Privacy Policy


This website uses Plausible Analytics. Plausible Analytics was founded to create a privacy-friendly alternative to very popular and widely used surveillance capitalism web analytics tools that are installed and tracking user behavior on the majority of websites online. Plausible Analytics is completely open source so anyone can view, review and inspect the code. The source code is available and accessible on GitHub. Plausible does not share or send the data to any advertising companies or any other third-parties in general. The data is not monetized, mined and harvested for personal and behavioral trends. The website owner completely owns and controls the data from their website. 

The goal of Plausible is to track overall trends in website traffic,  not to track individual visitors. Plausible does not use cookies, generate any persistent identifiers or collect or store any personal or identifiable data. All of the data that is collected is aggregated data only and it has no personal information. All the site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously, measuring only the most essential data points and nothing else. Whatever is tracked is kept fully secured, encrypted and hosted on a server in the European Union to ensure it is being covered by the strict laws on data privacy.

Here is the complete list of what is collected and stored about website visitors:

Data pointExampleComment
Page URL

We track the page URL of each page view on your website. We use this to show you which pages have been viewed and how many times a particular page has been viewed.

The hostname and path are collected. Query parameters are discarded, except for these special query parameters: ref=, source=, utm_source=, utm_medium= and utm_campaign=.

HTTP Refererhttps://facebook.comWe use the referrer string to show you the number of visitors referred to your website from links on other sites.
BrowserChrome 86.0We use this to show you what browsers and browser version numbers people use when visiting your website. This is derived from the User-Agent HTTP header. The full User-Agent is discarded.
Operating systemmacOS 10.15We use this to show you what operating systems people use when visiting your website. We show the brand of the operating system and the version number. This is derived from the User-Agent HTTP header. The full User-Agent is discarded.
Device typeDesktopWe use this to show you what devices people use when visiting your website. This is derived from window.innerWidth. The actual width of the browser in pixels is discarded.
Visitor CountryUnited Kingdom
We look up the visitor’s country using their IP address. We do not track anything more granular than the country of origin and the IP address of the visitor is discarded. We never store IP addresses in our database or logs.

To anonymize these datapoints, they are run through a hash function with a rotating salt. This generates a random string of letters and numbers that is used to calculate unique visitor numbers for the day. Old salts are deleted to avoid the possibility of linking visitor information from one day to the next.

Personal Data

You may choose to provide Shifting Timeline certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact you when subscribing to the mail list. What we collect:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address.

This information is used for the purpose of sending updates to the subscriber and none of this data is sold to any third parties. This website uses Moosend.

Shifting Timeline does not sell or exchange personal data with any third party companies outside what is necessary for the functioning of this website, as described above, such as for delivering emails through an email marketing platform (Moosend) that enables the delivery of emails in bulk, in order to reach all the reciepients who have subscribed to the mailing list.

Where this website contains links to other websites of interest, found only through the ‘Resources’ section of this website, we have no control over how that website processes your personal data, which will not be governed by this privacy policy, and so advise to exercise caution and always explore the privacy policy of any website visited first.

At Shifting Timeline, we believe in the absolute minimisation of data sharing, which is why we do not execute any invasive analytics programs such as Google analytics to analyse browsing behaviour and compile data from users. This is a fundamental part of the integrity of Shifting Timeline that I do not believe in compromising, irrespective of financial benefit or convenience.  Furthermore, there are no third party advertisements anywhere on the site or subtle/hidden scripts, such as Facebook pixel, which can follow users browsing behaviour across the web, unbeknownst to them. 

This website is as privacy secure as within my technical expertise, and I always intend on being fully transparent to ensure a satisfactory browsing experience and so knowledge can be attained without cost to personal privacy. Wherever a more viable alternative becomes apparent to further solidify the safe and secure browsing environment, I will employ this at the earliest opportunity and update this policy to reflect those changes, notifying users by email of these changes.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, You can contact me here: