic about our ability to establish our personal centre amidst the ensuing chaos, which will continue to intensify as the controllers push forward in a desperate attempt to fulfil their prophecy to enslave humanity within a spiritually devoid singularity. 2021 went to script for those who have the eyes to see, but this doesn’t mean we are destined for doom and gloom.

Overcoming Victimhood With Self-responsibility

How far things progress will be proportional to the extent that we continue to give our power away from a state of unconsciousness, having been unable to establish internal authority through confrontation with our own repressed aspects that give rise to dysfunctional external manifestations and leave us open to infiltration through unresolved blind spots.

We are only as helpless as we are ignorant, but self-awareness goes beyond an intellectual understanding of world events and requires becoming intimate with our own pain, to recognise our own capacity to participate in negative conditions through a projection of our trauma, through negative ego expressions that act as a coping mechanism.

For as long as we perceive all the problems as ‘out there’ we remain in victimhood and continue to experience the same cycles playing out, until we have been able to integrate the lessons. Taking self-responsibility isn’t about assuming the burden of guilt for our condition, especially if we have been the subject of infiltration without our consent. It’s a case of recognising that in spite of this, at any moment we can choose the path of self-empowerment through utilising our free will to change our personal circumstances where we are still stuck in unhealthy patterns.

As we make these small, progressive changes, we receive confirmation of this through external feedback, and our belief in our capacity to shift our reality is strengthened, irrespective of how chaotic things may be getting around us.

There are two realities playing out simultaneously at the moment. From a 3D standpoint, this may seem paradoxical, because we appear to share the same physical space, but the holographic earth is extremely malleable and presents multiple pathways depending on the vibrational state we embody. All possibilities are co-existing, but our personal timeline takes precedent.

Accessing The Wisdom of the Body

As we strengthen our energy field, it becomes less penetrable to external bombardments. We seal up our lightbody and our etheric walls of defence are strengthened. Focusing on physical health is only part of the picture. It is the first appropriate line of defence to build the foundations of good health and a balanced nervous system, but the work has to take place on all levels.

As we cut to the root of illness/imbalances, we are able to access blocked/trapped energy stored in the body that may be giving rise to physical manifestations. We may assume these were linked to physical health, but they have underlying emotional and psychological components that are representing where we are out of alignment with our most beneficial trajectory.

By surrendering to feeling in the body, without trying to rationalise and judge the energy, we give the emotional energy (emotions = energy-in-motion) permission to flow unrestricted and we are able to transmute the negative energy. This deep healing takes some work. The ego will try to cling onto control, creating resistance and we can slip back into bad habits, such as repetitive thought loops, that lower our self-worth and perpetuate limiting beliefs.

This is where the dark forces will try to exploit these vulnerabilities to keep us stuck in the masculine pole of consciousness, disconnected from the wisdom of the body which is a conduit for our higher intelligence, providing we clear the energetic debris blocking the channel.

Aligning With The Most Optimum Timeline

As we lift the density, reality becomes more fluid and malleable because our personal frequency is speeding up and becoming more responsive to our consciousness. We transmit a more expansive electromagnetic field from the centre point of the heart that creates a safe container from which to bring forth whatever is resonance, and we receive direct confirmation through synchronicity about our level of participation in shaping our external reality, knowing it is a reflection of the state we hold within.

This doesn’t mean we can save the whole world, but that we are functioning down a different time stream that has a more positive future, providing we can maintain that state, or otherwise learn the relevant lessons from which to re-enter our optimal timeline equipped with greater wisdom having endured the misalignment and suffering that result from the divergences. The aim is to stay in our optimal flow state for as long as possible.

These convergences and divergences represent the intersection between free will and destiny. There is always a way back to centre if we can maintain consciousness and intend to sincerely serve humanity and ourselves from a heart based place.

Co-creation Through Soul Resonance

Our influence is amplified the more souls that synthesise on this level and work to co-create. Whilst we each have a unique soul blueprint, we also work in soul groups/tribes. This co-creative reality creation becomes more effortless and intuitive the more connected we are to one another, having strengthened the trust bond and eliminated potential triggers and biases that create friction.

This is why premature communes and tribes often fail, because they are still a reflection of unresolved conflicts playing out, only taking a different disguise. There is no running away and bypassing the work. We may find ourselves insulated from the harsher evils in the world, but still see a reflection of our own shadow. The collective condition in the world, as infiltrated as it has become, is still only able to thrive for as long as the collective consciousness permits it through distorted beliefs and unresolved negative ego patterns.

Until we have sufficiently integrated to establish a relative state of internal equilibrium, we stay stuck between worlds, pulled into multiple timelines that are still serving to teach us lessons. Over time, as we becoming more trusting in ourselves, we experience less fluctuations and suffering is minimised. We become a conduit for divine will to work through in service to others during this time of transition.

Correcting The Reality Inversion

We each have something unique to offer that reveals itself to us as we find internal alignment so that the life-force flows through our being without distortions and energy reversals that feed the inverted reality system, designed to siphon our vital essence through soul fragmentation. This way we harness our life energy from source and not through exploitation.

This is where the dark ones are disadvantaged. They have become disconnected from source and devoid of spirit and so can only survive and gain power through manipulating others free will. Without this supply source, they would be unable to sustain themselves, wither and vanquish.

This is why establishing a hive net of plugged in individuals that act as the battery source is so important to the inorganic ones. It is a matter of survival masquerading as a supreme authority. The true creator does not need to answer to this authority, providing we can remember who we are and step out the matrix program that has us under a collective trance.

Once the spell is broken, and we reclaim the divine seed that lives within us, we move back down the correct ascension pathway, progressively away from the feeding programs that have also worked through us and become engrained in our genetics through engineering programs and hybridisation.

It’s time to clear the reptilian distortions that operate as the negative ego. The part of us that feels like we need to extract resources and exploit one another for our own self-serving survival interests. When we operate in the correct evolutionary flow, all our needs are catered for. We break the scarcity mindset, and realise that we are already safe and protected in the arms of the divine, and that there is no such things as lack. This is an engineered concept fed into our subconscious so that we perpetuate self-fulfilling prophecies based on the predictive programs pumped out by the propaganda machine that knows how to wield occult sorcery to manipulate the mind.

Once we become conscious of these game tactics they can no longer have control over us. It is only our ignorance that keeps us enslaved, and this is why so much effort is invested to keep us in a state of cognitive dissonance, entrenched in Stockholm Syndrome, under the illusion that we are being served by institutions and authority.

Coming Home

The cracks are beginning to show and the mind spell is crumbling. Once the momentum is established it cannot be stopped. We cannot unawaken, and those that try will face painful lessons that are far less satisfactory than continuing on the path of truth. If we have been gifted with insight, then on some level our souls are ready for the initiation. We are ready to journey through the dark night of introspection and as the fog clears, we find ourselves heading home.

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