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Q & A


The reality that mainstream media, and many alternative channels, present us with the same narrative, almost to script, more so demonstrates how power is dictated from the top down. In the United States, for example, six corporations govern the entire media, and there are ties between these as well.

We deny the possibility of centralised power, because it appears information is coming from such a range of sources. This then feels like it couldn’t possibly stand up against one individuals claims, and so we debunk these as outlier minorities who hold controversial and misinformed/crazy viewpoints, even though we can’t explain what benefit would be gained from putting oneself in the firing line to disclose the information.

The MSM stifle open critical discussion by manipulating others words to justify their own narrative. They nitpick at convenient segments and distort their intention, and then extrapolate that to diminish someone’s entire conversation. This detracts from the wider message, to convince us instead to rely on institutions with conflicts of interest and financial power to source information – tools they use to fend of public scrutiny and manipulate science to suit their agenda.

The rampant censorship of free speech from numerous sources (including mainstream health professionals) by big tech violates human rights at a level tantamount to fascism. The public are not afforded the opportunity to make up their own minds, instead having their perception manipulated using undemocratic fact checkers (owned by the same conglomerates), as well as algorithms with no oversight or transparency, and the censorship of information that should be open for public discourse to allow for an informed decision. This is exacerbated by virulent slander by the mainstream media and their teleprompter reading obedient anchors and publishers who demonstrate no capacity to present a critical analysis, breaching the foundational code of authentic journalism.

Bill Gates arrogance in thinking he can control human population, his investment in Monsanto who have been sued numerous times, not to mention his keen interest in eugenics, using African and Indians as lab rats, shrouds a huge cloud of distrust over this man’s intentions, though of course he paints himself as a great philanthropist and humanitarian, masquerading behind his pink sweaters and sinister smiles. This individual has assumed himself the global arbiter of truth and best qualified person to dictate public health policies that restrict civil rights and freedoms, until a sufficient percentage of the world’s population has received one of the vaccines that he funds. A man with no medical background conveniently managed to predict a global pandemic and run a simulation activity for a corona virus outbreak (Event 201- which you can see online) just weeks before the outbreak.

By connecting enough dots, all signs point towards a wolf in sheep’s perpetrating gross medical negligence and unfathomable crimes against humanity. And such public figures are merely front men that are placed in strategic positions of power with a vast amount of wealth, enabling them to dictate and control public perception under the cloak of their establishments. But they answer to the higher authorities that govern from the shadows. Before blindly trusting information, it serves well to investigate the companies and individuals who are presenting the information.

Because the ‘fractional reserve’ banking system permits banks to lend out far more than they hold in deposit, and so money is printed that doesn’t exist and is loaned out at interest, repaid through hard labour. This only works because not everyone attempts to withdraw their money at once, in which case the scam would fall apart. This has allowed the global banks to completely control the economic climate and manipulate rates as they please for their own vested interest. The mounting debt keeps every nation indebted to the central banks who can then dictate policies, or the nation faces becoming impoverished or the subject of a coup to get them back in line. 

Libya’s Gadaffi proposed the return of sovereign gold back currency free from central fiat debt enslavement and then found his country enmeshed in civil war.

Cash was originally used as a receipt for gold held in deposits, because the gold was too heavy to transport. Now the world’s gold reserves have been siphoned and cash is set to be exchanged for digital currency, removing all form of tangible exchange and leaving the population completely at the discretion of the banks who will be able to create wealth and manipulate the market with a few clicks of a button, which ultimately funnels into greater centralisation of power.

As a resource extracted from the Earth, just like paper money comes from trees, gold does not directly contribute to human value, and as a centralised form of currency it poses the same risk of exploitation as money, despite the fact it is a more precious resource and may have other useful applications.

Both gold and paper currency have more value than digital currency, however, which can be created from thin air at the press of a button, and easily manipulated. But the whole economy is rigged anyway, due to fractional reserve banking and the fiat currency which was designed to fail. If gold were to become the new currency, it would be exploited by those who can acquire the most, fostering another competitive system. In many ways, this is what it was like in history. There is risk posed with any centralised currency lacking intrinsic value.

Whilst gold has been traded for thousands of years and retains its value better than most assets, it all ultimately feeds the control system until there is a paradigm shift in the way resources are handled and traded, free from the interference of centralised institutions. People have killed for gold. Countries have gone to war for gold and today the majority is locked away in vaults when the population was tricked into giving it away in exchange for IOU receipts that become paper currency, because the gold was too heavy to transport. We have never seen this again and most people have no idea about the history of currency.

I’d propose a system where we trade based on individual skill sets, without using an agreed upon centralised resource to exchange. But this would not be feasible at the moment, until we see the dimantling of globalisation and redistribution of wealth, without succumbing to socialist or communist regimes. These would be arguably worse than the capitalist model which has also failed us.

The more decentralised the networks, and the more ethical/valuable the resource/service, the more efficient things would work and the higher the quality of life for individuals, and at the least expense to the planet and its resources.

I’m skeptical of the ‘Q’ movement, or any that detracts from the individual and promotes an external saviour (inadvertently, or otherwise). For this reason, I only take what resonates and move on. Even some potential disinfo agents can offer some pieces to the puzzle at a time when needed. People feel safe attaching to belief systems and looking for a saviour, even willing to overlook obvious warning signs sometimes. In the end we can only trust ourselves and apply strong discernment in every situation, otherwise we may be led down a garden path.

However, I do feel most of the content in the Out of Shadows documentary is accurate and that will serve a benefit in providing a catalyst to higher consciousness for some people, as will many aspects of The Fall of Cabal series, though I must admit I was disappointed when it promoted Q as the saviour in the latter parts, because again I’d say there was a lot of useful information that dot connected well and resonated with my own findings.

In some cases, even with the strongest discernment, it can be hard to know the underlying intention and then we have to consider that no one is perfect and possesses all the answers. Ultimately, if we do not attend to our own shadow and actually embody the reality we want to create, then we will remain stuck in our rational mind and disconnected from the deeper aspects of reality that would enable our evolution.

All things considered, I think the documentaries (rather than the movement) do more good than harm and create a ‘net gain’. If there is useful information that can be extracted from anything, then we should take it and filter it through own reasoning, to build our own bigger picture, but a problem arises when we become identified/affiliated with any belief system/movement, at the expense of continuing to expand our perception and question reality.

The problem goes deeper than simply ‘male’ and ‘female’ gender and has its roots in the masculine/feminine principles, which every individual possesses, irrespective of their biological sex. Feminism, at least in its current form associated with the movement, can ironically lead to a greater schism between the genders, fueling the separation of humanity through polarisation (of which the gender divide has arguably been the most influential).

Feminism as a concept was rooted in striving for equality, which is fine, but it has been expolited as a destructive ideology to masculinize women, who in their efforts to demand equality, are compromising their more innate feminine traits, which as a society are more underrepresented at the moment.

For a long time now the masculine force has prevailed, prioritising logic, reason and intellectual pursuits over the feminine traits of emotional awareness, intuition, empathy and creativity, for example. What we should be encouraging is a resurgence of these qualities within society that would help transition humanity out of the scientifically dogmatic and materialist paradigm, whilst celebrating the natural and biological differences between men and women, which provide a beneficial synergy when harnessed in the right way.

In defending against ‘toxic masculinity’ and the ‘patriarchy’ many women have adopted the same traits they claim to be in opposition of, sometimes becoming aggressive and manipulative in their retribution against a perceived male dominated society. This disregards discussion about the other end of the spectrum where ‘toxic femininity’ can mean women can employ emotional manipulation, or exploit their sexual prowess to gain an advantage, in albeit more subtle, but arguably just as destructive ways. Both these unhealthy gender expressions work hand in hand, feeding off one another. Many men fall prey to emotional and sexual exploitation, even if it was unconscious on the part of the female.

I don’t think it’s fair to diminish the efforts of genuine individuals within the LGBT community by brandishing them all as complicit in a socialist communist agenda, which also exploits them and creates division within communities. This is why I raise caution against attaching our identities to any external belief system or movement, no matter how well intentioned. I can acknowledge how LBGT will have helped many men and women feel more comfortable opening up about their sexuality and having others to relate to. This kind of community spirit does have its benefits.

It’s a sad reality when moral causes are coopted, much like BLM, and in most cases these movements were intentionally created to homogenize the population. The feminisation of men and masculinisation of women is a part of an gener reversal agenda to dissolve binary gender. This ties into the transhumanist plot. It can be hard sometimes to speak of this without upsetting some people who may feel closer identification with other expressions, which is fine providing these haven’t been conditioned through social engineering programs. It’s a difficult conversation to have, but an important one nonetheless.

We don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and disregard liberal attitudes completely. Every human should be able to exercise their free will without being given rigid codes of behaviour or relationship expectations that adhere to a status quo, which has led to many problems, particularly within family dynamics, for many reasons. Fractured family dynamics have resulted from adherence to specific societal norms and expectations, which have been exploited by the establishment and often lead to unhealthy relationships and single parenting, which have made it more difficult to focus on family priorities, due to work and other constraints, which are intentionally made hard to juggle.

I would add that family dynamics don’t have to be interpreted in a restrictive context. Monogamy doesn’t imply we can’t experiment with different partners, but showing commitment through honesty to one partner is important, as it can meddle with emotions when communication is not clear. I have seen this many times, and it usually always ends badly. Rigid relationship dynamics can also have negative consequences,  so we want to avoid polarisation where possible. The ideological pendulum often swings from one end to the other, fueling division. Ironically though, the liberal left has been hijacked to conform to an authority that they were ordinarily more outspoken against than the right wing.

