Rearranging Our Quantum Field

Every being is equal in the eyes of God, because we are all expressions of the one source, just at different phases in the evolutionary journey. Therefore we are all where we need to be now for our highest growth. As we come to greater consciousness our perceptual field of reality expands to encompass more truth. Then we have the choice of whether we allow this to widen our compassionate embrace, or use that awareness to exploit others for self gain. These are the two pathways of evolution.

Embodying more love is the ability to accept others exactly as they are on their journey. This doesn’t mean we tolerate any violation of personal boundaries, but these become less necessary as we learn to hold neutrality. Only what is in true resonance can sustainably interact with our field. The rest naturally slips away, and without the necessity for conflict. It’s like a gentle parting of ways. Energy doesn’t lie.

It is our judgements and projections that continue to attract the very drama we think we are trying to escape from. This is because we feel we need to try and ‘fix’ the external reality so it conforms to the way we perceive reality in this moment.

This is an impossible task because there are such diverse souls incarnating in the human experience with their own unique lessons. Whilst these timelines do overlap and intersect, depending on a range of factors connected to the individuals, we are in control of our personal corner of reality and regulating our field so that it reflects our unique signature.

We may think we’ve evolved beyond something yet continue to attract it consistently in our lives. This is because a part of us is still in fear. We haven’t stepped fully into self trust yet, and that’s okay. Reality is showing us our blind spots so we can bring them to self-awareness and resolve them at their root, by identifying the origin of the trauma or ignorance that generated whatever that belief was that we felt needed to be projected in the world and asserted onto others.

We can’t force anyone to see anything they are not ready for. When the time is right, they will be triggered to deeper consciousness through their own experience. In this respect, there is a divine timing to all reality, and even darkness has its place in the ultimate learning experience for creator. This doesn’t imply that we reject the objective nature of darkness, but to acknowledge that our energy is better invested serving as a positive inspiration for others, so they can consciously choose to participate in our timeline, as we can with theirs.

This is what’s wonderful about the nature of reality. All possibilities can co-exist. We don’t need to fight for one unified way of living because on the relative level, especially in the current expression of 3D physical reality, this wouldn’t be feasible. Reality is receptive to consciousness, and therefore malleable. Knowing this, we can disengage from the hive mind and start to steer our own ship in a more life affirming evolutionary direction.

There is a future where all inhabitants can live in harmony, but this may not look like one unified global utopia. It may consist of numerous soul networks that share a reality and future time stream based on resonance. There would be no need for these communities/tribes to interact, unless they chose to. This is what freedom is about – letting others choose their own path, as long as we all agree to adhere to principles of Universal Law. Again, this would be a byproduct of each individual taking self responsibility to realign with their authentic essence. This allows for a wonderful unity from diversity.

Even now with all the chaos and division, we can stay focused in our lane, strengthening our quantum field to reflect deeper authenticity and allowing reality to express to reflect that. This way we can let go of the need to try and control outer circumstances, and let whatever needs to happen unfold as the compassionate witness, knowing we are always safe and held in the arms of God, even in the darkest times.

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