Respecting Evolutionary Differences

We are witnessing an unprecedented incongruence between perceptions of reality, and when these non-resonant fields overlap, tension can ensue. It’s like a rope being tugged in opposing directions, each side trying to force the other to their side of the fence. Force only creates resistance, and energy needs to be free to flow down its respective direction.


We live in a free will universe, and infringing on someone’s right to make their own choice, can create dissonance through emotional projections that fuel division. Practicing acceptance can be a difficult pill to swallow, but energy is more efficiently invested where there is conscious cooperation by both parties.

There is a certain order to reality, no matter how chaotic it appears on surface appearances, especially during this heightened time of transition where reality is self organising based on states of consciousness. Everyone is experiencing what is necessary for their highest growth, even if that entails some challenges along the way. 

Suffering is inevitable in a dualistic world, and it’s the descent into the shadow itself that brings balance. Souls are forged through the alchemical fires of purification, initiating through the dark night of the soul. This is what triggers the personal inquiry necessary to expand consciousness and develop self-awareness. This process of soul refinement occurs along an evolutionary course that extends beyond this incarnation.

You may feel like one of the older souls who have been sculpted through the struggle. Once the soul is sufficiently ripened through integrating its life lessons, it is able to reintegrate with and upgrade the physical body. The nervous system is primed to carry a greater electromagnetic potential, harnessing higher frequencies. This permits reality to become more receptive to consciousness, speeding up manifestation capabilities.

Others haven’t reconnected back to this higher identity yet, and so still have learning requirements in the lower dimensions, exploring security and stability above spiritual growth. These lower chakra experiences are what open the gateway to higher consciousness, usually when triggered through  disillusioning life experience.

This happens according to specific timing and is not our will, but divine will. All creation is embraced, no matter its place on the evolutionary spectrum. We are witnessing successive waves of individuals come back to consciousness as humanity cycles through the collective dark night, during this chaotic, but necessary, reorganisation process. We can send positive thoughts and loving frequencies to those we care for, but they must be free to walk their own path and learn through their own choices.

There may be those that seek our counsel of their own volition, and this contribution should not be underestimated. There are people that will benefit greatly from our experience, as we too continue to attract valuable mentorship for the fulfiment of the next phase in our process. By focusing on being the best version of ourselves, we serve as living example to naturally inspire others and gravitate to those who can assist and inspire us too.

We are all part of one greater interconnected spiritual family. As long as we carry love and compassion in spite of our differences, then this will create a ripple through the multiverse, bridging the human race through this common thread that connects us all. The earth school of 3D existence can be tough. There are so many vibrational fields interacting on the holographic earth at this time to learn and evolve.

By surrendering to this moment, we grant permission for reality to conspire to match our vibrational state, and we will move in an empowering direction, riding the waves of change into the unknown, trusting in the guidance of our internal compass to navigate the stormy waters, whilst holding our inner centre connected to God.

This will facilitate a more gentle parting of ways from those that no longer meet us in resonance, and we can wish them the best on their journey, without leaving footprints of regret behind. By holding acceptance for others to be who they are at this time, we help purify the energetic waters and create a more harmonious condition for all.

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