I see many flaws with the ‘traditional system’ which is why I don’t endorse going back to ‘old ways’. The idea that kids could be a part of and looked after by the community rather than in a more regimented and typical home environment, is one that has its roots in tribal cultures and worked successfully. I think we have to be realistic however, and work to some degree within current conditions. Correcting family distortions could be a stepping stone toward individual development, where children are correctly nurtured and have the opportunity to think outside the box.

Restoration to living in accordance back with nature itself could lead to more community based ways of living that are more free and expressive (true liberalism), though as it stands male desire is largely untamed, inverted into sexual feeding programs, and it is every man’s responsibility to attend to their shadow and not to expect women to cover up and be modest in fear of being exploited. Again, modesty can have different interpretations, and shouldn’t instantly be conflated with a kind of religious suppression, which I absolutely abhor and am very familiar with within the context of the Abrahamic religions, especially outspoken about the devastating consequences of male circumcision and the impact this has on their sexual freedom.

Regardless of which party gets into power, the policies tend to polarise to one extreme and fail to address the underlying causes that give rise to dysfunctional expressions within society. There is no more ‘righteous’ party that exists in politics. There are pros and cons to right and left wing policies, which serve different people at different times based on numerous factors, such as their upbringing, home, economic circumstances, employment etc. This can change across the course of someone’s lives, which may shift their political stance. One man’s medicine is another’s poison. It all depends on which lens you are viewing through.

Not everyone who doesn’t vote is apathetic or disinterested. Point scoring, manipulation, corruption, backtracking and false promises are all deeply embedded into the political culture in general, regardless of who you vote for. As long as we pick a side, we are perpetuating division and giving more reason to be controlled from the outside. It’s a constant ‘I’m right and your wrong’ circus that has no end.

Sustainable change can only come as a natural consequence of individuals taking responsibility for themselves and acknowledging that we all have a ‘dark side’ that we project onto others. Name calling and hurling abuse at people who don’t share your beliefs is actually a bigger part of the problem, creating more negative energy in the environment and fueling separation. It serves well to take a closer look at home rather than solely pointing the finger at those in power who gain their power through exploiting ignorance and unresolved conflicts.

We have the ability to craft our destinies free from externalisation and political influence, but first need to do the work on ourselves. The more we do this, the more control we have to direct our fate responsibly and the less we will care about the charade that’s playing out externally.

Focus more energy on trusting and believing in your potential as an individual, and try not to let the political charade distract you from this.

We should not turn to that same state for a solution to a problem they created. Two party politics is illusory, no matter which politician is in power, because they only serve the interests of those above them who dictate the policies, economics and law.

Handing a vote to either party is wasted and perpetuates this idea that we need to rely on external authority to fix our problems. Yes, it would help if the government didn’t have vested interests and did what was morally right and fair, but we don’t live in that world, so best to opt out and stop giving central authorities more control over the masses.

Through taking individual responsibility, we are able to understand how collective external conditions result from unresolved underlying psychological pathologies which are exploited by external authority for governance.

When we turn our attention introspectively and focus on educating ourselves, healing our traumas, resolving addictions and healing our relationships, amongst other things, we are putting ourselves in the best position to then help others and transform the state of of society, without expecting those in positions of power to do it for us.

Focusing inward is not selfish. It’s the best thing we can do for the world. Through transforming the individual, by integrating the unconscious that governs unheathy behaviour, we are better equipped to be of service to others.

Casting a vote toward an illusory two party system, in servitude to the corporations and banks (and those above them too), is wasted and makes a statement that we need to be governed from the outside. Even those who may seem ‘better-intentioned’ would struggle to gain or maintain any influence, because the decisions are made higher up, from those who aren’t influenced by the ‘here today, gone tomorrow politicians’ and the political wings.

Those pulling the strings play off both sides to keep humanity divided in an almost direct split that serves dualism and keeps us distracted, largely from ourselves and our own inherent power, by making us feel powerless and reliant on the very establishment who have manufactured the ‘problems’ in the first place.

The same happened with the World Wars. The Rothschilds funded both sides of the war. Whenever we attach to any external belief system, we split from ourselves and divide ourselves from others. Vegan/meat-eaters, feminist/non-feminist, Brexit/remainer, Labour/Conservative……There are valid arguments to be made in favour of both sides, but integration, not extremism, is the answer.

This isn’t a left/right, labour/conservative battle. The deception runs so much deeper and change can’t be enacted on the political level. These higher ups don’t care who the common person votes for. The media might make you think they do, but they too are puppets and largely serving their own interests.

The only battle is against ourselves. As cliche as that sounds, as you heal internally, this is reflected in the collective. It is not a form of spiritual bypassing to not cast a vote. Spiritual bypassing refers to those who avoid confronting the harsh realities of the world out of fear, and turn to spirituality as a form of comfort to mask their insecurities.

Whilst Brexit policy isn’t clear, a huge statement would be made if a democratic decision was overturned, regardless of which side was picked, and even if that result was achieved through deceptive means. Only more division and chaos would ensue. ‘Divide and conquer’.

The world is a stage and the global population are manoeuvred like pieces on a chess board. How do you incite a global war? By playing superpowers off one another and getting people to pick their side and then playing them off each other through perpetual propaganda and Hegelian Dialectic ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’ tactics.

In the end it doesn’t matter which side we pick, as long as we are identified as either a victim or perpetrator. They both justify increased control and surveillance and, in the end, highlight our inability to govern ourselves, which would bring about an end to the whole theatre show. No modern world leader can be trusted, because they are all strategically placed in their position in servitude to those who hold the real power.

People have been predicting this impending conflict between the superpowers for years, not because they are psychics or prophets, but due to knowledge of how the game works. This is what George Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World were warning us about.

I agree corruption is inevitable in a small percentage of successful business owners, but there are ties between the elite bloodlines who own the biggest corps, and it was designed that way. Gates is just playing his role alongside the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros, Kissinger etc, and when they have that level of top down control, they can infiltrate other establishments with enormous effectiveness. Bill Gates is known as the biggest philanthropist with his billions, but when you look deeper you realise it’s all a smokescreen for nefarious activities. There is an argument to be made that the world’s population is growing at an unsustainable rate (given the current economic model, consumption rate and environmental damage), but that does not justify forced sterilisation and eugenics. If individuals are to take back their own personal power, then first they need to be made aware of how their free will is being manipulated- especially to such a large degree.

Yes, we are all responsible for our mind and choices, and many choose to live in ignorance. That’s why a lot of people wilfully brush off revealing information, even when it’s staring them in the face. They choose to be governed externally and hand over the keys to their freedom to the state.  Others have had enough. They realise something’s amiss and that they are deeply dissatisfied and so are seeking valid answers. It’s everyone’s choice and I don’t believe in enforcing information on anyone unless they feel ready to make that transition within themselves. Though psychological self-work and spiritual development are paramount, there are certain stages of development that can’t be bypassed, and awareness of third dimensional manipulation of consciousness is one of them.

If people continue to question everything and look deeper, they will soon look inside themselves and discover the answers they are looking for. But we must each be prepared to undergo a kind of ‘dark night of the soul’ period first, where we shed away old layers that are no longer serving us, first on the external and then within our own unconscious shadow that governs our behaviour and feeds right into the unhealthy collective manifestations. So it’s a case of striking the balance between external awareness and internal development.

This is why I traverse the spectrum and cover information on multiple levels. Fear is the greater enemy, and people react in unpredictable ways to uphold their illusion. Cognitive dissonance is very powerful. I agree, the last thing we want is everyone projecting fear and anger onto one another and feeding separation. Like you said, this is a desirable outcome for those in ‘power’.

My outlook on the future is positive. It always has been. But I understand that there is a process that can’t be bypassed. Only by confronting and integrating the shadow can we bring more light to the planet. These elite aren’t as clever as they might believe. They lack creativity and operate mechanically. This is why they leave so many breadcrumbs. They also do it as a form of predictive programming to lower our vibrations and manipulate us into manifesting those outcomes. So I also agree that we don’t want to feed into undesirable outcomes and give them more energy to materialise. It is then our responsibility to access our potential from within and to transmute the negativity through mastering the mind. But mind control is very real and the majority of the population are still hypnotised within the dream spell, unable to direct their will through conscious intent. This is the reason why regressive systems of control still remain in power and control continues to centralise toward a synthetic singularity.

It’s unrealistic to try and expect or force people to go vegan. Unfortunately a vegan diet can in cases lead to malnourishment, even when the choices are nutritionally optimal for that diet, and well known vegan activists have been known to revert back to eating meat, because their health has suffered. The ethics should be considered but our bodies do seem to have evolved over the years to sustain on animal products.

Reality is complex. Higher consciousness feeds off lower all the time. That’s how energy is transferred. Sadly in the third dimension, this happens more often, but if we can elevate beyond that soon, we naturally won’t need as much energy to thrive from. But this takes time. Pushing for extreme change never works. Things have to change gradually. If we focused on cutting down consumption first then this could be more effective considering the rate of over consumption. This would then increase organic farming practices.

Arguably, polarising to any extreme, regardless of whether you believe one to be right, can create more conflict than it resolves. The vegan movement has become a belief system, not much different from a religion. The amount of hate and judgements I see coming from it is astounding. All religions begin with good intentions, and purport to have the truth – and many times they preach valuable information, but in the end it always becomes corrupted, and can have devastating consequences.

