Organic Metamorphosis

Our role is not to try and fix a broken system or expect evil to transform through accountability. This type of darkness is so divorced from its essence that it has lost the seed of spirit that imbues it with god source. So many of these psychopaths are soulless vessels inhabited by entities who manoeuvre them in the 3D world to fulfil certain roles that funnel energy back to the inverted energy feeding systems that operate from the unseen.


Withdrawing Emotional Investment

When the vibrational landscape is not transformed, the same forces exist in the shadows waiting to possess others. No amount of love and light, or negative emotional energy will cause them to change their ways. They have to be vanquished out of our reality through transmutation, so that we function at a reality level inaccessible to them. This is why they have to keep the collective consciousness suppressed through hijacking control over minds so that we continue to play out repetitive trauma patterns based on the negative ego. That way we co-create the conditions ripe for harvest, oblivious that we are participating in our own consciousness enslavement.

Without this consent, the whole operation would fail. We would reclaim sovereignty over our energy and personal will so that it can’t be exploited. On some level, these distorted energies are fragments of our own unconscious reflecting where we need to integrate our own shadow so that it no longer governs us. Evil works as an archetype to bring us back to wholeness through activating consciousness. That way we understand the value in love and connection having descended into deep fragmentation and suffered immensely along the way.

Accessing The Wisdom of The Body

It is a long road back to individuation through soul integration, and many of us still carry lifetimes of trauma that we are suppressing in fear of confrontation with the pain. But no pain will go away until it is dealt with. It will only come forth in our external reality as a compensation mechanism, and we continue to cycle through the same patterns until we find the courage to heed the lessons and recognise the ways in which our own unhealed fragments have been contributing to the collective climate.

This confrontation is the path to liberation, but not without facing some uncomfortable emotions first. Our emotions serve as the teachers to show us where we are still blocked. The energy has to be permitted to flow unrestricted without the walls of resistance our ego erects as a defence mechanism. By bringing mindfulness to the body to access this flow of lifeforce, we give it permission to communicate to us where we are in pain. To do this we have to relinquish control and surrender to the higher intelligence so it can show us its wisdom. This will help us to access trauma we have buried and may not even realise exists.

Reintegrating with the body in this way brings us into a state of holistic awareness from which we feel more connected to our environment and to one another. We shift from the masculine pole of consciousness in the brain, to a synthesis of the energetic polarities so they compliment one another in harmony. This is true embodiment, opening the channel to receive divine guidance and activate our souls unique blueprint and mission on earth at this time in service to others. We trust in our ability to shape reality according to our personal will, transcending beyond the conditioned programs that keep leaking our vital essence, siphoned to power the reversal grids that use human energy as a battery source.

We starve the parasites of their lifeblood and they wither and vanquish from our existence, out through the black hole from whence they came. We also give permission to others with the capacity to change, who are still in a state of suffering, to make the choice to rehabilitate and align back down the correct evolutionary trajectory. There are many people who unconsciously need guidance from the souls who are equipped to make the transformation back to self-sufficiency, free from the matrix programs. These are the mentors, the wayshowers, the healers, the gridworkers, or whatever archetypal role suits your souls optimal expression. It’s not a one size fits all approach. We have a unique role to offer and that reveals itself to us as we are able to commune with and embody our higher self so that it intuitively guides us along our evolutionary timeline.

Activating Internal Authority

Once we have opened the channel to connect to spirit in this way, the belief in ourselves and our personal mission is strengthened. Fear of external control diminishes as we understand the greatest battle is against ourselves. There is no need to put ourselves in the firing line or be martyrs for the cause. The divine doesn’t want us to suffer, it wants us to learn and sometimes suffering is necessary to learn, but only until we break the cycle and restore sovereignty over our mind and soul.

This initiation is a microcosm of the collective journey, at which we are at the choice point in this collective dark night transition. We have the opportunity now to organically dismantle the obsolete paradigm of control by changing ourselves and proving we are responsible through activating our internal authority. Otherwise we will still need to be governed from the outside, and anyone/anything that assumes such right of governance is only seeking to serve itself. This power cannot thrive without our permission.

The divine will not interfere with free will. Everything is karmically entangled in a multi-dimensional system of reality. ‘As above, so below’. When the lower suffers, the higher suffers. When we liberate the lower dimensions, the higher heals. We are all connected to one another’s suffering and can never truly be free whilst evil reigns.

Respecting The Divine Process

Evolution is a delicate and patient process that works according to divine timing, in response to the learning requirements of the interconnected souls. We can’t expect change to happen overnight through disclosure and revelation. Reality is much more multi-faceted than that. There are no shortcuts for self-work either. Healing modalities can serve as tools to assist us, but to solidify the transformation requires discipline, consistency and sincerity to align with integrity. No external saviour can do this for us, though they may help to mentor having undergone their own transformation.When we gradually shift our internal state, we naturally bring what we need into manifestation without needing to seek solutions externally.

We work best within the domain of our control. By focusing on our personal corner of reality first, this creates a frequency container that magnetises those of resonance and so we generate more power through consciousness to transmute the lower vibrations. We are each the centre point of our own web and these webs intersect in a quantum network that births parallel timelines. When we each align along our most optimal timeline, naturally these timelines overlap to forge new earth communities with individual sovereignty still intact.

As this reorganisation process unfolds, the world will appear more chaotic due to vibrational schisms, until the timelines settle according to their evolutionary trajectory. This friction will identify to us where aspects of our lives and environment are not in resonance, and we can use this external feedback to make conscious readjustments to speed up the process.

This is what constitutes a natural splitting of timelines without the inclination to spiritually bypass our way out of our physical experience, forfeiting the necessary learning required to establish a state of internal harmony, from which we will be led to where we need to be to continue along that path. When we run away from our growth we continue to suffer in other disguises, still ruled by the ego that is operating from fear.

We have incarnated here on 3D earth for a reason. There are valuable seeds of wisdom to be ascertained through interfacing with physical reality and integrating the vibrational spectrum to gradually lift the density. This is how we gain gnosis.

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