PCR Tests, Morgellens and Nanotechnology

The inoculation is just one means of administering toxic synthetics and DNA altering agents into the body, interfering with bio-chemistry. The covid PCR tests have been deconstructed and found to contain nano fibres, resembling those leaching out the body through skin pores in those with Morgellens.

Morgellens Disease has been written off in mainstream publications as a ‘self-diagnosed, scientifically unsubstantiated, delusional disorder’, as if metallic fibres mysteriously excrete themselves from the human body by figment of the person’s imagination. Any scientist with integrity who investigates this properly will know beyond reasonable doubt that these are man made and administered without consent and so can only have nefarious implications.

Swabs also have the potential for dna harvesting, a lucrative black market industry and so caution should be exercised sending off samples to scientific labs controlled by big pharma. Swabs pushed deep into the sinus cavity can be a perfect entry point for the nano fibres. These carry a magnetic resonance and can be controlled by AI, hooked up to the ‘internet of things’, turning humans gradually into walking smart devices, losing biological autonomy and control over their bodily functions. 

These nano-fibres have been shown to move on their own, demonstrating that they are electronically activated and so this can enable software to be programmed to illicit desired responses by those operating the technology. This can be anything from tracking/surveillance, to emotional manipulation and mind control, and even DNA altercations. 

The microchip conspiracy that veteran researchers have been warning about for years is already well underway in the form of nano-technology, which is administered in more deceptive ways so there is less resistance. This potential red herring has thrown us off the scent whilst we are deluged with environmental toxins from multiple channels, such as smart dust in food, water and aerosols. These are so microscopic in nature that they are not detectable to the naked eye, measuring just a fraction of a mm. Companies such as Hitachi have engineered this RFID technology to have GPS capabilities and openly intend to use it for wireless applications in the future, heralding it as a breakthrough in technological innovation.

The desire to move toward transhumanism is no secret. The UK government on its own website under the Regulation for the Forth Fourth Industrial Revolution Policy Paper published on 11 June 2019 cites: 

‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution is of a scale, speed and complexity that is unprecedented. It is characterised by a fusion of technologies – such as artificial intelligence, gene editing and advanced robotics – that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds. It will disrupt nearly every industry in every country, creating new opportunities and challenges for people, places and businesses to which we must respond.’

The swab tests are being wielded as another AI weapon, which when combined with the vaccines and other interventions, will increase the electrical charge of the human body, taxing the nervous system and immune system so that it fails out of homeostasis and can be more easily manipulated through electromagnetic frequencies that interfere with organic consciousness and replaces the function of DNA with AI programming. 

This constitutes a devolution of the species into further disconnect from their spiritual nature and into worship of false mechanical gods masquerading as benevolent engineers of a technologically advanced society, who play on negative ego complexes to keep their subjects distracted and subservient. 

Perceived technological progression is a mimicry of consciousness that works using reversal networks that work with reverse polarity currents to power the machinery to harvest consciousness and generate its power. Forces that have split off from their essence require energy from external sources and human farming using silent weapons, and covert manipulation is how they achieve consent from the masses. 

This can be likened to the way humans farm animals, unbeknownst to them. They may spend their entire lives caged in battery farms in misery only for human consumption. The planet itself is being structured to become a battery farm for humans, where energy is continually siphoned, depleting human life force into degenerative mental/physical/emotional illness and premature death with a fractured soul that can’t progress on its evolutionary path until reintegration occurs. 

Life feeding off other life in this way is a service-to-self act, but due to extensive genetic engineering, humans themselves have plundered into such a dense state that they too are reliant on sustenance from other life forms for optimal survival. Feeding that occurs on higher dimensional planes is energetic, though sadly humans too are a direct food source in some circumstances. The shadow feeders that are behind the artificial machinery that harvests consciousness are a level down in evolution due to greater genetic interference and so without organic human energy, they could not survive. 

As we reverse trajectories and intend to serve our spiritual growth and contribute to the evolution of the collective, then we start to open the channel to harness the electromagnetic frequencies emanating from source, and therefore can sustain our energy with less external sustenance, eventually moving to a non-physical state, drawing solely off source energy. 

This transition is gradual, and so whilst we can illicit both service-to-self and service-to-others traits, the intention to direct our free will toward greater harmony is what counts. When we arm ourselves with truth, we bring greater consciousness into our lives and can start to reverse the conditioning, restructuring our beliefs to be able to override biological interference and expel whatever doesn’t serve our natural blueprint. 

The human body is self-regulating with a vast intelligence. It has an extraordinary capacity for healing and expelling toxins, but when it is continually bombarded, natural defences are weakened and altercations on the genetic level disrupt the signalling between cells that keep the body in a state of harmony. When foreign material is inserted, particularly genetic material from other species, and this invades the nucleus of the cell, this confuses the body which attacks its own cells, deeming them as foreign invaders. This is what leads to auto-immune responses and allergies. 

Elevating our vibrational state will mean that incongruent electromagnetic frequencies will have more trouble penetrating our auric field, though we have to take responsibility to ensure we are regularly detoxing, and maintaining a stable mental/emotional state through consistent psychological self-work and spiritual practice. This takes discipline and dedication but becomes easier over time as we retune with the intelligence of our bodies so we can more readily detect any imbalances and identify their origin. 

We have all been compromised in some way, so if you have worrying about any medical interventions you have been subjected to, then offer yourself forgiveness and trust in your capacity to take charge back over your health and your reality and intend to heal from any interferences through conscious intent, as well as envisioning a future timeline that corresponds with vibrant health, energy, greater connection and love. 

The more we can visualise such a reality, the more we bring that vibrational state back to the present and reality will conspire to call forth whatever is in resonance with that state. When you control your mind you control your reality. The social engineers want to steal your capacity to think for yourself by coopting your mind-body connection, but if you are aware of this, you have already stepped on the path to reconnection and healing. The mind is the matrix of all matter.

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