Beliefs become cults and cult mentalities lead to exclusion. They don’t accept others for where they are at in their own journey. Of course it can be frustrating, but others will move in the right direction when it is their time to do so. We don’t have control over that, nor should we assume moral superiority and stop questioning our own beliefs. There won’t be a vegan revolution, but if we can encourage people to turn inwards and focus on their own self-development, then they will be more likely to make more ethical choices that help mitigate the mistreatment of animals, which is a real concern that we shouldn’t ignore.


The four cognitive functions in Jung’s Theory are Sensation, Intuition, Thinking and Feeling. We all utilise those aspects, just in different orders and either in an extraverted or introverted direction. Extraversion and Introversion refer to the flow of energy which alternates as you move through the functions. It goes either I,E,I,E or E,I,E,I. So again, we all have Introversion and Extraversion, just either primary or secondary, and we work through the functions in both directions.

The Perceiving and Judging elements, as part of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, were added separately by Isabel Briggs-Myers to categorise Sensation and Intuition as separate from Thinking and Feeling. Sensing and Intuition refer to how we perceive information and so are regarded as the Perceiving functions. Thinking and Feeling refers to how we process information (either through our value system or logic), and so are regarded as Judging functions. There is some valuable research online that will help clarify this if it is too confusing and Jung’s ‘Theory of Personality’ is a good read.

There is no intolerance, nor judgement, in the acknowledgement that another person may be impacting our space in a way that may be leading to interpersonal conflict and internal imbalance. This doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person, but as we refine our personal energy field through interacting more with those who inspire our development, our relationships become more harmonious and this reflects in the outer experience. Working from the self and extending out from our closest connections first, it is imperative to ensure that there is compatibility and mutual benefit for both partners, otherwise external attachments/dependencies arise.

We can both honour our individuality and embrace oneness as well, but to assume that we can simply get on with everyone at all times, just because we are connected at the deepest level, leaves us prone to interference and does a disservice to both ourselves and to others as well. Every individual has their own unique energy signature, based on their disposition and current perception, and though we are all interconnected at source, we have to also honour that we are unique extensions of creation, having individual experiences and not everyone can be in alignment at all times.

There is always something to learn through variety of experience in our interactions with others, but we also have a limited supply of energy and that is best invested in activating our authentic self first, from which place the quality of our connections would reflect that.

When we let too many people into our space, we become a product of this amalgamation. We have to make compromises, fulfill expectations, change ourselves to cater to different needs and wear different masks, depending on who we are around. We can expand our sphere of influence providing our inner circle is functioning harmoniously so we can accommodate more energy without feeling drained or hiding behind walls of the ego, through building various personnas.

This process is slowed down or interrupted when we spread ourselves too thin and cater to too many people, often for the sake of gratifying our ego through the desire for external validation. We become prone to manipulation and exploitation, whether this is being done consciously or not.

Authentic connections require understanding, honesty, trust, depth and commitment and we can’t attain these things beyond a certain threshold. 

Whilst the classical sciences have been very useful at investigation and experimentation of the physical, the non-tangible elements of reality, including our thoughts, feelings and awareness cannot be confined to such objective constraints. They are subjective and require analysis on an individual level.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of extra-sensory experiences that are disregarded as made up delusions or pseudo-science, but for those who have had these personal experiences that defy/transcend mainstream science, they are aware that reality is far deeper than our current comprehension, and cannot be convinced otherwise. It would serve society well to take heed of these personal accounts and give them more credibility so we can expand beyond the restrictive confines governed by institutions with vested interests in keeping humanity’s perception locked within a materialistic paradigm.

Quantum mechanics has gone some way in exploring the notion that consciousness governs/is the building block of physical reality, but is still in its advent and even this research suffers the same pitfalls of manipulation, lack of funding and overemphasis on mathematical formula, rather than the implications of the results themselves, which has opened up a realm of potential not yet explored in mainstream science.

This is the much needed bridge between the physical and metaphysical, but rather than dubbing it as ‘spooky action at a distance’, we should approach this field with an open mind, as that in itself will reveal what lies beneath the surface of incredibly overemphasised laws of physics that work on deterministic principles, largely ignoring the impact of free will.

When we acknowledge our ability as individuals and a collective to shape reality, we can reclaim power from those who benefit from upholding the narrative that we are just biological species governed by fate and The Theory of Evolution as postulated by Darwin.

Rather than prophetic dreams, perhaps they are indicating aspects of your subconscious that require integration for growth. Our dreams serve as powerful teachers, if we can learn to interpret their allegorical significance and embody those understandings in waking life. Never feel like the future is prewritten. This is the exact mentality a negative agenda would want us to feed into. Free will is our greatest tool, and we have the power at any moment to steer our lives in a new direction. It requires a lot of dedicated self-work.

Self-development is a continuous task and comes with its challenges, but these are the greatest teachers. But yes, eliminating fear is the best thing we can do and that is a process which takes time, but rest assured will improve as we tap more into our potential, which can resist anything that the external world throws at us, providing we utilise our awareness in the correct way and retain conscious awareness as much as possible.

An excellent person to research is the works of Carl Jung who goes in to depth and is one of the pioneers in scientific explanation of the unconscious and the collective consciousness, as well as his work in dream therapy and synchronicity. If you haven’t already I implore further exploration into this man, who was more than just a the psychologist, as proclaimed by mainstream culture, but a revolutionary in the realms of consciousness.

It can be difficult to bite out tongue at first when we expand into new empowering states of awareness. We may a sense of duty or obligation to extend that knowledge to others, but we learn over time that our efforts are largely fruitless, beyond the impact we can make through planting seeds and through adapting based on the level of awareness that person is currently functioning at. The best control we have is to inspire others through being the example we wish to set so that people (who are ready) naturally gravitate to us out of curiosity, even if this is unconscious at first. From there, with their willingness, we can help initiate them to higher knowledge in a way that they can integrate and that isn’t just contingent upon our efforts. That way the change becomes more sustainable. This process entails learning to hold acceptance even in the face of others choices we don’t agree with and which we know may be harming them. We cannot intervene with free will, but when an individual is ready they will be led to what they need.

The process you see on the website is the kind of trajectory it took for me, starting from the ground level of politics and the establishment and up through the layers of consciousness. This helped to avoid spiritual bypassing and to integrate each layer. At first, of course, this was overwhelming in the face of a seemingly insurmountable opposition, but through continued curiosity we are led to more empowering knowledge, especially when we recognise the connection between our inner and outer world, so that we don’t feel like we have no control over our reality.

How this process unfolds is very unique to each of us, and we may work from the top down of spiritual awareness, rather than the reverse. There is no right or wrong as long as we learn to strengthen discernment so that we don’t get attached to and stuck in traps of external agreement, rather than continuing to question everything.

I would advise taking periodic time out to tune in with yourself in solitude to access your internal intelligence and attend to the shadow/trauma aspects of the self that are blocking the channel to receive this higher guidance. This is an ongoing process that can be difficult at times, but easier to navigate through if we remind ourselves that assimilating the shadow is the gateway to higher consciousness, so that we are no longer governed by the unconscious and infiltrated through our blind spots. This is how the control system uses us. It works through all of us so we co-create a reflection of our unresolved conflicts.

In combination with this, we can continue to stay informed of world events and to dot connect, but not if we are investing unresolved emotional energy which is draining our reserves. We want to stay in relative balance, and work to observe events from a place of emotional neutrality, trusting our ability to navigate the turmoil through understanding the law of reality creation. This balance between discipline and surrender has enabled me to best align with my optimal timeline, rather than being too preoccupied with the internal or external polarity, which creates imbalance.


I believe the brain to be a receiver/transducer, rather than transmitter of consciousness. Once you have glimpsed into ‘higher dimensions’ or tapped into extra-sensory capabilities (whether sober or through psychedelics), it’s hard to maintain the common assertion that the brain transmits consciousness. The plasticity of the brain (that it can change over time) suggests that it is responding to consciousness rather than creating it, as do various phenomena that are the result of metaphsyical forces. The subject of epigenetics is something interesting to look into as well.

Each of them are of equal importance. The primary seven chakras are interdependent and communicate with another energetically/through resonance. When in alignment from the root to the crown, we find ourselves in an embodied state of balance. What happens on the subtle levels through our chakras expresses itself physically, and this manifestation will vary depending on the chakra in question. For example, an under/or over active solar plexus chakra, which could be linked to unresolved emotional issues, can create a corresponding imbalance in that area of the physical body and its associated glands, which impacts hormones. In this case, we may experience discomfort in the stomach or digestive area. Once we correct the underlying imbalance, our physical body will respond.

When viewing ourselves from a more holistic perspective as beings of light energy, we no longer have to view in isolation, but understand how what affects a part also affects the whole. This is where the western mainstream medicine approach is lacking. It takes a compartmentalised approach and so may overlook the connection between a problem and its manifestation on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. Western medicine takes a completely dismissive view of the chakras and meridian channels, aiming to treat the problem without sufficiently identifying the underlying causation, and so the issue tends to be temporarily suppressed, but the patient tends to relapse.

It is important that we work to correct imbalances in weaker areas through becoming more self-aware in order to identify the problematic areas. This may change depending on our life experience, and some people may find that some chakras tend to be more consistently underdeveloped, due to a variety of reasons such as our unique genetic disposition, personality type & temperament, environmental influences and our soul type. We have to take all these factors into consideration when working with the chakras. When one is over/under-active, another will fall out of balance , etc. We have to work to unify them all, so we are both grounded but connected to our higher centres as well.

DNA is an expression of our underlying energy body, and not the root. So when we elevate consciousness, the DNA responds by becoming more complex, creating more strands. Curently, we are restricted within the two strand frame of expression and so are limited in our perception.

We need to differentiate feminine traits from the female gender to get a better understanding.
Sadly feminine traits are less valued in society, but this can also affect men who are in touch with those qualities. Feminine qualities are a threat to the established structures. They enable intuition, empathy and creativity, and the capacity for greater self-awareness. Keeping humanity restricted to logical processing has been more beneficial so far to maintain suppression and order, and to limit access to our spiritual potential, which would activate free will.

Shutting off the feminine has also closed our hearts to much of the suffering in the world, which arises as a result of internal disconnection and the disconnection from the Earth, our mother, who supports biological life and spiritual evolution. By abusing the Earth, we have abused ourselves and become divorced from our connection to one another and our multidimensional self.

In order to reclaim this feminine power, we must shift from external focus to internal focus, recognising the role we play in manifesting our experience of reality and fostering greater self-compassion, that will naturally extend to others.

Reigniting the feminine should not come at the expense of its masculine counterpart however, nor should masculinity be blamed for the lack of femininity. This is a slippery slope that perpetuates gender conflict and can fuels toxic femininity as a defence mechanismm which ironically feeds the patriarchy through more excess in unhealthy masculinity.

The masculine/feminine are two polarities that work together in unison. One cannot function effectively without the other, much like male/female romantic relationships bring different qualities to the table that create a healthy union. When we have learned to integrate the healthy aspects of both internally, this will reflect in our interpersonal relationships, that will translate to wider society, and so on.

Therefore, by chaning ourselves, we are playing a contribution in transforming the outerscape. Everything is connected, but we have been conditioned to see the masculine/feminine codes as separate, preventing unification. When you create a rift between genders, through confusion and ignorance surrounding sexuality, you can most easily control a population.

There are different ways to view this, and a lot of difference in opinion boils down to semantics and the definitions people have decided to adopt. For this reason alone, I try to refrain from using the term ‘twin flame’ to describe divine union, and also acknowledge the existence of what people like to call ‘soul mates’ that may not necessarily be romantic in nature, but constitute a very strong spiritual bond between the two partners, that transcends more typical interpersonal connection, or those built on personality/ego alone.

This may entail psychic phenomena such as telepathic communication, frequent synchronicity and/or a feeling like there is some co-creative destiny. This relationship may not be destined to last a lifetime, but it will be a powerful and intense experience nonetheless, which will also give rise to difficulties, due to the natural tendency to trigger one another’s shadow for growth. These types of relationships are very valuable on our spiritual path and provide confirmation that we are on the right path, aligning with those of true authentic resonance. We will know them when they come on those rare occasions, and it may be that we haven’t yet experienced such a bond, or we may have more personal work to do instead.

Twin flames or divine/hierogamic unions are distinct in the sense that they involve a sexual component, where expanded states of consciousness can be activated through sexual exploration. This activation of sexual potential is largely downplayed, unexplored and misunderstood by Western culture, but has much more emphasis in ancient Eastern practices, such as Taoism. It makes sense that sexual intercourse, as well as the intimate and sensory pleasures and positive emotions that accompany it, offer more than the mere function of reproduction for the survival of the species, but activates a spiritual potential that unlocks more doors of perception and connection to our divinity.

Many have abused these principles, seeking tantric experiences as a shortcut to blissful states of consciousness, but this will come at a cost if it is attempted prematurely and with the wrong partner. There are many cases of mismatched, self-proclaimed twin unions, that may arise as a reflection of some unresolved trauma seeking to compensate through external attachment, or it could be a malevolent interference, creating negative synchronicities to bring incompatible partners together to feed off the trauma that arises as they attempt to achieve a state they aren’t ready for, or following the inevitable dissolution of the relationship that leads to deep heartbreak and more trauma. This scenario can be described as a ‘love-bite’. True divine union can only manifest once this union has occurred within the individual through the integration of the masculine/feminine poles or the animus/anima, as described in Jungian Psychology.

In other cases, mismatches may be necessary as part of evolutionary growth to learn necessary lessons, or just simply be a reflection of those partners soul level, whereby they aren’t yet equipped to transcend to this higher plane of connection. In this respect, these dynamics could be perceived as suitable during that incarnation, and important lessons can be learned, especially in the context of family dynamics and raising children.

Porn is destructive and very addictive, and the first port of call should be to reduce it or eliminate straight away if possible. There is no objective approach. Just what method works best for you.

Once we’ve overcome this, and start to control masturbation without porn as well, we recognise the host of other benefits of semen retention. Increased energy, less sexual dysfunction, more motivation, heightened concentration, greater respect for women, less anxiety/depression and other mental afflictions, and perhaps the most understated: more creative output.

Sexual and Creative energy are synonymous. When we circulate this energy within the body we can redirect it toward more creative pursuits. As soon as we ejaculate, we need to rebuild the reserves and this requires energy.

But that’s okay. These things take time. It’s about establishing a healthy equilibrium and not putting yourself under too much pressure or stress, as this can contribute to a net loss. Aim to increase the time without ejaculation gradually each time. If you slip up occasionally it’s okay. It happens. Just aim no to relapse into a bad cycle that has control over you.

It’s not about shutting off from sexual sensations, but learning how to understand, manage and redirect them. Sexual energy is the seat to higher consciousness, if you learn to tune in and listen to the wisdom of the body.

Though primarily, we’d all like to restore to enhance sexual pleasure and to restore protection and sensitivity to the glans, having a foreskin contributes to much more in terms of overall well-being. Because of its high sensitivity and abundance of nerve endings, the intact penis has a central role to play in keeping the nervous system in check. If we look at all our body parts as interconnected, each part communicates with the others, sending feedback signals to the brain, which responds to touch, temperature, etc. When the foreskin is removed and the glans exposed, this feedback mechanism is disrupted, leaving the system in a state of dire imbalance.

This imbalance manifests in numerous ways causing irritability and restlessness, anger and emotional issues, disrupted concentration and a host of other potential behavioural/emotional issues, which without the awareness, would not be attributed to something as seemingly ‘insignificant’ as a foreskin. Other secondary consequences can include an overactive bladder as a result of constant stimulation of the exposed glans against clothing, causing prolonged irritation and weakness with bladder retention.

Premature ejaculation can also be attributed to this same cause, as by the onset of masturbation, the body is already in a hyper-sensitive state, due to continual rubbing, either in day-to-day life due to chaffing against clothing, or through premature stimulation of the glans during masturbation. At the point of masturbation peak stimulation has already been reached and the actual process of masturbation provides little enjoyment, merely acting as the gateway to climax. This can result in rushing through masturbation in order to achieve enjoyment, and this habit over time leads to premature ejaculation. The opposite can also manifest, particularly for older men as their sensation reaches an all time low. 

Restoring brings back a state of wholeness, comfort and stability. The new manhood will mean a man feels less exposed and can move from a state of external excitation, hypersensitivity and anxiety, to one of internal bliss and relaxation. The interaction between the restored foreskin and the dekeratinised glans serves to reboot the nervous systems to its intended function, allowing the correct interplay between the body parts. The remaining deadened nerves come back alive as dekeratinisation continues, and the heightened sensation can be felt pulsating throughout the whole body, not just isolated to the sacral region, and not just during stimulation and sex, but at all times.

Sexual energy is a force that is present within us at all times. It is our creative life force that enhances us as individuals and gives us a sense of happiness and drive. This is why so many restored men report benefits that far surpass sexual enhancement. 

Whilst it is not possible to replace the parts that were taken, and sensitivity will never be as high as the intact man, the psychological appreciation and understanding of the value of a restored penis will bring a renewed sense of well-being and pleasure that perhaps an intact man would never be activated to feel. In this respect, there is no reason a restored individual’s subjective state should not become comparable to the intact, or perhaps even surpass it.

We want to be attending to the roots to build the foundations for spiritual development. This begins by attending to the literal root (chakra) which correlates to our unconscious shadow (both positive and negative repressed aspects), and being able to recall these aspects through fostering deeper self-awareness and identifying key trigger events that led to relegation into the unconscious by the egos defence mechanism, resulting in outward dysfunction and pain (to compensate). This causes masculine/feminine distortions that feed impulsive tendencies and so you want to be identifying any addictions/attachments that are serving to act as a crutch of avoidance. Then come up with a strategy to tackle and resolve them, including emotional confrontation to unclog the blockages that are feeding these unhealthy tendencies. This will help to help reorganise your field. This trauma/shadow work will allow a clearer channel for embodiment and access to our higher potential.

What makes your soul feel alive in the moment. Following your passion and taking action on your highest excitement to express your soul so that it can elevate your vibration and be shared to inspire others. This should be discerned from egoic desires, however, that compromise our energy. It’s normally that state of being we find ourselves in when we tune out all the external noise and find the inner stillness. The best inspiration for me comes in times of solitude, when out connecting in nature, or when tuning in creatively, perhaps through music. This activates intuitive guidance to take more effortless action from that elevated state of being.

You can’t ‘remove’ your chakras so to speak. They can be merged and kind of dissolved through integration, but these energy vortices are fundamental in this expression of existence.

Technically our entire genetic code has been altered and restricted through eons of engineering, but what we have is what we need to work with, and that requires acceptance and integration. It’s like we can’t overcome the shadow by bypassing it. The way out is through.

We also all have physical bodies, even though we are spiritual beings, but the physical is an expression of the metaphysical until we lift the density. The chakras assist us with development by enabling us to identify where there are energy blockages.

I was made aware of the chakra removal program a number of years ago, but often these ‘quick fix’ solutions are used to run false light inversions/reversals that disconnect us from grounding (through embodiment) into physical reality. This requires synthesising the lower centres which can literally be felt as physical manifestations in the areas responding to those chakras.

