Respecting The Evolutionary Process

I want to provide some reassurance during this difficult time on what we can do to ensure that we move in alignment with our correct evolutionary path, but without fracturing the loving bond between those close to us who have opted to continue to submit to external authority, despite the increasingly tyrannical policies that we know may be causing harm.
Whilst a reality schism looks inevitable the way things are going, there are ways to settle down our preferred trajectory without the necessity for animosity. Ultimately, it will come down to a mutual respect for one another’s choices, even if they are completely contradictory. If there is no respect, then there must be firm boundaries to protect our energy and those who wish to enforce harmful actions on another must be held to account.
We are witnessing an unprecedented incongruence between perceptions of reality, and when these non-resonant fields overlap, tension can ensue. It’s like the tug of a rope in opposing directions, both trying to force the other to their side of the fence, but force only creates resistance, and energy needs to be free to flow down its respective direction.
We have to know when to let something be, and try to embody acceptance, even if that’s a difficult pill to swallow. We live in a free will universe, and infringing on someone’s right to make their own choice, even if we strongly believe we are protecting them, can cause a dissonance that can disrupt a relationship and lead to emotional spillage that fuels division and creates a feeding frenzy. Energy is far better invested where it may create change.
There is a certain order to reality no matter how chaotic it appears in this physical experience, especially during this heightened time of transition where reality is organising itself depending on states of consciousness. This is the reality creation principle on a subatomic level. The majority may well opt to form a hive mind that trades individual autonomy for group governance, whilst others naturally organise according to what best meets their soul’s learning requirements.
Everyone is experiencing what is necessary for their highest growth, even if that entails some challenges along the way. Suffering is unavoidable in a dualistic world, and it’s through the descent into the shadow that we reintegrate to a state of greater balance, equipped with the experience and wisdom that helps to activate more transcendent potential.
Some have already undergone multiple dark nights of the soul, forged through the alchemical fires of purification, transmuting lead into gold. Without that experience they may never have been led to personal inquiry and introspection to activate more self-awareness. The process of soul refinement occurs along an evolutionary course that extends beyond this incarnation.
When the soul is sufficiently equipped through integrating life lessons, it is able to embody through the physical vessel to upgrade the lightbody so that it becomes lighter. The nervous system is able to carry a greater electromagnetic potential to harness higher frequencies so that reality becomes more receptive to consciousness and starts to flow more effortlessly without the weight of a heavier density.
You may feel like you are one of these older souls who have been moulded through the struggle and are ready to face fear and confront the inevitably of physical death, knowing it is the gateway to the next chapter. Others don’t necessarily feel this same connection to their higher aspect and have work still to do in the lower dimensions, seeking security and stability above spiritual growth. But these lower chakra experiences can open the gateway to higher consciousness should this be triggered through life experience.
We must afford others this right, with the trust that the divine loves and embraces us all no matter where we are in our journey. We can send positive thoughts into the quantum field, projecting loving frequencies to support those we care for on their journey, but they will need to walk their own path.
When the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and we are seeing the next wave of individuals awaken to a greater potential amidst this dark time in humanity. This is the integration of the dark polarity through the collective dark night of the soul.
We can be there to reach a helping hand to those who seek support and guidance, and this contribution should not be underestimated. There are more people that could benefit from your experience more than you realise. We are all part of a greater soul family beyond our ancestral line and biological relations. We have certain soul contracts to fulfil with our family and friends, and not all of these may end in the way we envisaged, but that’s because it wasn’t supposed to.
As long as we carry love and compassion in spite of our differences, then this will create a ripple through the multiverse, bridging the human race through this common thread that connects all. 3D existence can be tough. There are so many vibrational fields interacting on the holographic earth at this time to learn and evolve.
It’s best we focus on being the best version of ourselves so that we naturally inspire others and gravitate to those who can assist and inspire us too. This organic synergy is how new timelines are birthed and we don’t need to know exactly how that’s going to unfold.
Life only exists in the present moment and will respond to the state we are carrying at this time. By surrendering to this moment, we grant permission for reality to conspire to match our vibrational state, and we will move in an empowering direction. This may not be how we envisaged, but the mystery is the joy of life.
This also allows a more gentle parting of ways from those that no longer meet us on the same level, and we can wish them the best on their journey, without leaving muddy tracks behind. All unresolved interpersonal conflict continues to exist in the ether and by holding acceptance for someone to be who they are at this time, we help purify the energetic waters and create a more harmonious condition for all.
From our vantage point we may only see pain and suffering for those we feel have made the wrong choice, but they still made that choice nonetheless. Though it might feel plausible to accept that they are destined for self-destruction, the human spirit is more resilient than we may think, and these sinister experiments from the low density parasites to modify the human genome may not pan out as they intend.
Consciousness is the master above all, and there is always hope for anyone who can reclaim the fractured parts of themselves. It may be a more difficult task, but nothing is impossible.
Assuming inevitable death for those who have succumbed to these gene interventions will only intensify the landscape of fear, aiding that negative reality through collective co-creation. Send your thoughts and prayers to those who still dwell in the darkness and fear, allowing ignorance to drive them into forfeiting their spiritual sovereignty.
Fear can cripple common sense and disable intuitive intelligence. It can lead to negative projections onto others and affiliation with oppressive forces who exploit these traumas and blind spots for their own self gain. Fear is the antithesis of love, but the love is still there buried beneath the conditioned layers of engineered personas that will eventually need to be stripped away to reveal the authentic self beneath.

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