Trauma is accumulated in these lower centres of the pain body, which corresponds to organs and links to our glands and hormones. Yes, these have been purposefully manipulated to extract our essence and feed the parasites, but it’s a case of gaining mastery over them through understanding how they work. Without integration we open ourselves to infiltration.

The unifying force is our sexual energy, which is our life-force/chi or whatever term you prefer. By learning how that circulates through the body, we can reclaim energetic sovereignty by resolving external addictions and attachments that arise from identification with the negative ego that results in a state of disembodiment. This also requires correcting inverted breathing patterns.

All these components are linked and we can choose to focus on the component parts or take a more holistic view. This is a very long conversation and it helps to view it from the ‘both perspectives are simultaneously true’ lens, depending on where your perception is focused, even though that seems contradictory/paradoxical from the 3D level. That is the nature of dualism.

We cannot transcend without a merging. All opposites exist on a spectrum. Same with masculine and feminine. We are here to work on this level.

The seven primary chakras are the gateway to the others and to activating expanded states of consciousness. When we balance these, the centre point – the heart portal naturally opens and expands to encompass a wider field of compassion and then we can work on that level. But we have to be do the gritty work first and can’t just ‘intend’ our way into that space.

There are such a multitude of contributing influences that disrupt the balance of the nervous system. Many of these could be surrounding harmful EMFs that are disrupting our bio-resonance. There are many forms of protection we can employ against these, particualrly limiting the use of SMART devices, wifi, bluetooth and cellular radiation. There are also EMF protection tools that may assist with this such as crystals, salt lamps, house plants, and phone cases. EMF can be measured using an EMF metre which will indicate whether this is above manageable levels. 

Beyond this, ascending souls can be particularly sensitive to frequencies, or at least they feel them more consciously because they are not distracting and artificially dumbing their nervous response down. 

I think if people removed these external attachments and connected to their body, they would feel these imbalances more strongly. Ideally we want to tune into these signals and try to identify what they are showing us. There may be multiple layers to unravel to get to the root cause.

Certainly pathogens will be more able to penetrate our field, particularly if there are solar plexus issues which will disrupt gut (digestive) function due to the parasites that lodge themselves there. In relation to trauma I work from the bottom up, reconnecting to and relaxing the pelvic floor through belly breathing (correcting inversions) and other practical embodiment exercises like mild cardiovascular activity to oxygenate the cells and ground energy in the body.

Any issues in the root chakra (linked to the unconscious mind) will result in trapped cellular memory that can incite emotional imbalances that disrupt the nervous system. This will give rise to distortions in the sexual centre (the sacral) which fragments our sexual energy, which is particularly problematic for nervous system homeostasis. Much of this is linked to unresolved childhood trauma relating to our identification with the masculine/feminine principle which we model from our parents, though there is the soul component to consider as well. 


Yes, ideally we should have compassion for all with respect to where they are on their personal journey, but reality isn’t just about ‘oneness’ and ‘unconditional love’. That’s a very high level state. In the human experience, there’s so many different levels of experience, and it’s imperative to align with those that enable further evolution.

Whether or not we like to admit it, people often unconsciously, and quite often consciously, sabotage us through projection of their own unresolved conflicts. If someone is compromising our growth in this way then it is our perogative to assert healthy boundaries.

Every individual has the choice to step on the path of development. Many people consciously choose not to. It’s not right to excuse everyone on the basis that ‘they’re having their own unique experience’. This kind of mentality can attract destructive people and situations to us.

However, it is our responsibility to know what works for us, and adjust accordingly, rather than externalising and pinning the blame on others – so in that respect we must at least practice acceptance first, through compassionate witnessing, without becoming embroiled in someone else’e mess and inadvertently finding ourselves bought down to their level.

From this place of acceptance, we are best equipped to be of service to others in the knowledge that we have attended to our own personal sphere of influence first, ensuring that it aligns with our authenticity and promotes our highest growth.

As we strengthen our field, we are able to embrace more under the wings our our compassion, when the time is right.

Life can sometimes throw us the most horrific setbacks and really make us question whether there is any good at all. Some pain is so strong, it feels as though we’ll never be able to confront or release it fully. There is always hope though. Many of us have had to deal with certain situations that at the time seemed insurmountable and unjust beyond measure, but during those times, at rock bottom, the only way is up and ultimately we have to make a choice. Do we allow life our suffering to govern us, or do we transmute it into personal power through some deep confrontation with the shadow.

This is not easy, but we have the divine on our side. It can be felt in those lowest moment where we surrender to it, or ask for guidance when we are feeling lost and helpless. It sends us signals in different ways – perhaps through a synchronicity, in our dreams, through a flashbulb realisation or epiphany, and sometimes, if we can attune to its frequency, in more direct ways as well. The divine wants us to succeed and be happy, and it also wants us to grow. This is why it chooses not to intervene with free will.

We are undergoing a cycle of planetary ascension, which also entails a descent into the shadow as a collective, and this is why we have gone through some challenging times as a species. The density of physical reality can feel heavy to carry, and we can lose sight of the interconnectedness of all things. This can indeed feel lonely, like no one understands the pain we have to endure, or no one will be there to help guide us out of it. Bu there are others out there, sharing our trials and pains, and it is love that ultimately connects us all. The power of the heart cannot be underestimated and in the end it is this force that will conquer adversity and restore peace and freedom to a planet that continues to traverse through the dark age.

The best I can advise is to never relinquish your connection to this higher power, that also lives within us, for we are an extension of it. In the darkest times, when the shadow tries to engulf us, remember, even in the slightest flicker of light, there is still hope. Darkness cannot extinguish the light, because it is an absence of it, but light can extinguish the darkness, and we carry that light within us. It can be activated at any moment through personal will.

“Another thing that people must give up is their suffering. It is very difficult also to sacrifice one’s suffering. A man will renounce any pleasure you like but he will not give up his suffering. Man is made in such a way that he is never so attached to anything as he is to his suffering. And it is necessary to be free from suffering. No one who is not free from suffering, who has not sacrificed his suffering, can work. Nothing can be attained without suffering but at the same time, one must begin by sacrificing suffering. Now, decipher what this means.”

~ Gurdjieff, in P.D. Ouspensky’s ‘In Search Of The Miraculous’

Struggle can instigate self-inquiry and an inquisitive nature. By going deep into suffering and asking questions, It can enable the expansion of perception beyond ourselves and the physical reality we are inhabiting on this frequency of visible light. In this sense, traversing through the shadow activates it’s opposing force. It reminds me of a great quote by Carl Jung:

‘No tree, it is said, can grow tall unless its roots have reached down to hell.’

Can this be used to justify suffering? Of course not. Suffering is very real and strong efforts should be made to mitigate and eliminate it, where possible, This is part of the great awakening of consciousness on planet Earth that is necessary to restore peace and harmony. Sadly, without suffering, many people are accustomed to conditions of stability and conformity, and don’t bother to look outside of this comfort zone. If something appears to be serving them, even if this comes at the expense of our true nature, then they may feel little cause to question or change it, unless they are triggered to do so through a destabilising life experience that shudders them out of their slumber. Even in such situations, fear can still drive man to retreat and cower, seeking answers on the outside and being led into more deception by those who exploit our suffering to feed them with their power, because they have become divorced from their own spiritual connection and require others energy to survive.

This ’service-to-self; predatory nature doesn’t just exist in the highest echelons, but works through us all, as long as we are governed by ego and disconnected form our authentic nature due to trauma and layers of conditioning that obstruct the channel to this higher aspect of ourselves that can derive energy from source without stealing it from others. That is part of life in the third dimension, however, and we all have to work through the evolutionary process back along a service-to-others trajectory, and so blaming others, or our ourselves, will only give rise to negative emotional states and slow down the process.

This is why an understanding of deeper reality is important, especially from the perspective of the wider evolution of consciousness, where we cycle through duality on the journey back to ourselves and to our true connection to source. 

That’s the ultimate question. I guess we can’t get them to do anything but simply put out our truth and hope that it will inspire people enough to spur them into some internal change. Though this seems like such a long, arduous and huge task, it will gradually manifest progress, because we can act as a frequency anchor, attracting others to us and expanding our sphere of influence to encapsulate a wider circle. Others will then increasingly be drawn in to this stronger energy field, or there could be a splitting of timelines, whereby those of a mutual disinterest separate, creating a schism in reality, branching off down two completely different trajectories, or multiple ones depending on the learning requirement of that soul. These realities can no longer overlap, because they are no longer resonant at the same frequency,. It’s just like two TV or radio stations can’t be tuned in to at once.

It’s a difficult topic this one. I think when approaching anything of this nature, the answer is always rather paradoxical. It’s like trying to work out whether we have free will or everything is predetermined. The best way to bust these paradoxes is to accept both as true, and so we move away from duality altogether. What I mean by this is that yes truth is subjective whilst we are experiencing existence on the relative level, but at the absolute level, where everything is connected, there can only be one objective truth. We just perceive it differently as unique extensions, until we reconnect back to creator. It’s like saying is the branch separate from the tree? Is the droplet separate from the ocean? Yes and no.

Disregarding the existence of Jesus, or deifing/preaching constantly about historical figures both have their limitations. History has been heavily distorted and inverted, and though the Abrahamic religious texts are largely infiltrated, there may be some truth within them, that have been intentionally distorted to peddle false narratives.

In the case of Jesus Christ, there is a strong emphasis on sacrifice for our sins which arguably instills guilt and shame within the human collective unconscious. Should Jesus have walked this Earth, his fate was unclear, but some of his teachings hold value nonetheless, whether you are a disbeliever, or see Jesus as archetypal, fractal, physical, entitized/hyper-dimensional, or even a combination of these.

Arguing over such things only detracts from the message. There are potentially many ‘beings’ who have attained a very high level consciousness. None of them expect nor want to be worshipped, but rather would encourage us to take their teachings and assimilate them, to achieve the same empowered state of consciousness within ourselves.

Many people derive great strength from the teachings of Jesus, and who are we to take that away from them, as long as they are causing no harm. There is a strong push to eradicate history entirely, including all religious thought, eliminating spiritually and faith from our lives, and this is a worse condition than we find ourselves in today.

Storytelling, whether fact or fiction, can have a powerful influence in shaping consciousness and influencing behaviour, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. That depends on the individual and how they choose to integrate teachings. We cannot control that, but to deny people the right to believe what they choose to believe is tantamount to suppressing free thought, which leads to suppression of free speech, and that is a slippery slope.

No one, or any institution, has the authority to govern our thoughts and beliefs, especially through censorship and manipulation. Stories live on through the word of man, and it is our responsibility to discern truth using our own intuition/discernment and critical thinking. This may involve wading through a sea of lies to discover the buried snippets of truth, but should we commit to sincerely seeking the truth, come what may, then we will be guided synchronistically to the right information and will feel this truth as a resonance in our bodies. This is the best we have to work with at the moment.

The Catholic Church, courtesy of the Vatican, masquerading as true Christians, have committed unfathomable atrocities throughout this cycle of human history, suppressing and destroying information, much of which is hidden within the Vatican itself. This is part of the attempts to erase history so that we adhere to an increasingly regressive global regime that worships materialism and self-interest over all else. Holding onto teachings that provide genuine value in our lives and help to assist others is still more important than having no belief at all, and if some people choose to follow their faith through Jesus Christ, then we should afford them this.

In the end, what matters most is that we recognise a connection to something greater than ourselves.

Higher intelligence doesn’t interfere with free will. That is a fundamental breach of natural law. They can and will assist us, however, if we ask sincerely through prayer or meditation, or in whatever way we can open the channel to communicate with them. We may not see direct results, or any immediate signs, but wherever they can help without violating free will, they will.

The divine wants us to succeed, but it understands that humanity has lessons to learn, otherwise, without sufficient integration, we will not have resolved the underlying issues that gave rise to unhealthy manifestations and they will continue to play out, taking different expressions and requiring humanity to undergo more cycles until it has assimilated the darkness in order to transcend it.

Therefore it is down to all of us as individuals to awaken to our potential and heighten our awareness, in order to create a more favourable reality. When this is multiplied, then the collective consciousness will follow. There may be a ‘critical mass’ who knows, but all we can control is what happens within our own reality first and then we create the space to pull others into our vibrational field, and so our sphere of influence continues to expand.

Suffering is necessary until it is unnecessary, i.e. when we learn to take the power back and stop living externally, where manipulation occurs on all levels and we are driven by false, predatory, service-to-self ‘Gods’, who exploit and feed off our ignorance, using our energy as their sustenance.

What’s more important to note is that these low frequency beings cannot thrive in a high vibrational environment. When the collective vibration is low enough all these factions can compete against one another for dominion over our consciousness, from both the higher dimensions and manifesting in 3d form too. It is our energy that provides them with their food source. This is what we need to starve them of, through regaining sovereignty over our free will and not feeding them with emotional energy, deriving from fear. We need to focus on this element rather than pontificating over which different alien species are doing what and where they came from. This distracts us from the solution.

It may well be that we are living amongst what you might call ‘spiritless humans’. Their origin? I guess we can’t know for sure, but they gain their sustenance through feeding off the emotional loosh we provide them, and this is why it’s so important for them to lower the individual and planetary vibration. This is the only way they can sustain their life force, because without our fuel they cannot survive. So in order to overcome this, its a matter of sufficiently raising our vibrations, in order to move down a new trajectory where the two frequencies are no longer compatible, creating a schism and a possible timeline split. Which way we go? The choice is ours? We have all the potential we need within ourselves, if only we continue to remind ourselves of that.

I’m familiar with the corruption of the demiurge. It may be that we have ‘split off’ in a sense, living in a kind of holographic prison of sorts that keeps souls recycled in the third dimension for energy harvesting. Manipulating free will and keeping consciousness suppressed enables more loosh and further descends humans into the next artificial construct, more disconnected from source/spirit. This may explain why the moon suddenly appeared and ties into the transhumanist agenda etc…

However, I would say that from an absolute perspective, this is just an expression of free will where creator/creation allowed all possibilities. It’s almost as if inevitably an expression of source would  split off and try to assume God’s power in their own right, exploiting others through their sorcery to harness greater control. But they cannot seem to remove the divine seed from within humans, though they have successfully diminished it. I’m not sure if they ever could.

In the end I think it all has to lead back to source. Duality and all the rest of it was ultimately all a part of the grand experiment. Without such a descent, we would never learn true love or connection. This is how the creator learns to experience itself through us. We are all unique manifestations of it, even the distorted darker aspects, though they too will have to rehabilitate and reintegrate at some point, or they will face annihilation in a black hole of their own making.

It’s usually retrospective confirmation, rather than allowing the energies to control how I think and behave. So in that sense it is still a useful tool for learning and understanding how cycles work on a physical level and possibly influence mass consciousness.

In a multidimensional reality, where everything is interconnected, our Mother Earth is a living celestial being with its own consciousness, which responds to the collective consciousness of its inhabitants, who are like its cells, just like we have cells in our body that respond to our thoughts. Likewise this extends to the solar system, the galaxy, and so on. Given how consciousness interacts on microcosmic to macrocosmic levels of expression, what happens on Earth will influence wider reality, and what happens elsewhere can influence what happens on Earth.

When we learn to remember that we are as big as all the things we claim have control over us, then we can creatively express spirit to its fullest potential and allow life to unfold in its mysterious and unpredictable way, whilst still maintaining control over our personal reality. Such a wonderful paradox.

Just because we are each having unique experiences, whilst living under an illusion of separation, this does not deny the existence of an objective truth. Whilst we exist as unique expressions, what we perceive to be truth will be subjective, depending on our personal experiences and awareness at any given time.

In the end, however, we all return back to the one and ultimate truth, through reconnection back to creator. This creator is not some fragmented Demi-God, but source consciousness itself, from which all existence, in its various expressions, stems. Either that or we continue to lose ourselves in the black hole of separation.

This unity consciousness is a truth, so paradoxically truth exists in both objective and subjective forms. Staying stuck in solipsism is the path to separation.

If it were me personally i’d avoid willingly opening up during full moons and a couple of days either side, because during these periods the dimensional veil is thinnest, which can act as a portal to invite unwanted energies that latch onto our blind spots for exploitation. Remaining in control, centred and conscious during any rituals or activities would certainly help to mitigate this and we may benefit from increased manifestation abilities and heightened intuition, but surrendering to the moon energy to me allows our energy to be siphoned to feed the false matrix which gains its power and sustenance from human energy, particularly unresolved traumas and projected emotional energies.

For this reason I caution against opening up too deeply through psychedelics unless sufficiently prepared, mentally strong and in control of what we allow to filter through us, which cant always be easy to detect when it works through our subconscious, and so for this reason we may sometimes feel out of sorts and imbalanced if our field has been hijacked. The moon is a tempting energy because of its connection to the female menstrual cycle but I have reason to believe it is a harvesting body that has bonded females to it in this way to steal their vital feminine essence.

It depends on whether we are coming from an integrated place when we seek external guidance or we can open ourselves to hyper-dimensional interference. Many people do this as a form of self avoidance and are lulled into false light agreements that actually feed the occult forces by promoting inverted ideals masquerading as spiritual values, but are coming from a place of externalisation which promotes hive mind singularities in a reverse direction to the evolution of consciousness.

I’m not opposed to balancing chakras as part of the integration process, or using our discernment to tune into inspirational guidance, but there is a dark polarity to be aware of too that feeds into our complexes to feed itself more power.

The New Age was set up for this exact purpose and has led to spiritual bypassing through avoidance of integration of the shadow, which entails facing up to the reality of the darkness outside and within us. Many people prefer to forfeit this process through asceticism but ascent can only come through the descent first.

We are all on our unique journey, however, and will learn things in different ways. Ultimately our inner guidance is the greatest compass, but we should never cease to question everything on the path to expansion, for evil can adopt cunning disguises and traverse the multidimensional spectrum.

It’s worth nothing not to fall into paranoia and denial of external benevolence as well, because this can be another trap. We learn best through experience. There is nothing inherently wrong with the chakras, or kundalini, per se. Learning about the chakras and how they operate and influence our physical reality is very useful, and help us to identify what areas we ned to work on to attain greater equilibrium. There are genuine accounts of kundalini activations/awakenings that have opened up new doors/channels of awareness that are very beneficial, but this must come as a consequence of dedicated self-work, rather than willingly inviting in external entities from an unintegrated place.

We don’t want to invest in fighting a battle that siphons our emotional energy and thus feeds the beast with more loosh. All division and conflict contributes to this, though the path to higher consciousness will involve an inevitable period of disillusionment and righteous anger that needs an outlet for its release, and I try to be there as a wayshower for those that aren’t able to manage their emotional responses when discovering the truth of the control system, which can have an overwhelming impact on the psyche.

Emotional neutrality, like you say, is key and the gateway to transcending beyond dualism, but that will entail working through our emotions first, however undesirable, otherwise we are lulled into false light ideologies like the New Age that promote denial of the shadow, passivity, solipsism and ultimately spiritual bypassing.

It’s a delicate balance between action and surrender, knowing when its appropriate to share knowledge and awareness and recognising when to go back within, recuperate, recenter and attend to the shadow so that the external environment doesn’t become a product of more projections and unresolved baggage.

It’s true that the collective timeline being perpetuated by the powers that be is a powerful one, to the extent that it has so many people engaged with it. That seems like a difficult reality to overcome, especially when we are all reliant on the system to some degree.

And yes, it’s hard to completely avoid crossing paths with people on different timelines on a day to day basis, nor should we try to resist our current experience.

It’s not so much about creating a reality in the sense that everything being experienced is a reflection of within (solipsism). That denies an objectivity to existence and the acknowledgement that this is a collective co-creation. But we can ‘attract’ a more favourable environment, situations and people to us that reflect the vibration we are embodying.

Many of us have a high awareness but we are not integrating it (embodiment) so we are more affected by the external (collective timeline). That’s okay though, because we are on a journey and it’s not about running away from/escaping the collective, but allowing things to adjust naturally as we become more integrated.

If we choose to engage in social media and to be exposed to collective events, that is our choice, but it’s the degree that we allow it to emotionally affect and trigger us that is important. Otherwise social media becomes a breeding ground for unresolved traumas/projections that feed into the collective timeline, even if we think we are being well intentioned.

We can’t predict exactly what the collective fate will be, but at the least we can take charge of our personal corner corner of reality, knowing that by doing so we are being of the best service to the collective, as well as offering guidance and insight based on our experiences, and learning from others. This potential of even one individual should not be underestimated. After all, there have been those that have walked amongst us who have had a profound impact on many people, to the extent that entire religions have been birthed based on their teachings, irrespective of whether these have been distorted over time.

The difference this time, is that there may just be a higher number of us to reach a collective tipping point. By that I mean a critical mass, maybe around 20% or so – a number where the momentum will start to snowball from there and potentially birth new collective timelines. Should this not penetrate the collective consciousness sufficiently, we can work to create micro-communities, built on resonance, where people self-organise according to their learning requirements and level of soul embodiment. How this unfolds remains to be seen, but based on the laws of energy and resonance, this potential cannot be denied either.

Either way, there is cause for hope and we must remain optimistic. The power of evil is very strong, but it is still no match to the source from whence it came. We are on a journey back there, and as this progresses, so too will our ability to create a more favourable reality. In the mean time, we can learn through the descent into physical matter. This is how we learn valuable lessons that equip our soul with the wisdom it needs to recognise its power. Had it all been a Garden of Eden to begin with, perhaps we would never have activated this potential, nor appreciated the journey to get there.

I don’t think it’s a case of either or. There are different interpretations of what a ‘timeline split’ entails, but for the sake of semantics, this was the best way to describe the preliminary process. It isn’t in any way related to escapism, passivism or inaction. In fact, it involves the continuation of the very things you mentioned above: grounding. embodiment, raising frequency and awareness etc, which simultaneously serves to uplift and heal the collective shadow too.

The collective shadow cannot be fixed until the individual shadow is attended to first. When we work in reverse, we are still serving the external, despite our best of intentions. Without the relevant self-work, we stay consumed in the matrix reality and drive ourselves and the planet to entropy.

Just because, we ‘split’ our reality off from the lower density, does not imply that the collective is left abandoned without hope and is destined for dystopia. Once we have established a strong energy space, starting from the self as the anchor and expanding outwards in influence, this energetic force becomes magnetic and its pull attracts those next in the collective, who are making the transition away from the artificial reality.

But there has to be a willingness from each individual, through their own free will. People will eventually have to make a choice, and this will determine their outcome. That is just the way reality works. However, by creating a field of higher consciousness around us, we are by default still influencing the collective in the best way that we can. The future still remains open to all possibilities, because it will be determined by what choices we all decide to make as individuals, which will then determine the collective outcome. So, paradoxically, influencing the self is influencing the collective too.

This is the only way round to do things. It has no relationship to the fallacies of New Age ‘ascension’ or traditional religious beliefs like the Christian ‘rapture’ or judgement, or any externalisation at all for that matter. It has to be an internal process, which empowers ourselves first, enabling that influence to become inevitably contagious.

I think the prospect of a timeline split remains to be seen. There is something to be said for people of incompatible world views splitting off down different trajectories, though the quantum component of that may not be as simple as splitting in to two camps – those who get it and those who don’t.

Other factors would need to be accounted for such as whether someone has done sufficient self-work and is embodying a vibration that would permit sufficient reality creation on an individual level to split off from the fate of collective consciousness. Inevitably individuals would traverse a wide spectrum of consciousness, meaning they may not all band together in definitive hot spots, but more so organically reorganise according to their current state and soul lessons they still need to learn.

The alternative would be the continued exposing of the enslavement agenda until it hits critical mass, at which point public servants and professionals would need to start getting involved and using their influence to start getting this information out on public channels, in which case there would likely be mass protests and demands for arrests. But would that eliminate the evil entirely, if we haven’t collectively evolved to a state that doesn’t allow something else to take it’s place? So there is the hyperdimensional and occult/spiritual perspective to consider as well.

The best approach I can see is finding the balance between raising external awareness and doing the inner work as well. That should constitute the best outcome for ourselves, but without leaving others behind.

I’ve thought about this as well. Whilst what you say is true, and a self-organising system may mean that only those who resonate with you end up seeing your posts and reinforcing them etc, I still feel like this can achieve the purpose of spreading the message wider as well.

Eventually as your network begins to consolidate itself, or reaches some kind of saturation point, then it has no other option than to expand, and those who may not have aligned with you originally, or your friends on the same wavelength, will soon be attracted back to you by virtue of attraction, due to the higher energetic resonance that comes in the force of the numbers and the net units of consciousness that comprise the self-organised system.

A good way to look at it is that we have to start with ourselves first, speaking and following our own truth. With this integrity, a first outer shell is formed of close and trusted connections. This then expands more and more outwards, and the force of energy decreases with each ‘layer’ but increases overall. So long as these building blocks are held together and function according to their interconnected beliefs, then we will continue to attract others.

But for now, and i’m sure you agree, the best way forward is to allow this tribe to formulate, whilst protecting against conscious or subconscious invaders that serve to, knowingly or otherwise, penetrate and infiltrate our field. Whether this be a result of cognitive dissonance, wilful ignorance, or deliberate sabotage, the outcome is often the same, and we must ensure that we don’t ‘let the vampire in’, so to speak.

That’s not to say that we are holding our beliefs in a higher regard than others, but that we are staying true to ourselves and following our own path and intuition. If people don’t resonate then that’s fine, they have the choice to leave. If each of us did this, then we would all end up connecting anyway.

It’s those handling the technology that are the main concern, but we are not evolved and aware enough as a collective consciousness to take responsibility for utilising the blockchain in the right way. To me the words ‘block’ and ‘chain’ symbolically carry negative connotations and I don’t believe this to be by coincidence.

The technological trajectory, whether or not it is trying to cater to global issues, will increasingly divorce humans from their organic power through consciousness to create reality without requiring technology as a substitution. Astrological shifts into new ages still operate within algorithms built upon a fragmented consciousness, of which we are currently headed down an entropic timeline that siphons energy and commodifies nature, whether or not this is overseen by the global elite who simply aim to create a hive mind singularity from it.

When we externalise our power through technology we disconnect from our own internal connection to source energy which enables solutions to problems to arise organically through resonance and not through reliance on servers and technologies that mimic nature and convince us we are evolving, when in reality this is a devolution into a virtual sub-reality. We are building our own prison.

The technological financial freedom movement, in all its expressions, is a psy-op architected by our own unresolved collective unconscious which feeds systems of control more influence to take advantage of any movement which aligns with their philosophies. They abhor true spiritual connection because they have less control to mechanically govern peoples expression of free will and so they will happily see us try and build alternate systems that work within the technological prison they created.

I’m not endorsing going back to old ways either but finding innovative ways of trading ideas, goods and services with intrinsic value and not at the auspices of technological servers which tend to fall into the wrong hands and could be subject to server outages, grid failures, or hacking, all of which could be orchestrated by the colluding governments and global elite themselves.

The global elite have had access to these technologies for millennia, but have purposefully rolled them out gradually during this cycle of humanity to accustom and desensitise people to it, and arguably cryptos are the gateway to a centralised digital currency, regardless of whether it is currently peer-to-peer and decentralized.  We have to keep our eye on the bigger picture and the transition to AI and transhumanism. Onice humanity is accustomed to the blockchain, it will be easier to get us to accept the institutionalised version. It’s a king of predictive programming.

I know a lot of people have good intentions and are aware of the fractional reserve scam, but with a pending economic collapse, by design, it makes sense to have orchestrated the replacement long before the general population started to come up with alternatives.

Electronic currencies are anti-nature and they consume energy and promote another system built on greed. Trying to one up the bankers whilst promoting our own materialistic gain (which some are) is a slippery slope. Maybe we can intervene along the way and make it viable. Time will tell, but it smells like a grand psy-op for me, for which they’d have to grant us a certain level of freedom to capture our attention, and what better way than to appeal to the anti-establishment community.

Invest in physical resources or, at the least, know when to get out of crypto when it becomes tied to digital ids. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and it can’t be eaten. A simple policy change and its value could plunder overnight, especially considering it’s worth is based on what people ascribe to it, in relation to fiat currency. At the moment it is not a general form of tender and when it becomes this I suspect it won’t be as decentralised and peer-to-peer, likely replaced by a centralised central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The establishment have other plans in store and we need to focus on priorities first. Regardless, by feeding electronic currency we are giving it permission to become the next global currency, which will be controlled and operated by those who run the servers and make the laws. There is not a sufficient resistance against the global cartel yet to use their technology against them.

Though we may well profit from this, I wouldn’t want to sell a part of myself to do so, because that has no value to me, unless of course it’s a matter of survival and the new system is already fully implemented with no way to manoeuvre around it. I don’t subscribe to that outcome though.

It all just feels very misaligned with nature to me and playing right in the hands of the AI beast system.

The people who wrote, or manipulated, the religious texts are likely part of the same bloodlines orchestrating the microchipping, This isn’t the fulfillment of prophecy, but predictive programming. This is why all three main Abrahamic texts all share the same doomsday stories, just slight variations. The whole idea is to instil fear into the masses, so they fulfil the prophesies by themselves. Religion is being used as a control mechanism and we have to be aware of this. That’s not to say there is no truth in the texts, nor to deny the existence of various prophets and influential figures of the past. We can’t even fathom the amount of manipulation that has happened throughout history, and so instead of reciting religious versus, trust your own instinct. Find knowledge and truth everywhere and in everything, not just one source. Piece together your own conclusions based on your own personal experiences and through broad critical research, utilising discernment and intuition. These are far less likely to lead you astray.

Interesting theory, I would say our bodies are very receptive to our consciousness and therefore our biological state is malleable, because it is an expression of the underlying energetics. This is much how epigenetics work. Bruce Liptons ‘Biology of Belief’ is a good introduction of this. However, this consciousness may be harder to activate due to deeper genetic suppression, much like we are already divorced from our higher intelligence due to our restricted genetic code, as expressed through the two strands of dna that can’t readily perceive outside the visible light portion of the spectrum.
However, this dna can be unlocked and reactivated with conscious will and commitment to aligning with truth, which must involve an open heart as a result of dedicated trauma work to clear the blockages obstructing the channel. I believe this opportunity is available to all of us regardless of V status, though the neurotoxins from the bioweapon will be working to suppress this and keep people in a state of unconsciousness so they are more programmable by the artifical frequencies. This is what I believe the graphene works to do, and so I don’t think it will amplify positive vibrations but more so interface with AI.
It may be suffering itself that triggers those who are still in ignorance into greater awareness, much like it was for many of us, and so the darkness can serve to exemplify the light. Ideally we want to be minimising suffering by shifting the collective consciousness to a point of critical mass where the scales will start to tip back in the organic evolutionary direction back in alignment with source, and not a continuation of the inverted, exploitative energy feeding program.
This is what we are tasked to help achieve as the torch bearers. As there is a sufficient shift in the collective consciousness, more light will stream into the planet and help to transmute the darker frequencies.

Yes, we only need to look at the weather conditions now to know it is moving in that direction, but more light is always met with more darkness until it is integrated through becoming conscious of it. So even declining weather conditions will serve this purpose, and then as we shift the collective consciousness the earth will respond to that.

The war on consciousness is not over but if we can find our centre in the storm we will be navigated to where we need to be to manoeuvre the chaos. Many people have been splitting timelines in this way during covid., less impacted by the chaos but still aware of it around us. If we can anchor a strong enough light in our energy body then this will open up a new vibrational channel that will reflect our future and where we find ourselves, and who we attract in resonance to that. That is the best control we have. We don’t need to try and predict beyond that. We have to trust through the self belief strengthened through our own external confirmation, and then build upon that belief so that we are participating with external reality to a greater degree and forging quantum entanglements that act as a barrier against infiltrations.

There will be different versions of reality playing out simultaneously for a while yet until there is a greater collective agreement based on a unified will to change the wider landscape. There are different possibilities that could emerge from this, but regardless of the outcome we can continue to be at the helm of our ship to navigate the turbulent waters safely and into pockets of vibrational insulation.

At some point there should be sufficient enough collective disclosure at least to dismantle this version of the system, but unless there is transformation of the inner landscape, we will continue to see a reflection of the unintegrated collective unconscious taking different expressions and we could move from one control system into another, but perhaps a ‘better’ version due to a reasonable shift. Ideally, it would be enough to start building a new ecosystem where all of earths inhabitants could be free but we have a lot more conflict to resolve until that will materialise.

This is why the 3D is such a valuable learning experience. It is that point in our evolution where we have the sufficient activation of self-awareness to decide and drive our destiny.

The future hangs in the balance and will be determined by our choices, but the earth is evolving along its natural ascension course which we are interacting with as microcosms. There are forces on multiple dimensions working to correct the imbalances in the magnetic distortions and naturally there will be an injection of solar frequencies that can be harnessed to upgrade the lightbody, which is a very positive thing.

The ability to be able to embody these will be determined by the extent to which we have unclogged the internal channel so that our nervous systems can carry a greater electromagnetic charge. Otherwise, this can result in overstimulation and cause burnout and other biological imbalances. For as long as we embrace this process, and are conscious of it then we are already participating with these energies.

The controllers are trying to suppress this shift through geoengineering, which is disrupting the earths meridians, just like is happening for us on an individual level through genetic and social engineering, but this doesn’t mean they will succeed, just like they can’t suppress the inevitability of an awakening. It’s a matter of when not if, and some cycles have to repeat, just like our soul goes through cycles for its evolution.

I am confident in the bigger picture. I believe we can avert a reset. The collective consciousness is at a pinnacle threshold and the keys are in our hands. Lets ensure we are participating through lifting the density in our vessel so that we can anchor more light onto the planet. That way, even in the event of a big collective disruption, we are still formulating our own quantum overlay built on soul resonance with one another, and we will always be guided to exactly where we need to be to match that vibrational state. We always have command over our reality.

I view the virus as a frequency that works through resonance. The engineers know how to manipulate energy from this level. This is programmed into the bioweapon as well. It responds to fear and interacts with artificial frequencies. The genetic engineering works to program our dna to be more responsive to AI. So all the components interlink.

I won’t go into the germ v terrain theory debate as it is too polarising. There is transmission occurring on the metaphysical level, as we have witnessed, and so it’s useful to work on that level. That way, whatever we are contending with, we can build our vibrational, etheric wall of defence to prevent these distortions from infecting our field.

Absolutely. We are seeing a wave of ‘born again Christians’ in response to resistance of the new age, and the false generalisation that all spirituality is therefore satanic. Straight from one program and into another. This is why its essential to always takes what resonates, apply and embody it, and move on, trusting our own internal guidance above all else, whilst working to sharpen our discernment so that we make more accurate judgemenths based in truth aligned with true organic creation. We are seeing the same in response to the intensifying radical left, swinging back and polarising to the right wing, which has its own control structure based on the distorted masculine principle, arguably even part of an opposing faction.

It’s more a representation of the choice about which future to align with. One governed from the outside or one governed internally. The expression of these choices will manifest in a multitude of ways depending on the individual and so there are many shades of grey, but we can consciously choose to move in the direction back in alignment with our true nature, along a service-to-others trajectory in alignment with divine will, rather than continuing to operate unconsciously, or through wilful ignorance, and therefore aligning with malevolent agenda(s). These are two primary pathways to evolution or devolution, and we all lie somewhere along the spectrum. Once the balance is tipped sufficiently in the STO direction, then we are moving back along the correct evolutionary trajectory and we can progressively build upon this. It’s not either or straight away.

Leylines are like the Earth’s meridian channels and the energy should be directed towards ascension. Major megalithic structures that are now revered as architectural marvels, were once used as portals to helps souls transit through the multidimensional levels. Think Stonehenge, England and the Pyramids of Giza. These have been hijacked and used to run inversions using AI to funnel lifeforce out of the planetary grid through designated access points on the leylines which have a powerful charge. These feed into dark networks that feed the beast machinery and provide sustenance to the shadow creates who require human lifeforce for their survival.

Recalibrating the leylines means to restore the energetic integrity through reversing the energetic current. Some of us may feel drawn to certain places to anchor our electromagnetic energy to assist with this, or we can contribute through realigning internally through holistic integration with the body. This reconnects us with earth and nature to help conserve energy and to embody more energy from source, rather than through energetic vampirism.

If you imagine we are all node points in a grid and we are each embodying a certain amount of light/electromagnetic energy through the nervous system.

What we are anchoring into the collective field will influence what and who we attract in our vicinity, but also across the quantum field through resonance.

Conceptualising this involves looking beyond the space/time continuum and into the metaphysical/sub-atomic realm where we are all interconnected in fractal webs of energy that influence one another.

If we have connected consciously to someone who is in alignment to us, irresepctive of distance, we will establish a psychic connection with them. This will remain providing we stay in alignment, in which case contact will happen organically and without force/resistance.

It’s like those connections that flow effortlessly without any expectations or attachments. Thats because they are built on resonance and acceptance, so there is no power imbalance.

We can aim to establish more of these connections with our ‘tribe’/network, which will create entanglements that will amplify the collective consciousness, and help to override the technological interferences that are trying to generate a hive mind through mental enslavement.

Both these realities are occurring simultaneously at the moment but will become increasingly incongruent as both polarities intensify, which will inevitably lead to a schism in the population. This may appear chaotic as the reorganisation process occurs, but should hopefully settle so that we can start birthing the new conditions that allow for free expression of free will.

The timing of this is down to us, but we can catalyse this process on an individual level by working to elevate our vibratory state through good health, a positive mindset (through shadow integration) and other positive lifestyle changes that equip us to best navigate through these upcoming turbulent times, so that we can hold our centre and start establishing the new timelines.