Restoring The Angelic DNA Template

Our DNA has severely digressed through successive genetic engineering and interbreeding, but we are all still encoded with the original 12 stranded divine template which keeps us connected to multiple stations of identity within the multidimensional field. We can reactivate this dormant DNA through a dedicated personal effort to healing and serving divine will, which will facilitate expanded consciousness to encompass wider aspects of reality.

Fallen Consciousness

The spectrum of christ to anti christ consciousness exists within us all, and is being expressed depending on where we are on our evolutionary ladder of learning. Even the most fragmented fallen aspects of creation were once angelic beings connected to the Godhead, until an aspect of itself split off and tried to mimic the creation code for self-gain.

This rejection of prime creation cuts off access to the self-sustaining light emanating from the Godhead. This successively dims and fragments the soul, which interfaces with spirit. Without spiritual connection there is no sense of consequence under Divine Law and the modus operandi becomes self-preservation through siphoning living systems, which without these lifeforms cannot sustain themselves.

This mutates into the quest for ‘immortality’, because a part of this fragmented aspect of creation is encoded with the knowledge of its eventual self-annihilation. Reality has an inbuilt failsafe mechanism where creation cannot fully collapse in on itself. Eventually all parasitic systems are recycled back into the void when the finite energy is exhausted. This is the inverse path of reintegration through organic ascension.

The Fallen Angelics gained access to the creation code and used it to invert the principles of reality using black magic. This was kept occulted within secret societies and reserved only for special initiates who aligned with the agenda for consciousness enslavement. This has meant that multiple dimensions have been corrupted, along with their corresponding stargates on earth.

The 2D - 4D Split

Much of this manipulation has been concentrated within the corrupted astral plane, which has been implanted with inorganic architecture and interfaces with Saturn and the moon base to create reversal currents which harvest loosh through ongoing trauma and sexual misery inflicted in the pain body of the sacral chakra. This generates personal and collective shadow bodies that attract entity bindings and run black cords through wormholes and into these distorted dark matter phantom realms.

This creates a 2D-4D split, which results in soul fragmentation and shuts off connection to the heart centre. This means most humans have struggled to graduate beyond the first density of the 3D personality matrix, ruled by compensatory ego sub personalities that serve the personal will predicated on service-to-self tendencies. In this respect, we are all, at least unconsciously, fuelling the inverted reality matrix through unresolved shadow conflicts.

The choice is ours to reclaim spiritual sovereignty by recognising where we are still functioning from a place of fragmentation. This means reconciling internal conflicts that keep us divided and hooked in the victim-victimiser web. There can be no individuation until we disengage from the power struggle and reclaim our inner connection to God source.

When possessed by negative ego, imposter thought forms can be conflated as part of our authentic identity. We must invite deeper self awareness to discern where our mental and emotional states are not our own and are driving self destructive tendencies that result in energy loss or vampirism, which keeps us karmically entangled within separation consciousness fields.

Without identifying the origins of trauma through conscious memory recall, we will be unaware of how we are being governed by unresolved unconscious conflicts and remain confined to a state of suffering, which arises from fear. When we have been abused, rejected or abandoned, we lose trust in source and resort to trying to control our reality in hope of finding relief. In actuality, we only diverge further from God, falling deeper into the web of pain and confusion. This is how the hostile forces embed into our field and how we ourselves exhibit this state of fractured consciousness and become bitter and resentful towards a reality we no longer believe serves us.

Satanic and Luciferian Consciousness

Behind all evil is deep torment. Splintered shadow fragments are what eventually generate into autonomous, parasitic thought forms looking for a host. This is behind most the satanic consciousness governing this physical reality from the unseen realms. Those running the visible systems of control act as the conduits to interface with these demonic forces, who are summoned through satanic rituals in exchange for worldly wealth and power. This can often result in complete possession and is a violation of Cosmic Law which forfeits the soul and stunts evolutionary growth.

We can all embody aspects of this satanic consciousness for as long as we are not in control over our impulses and allow the lower mind to run amok through self sabotage and energy exploitation/vampirism. Becoming awake and aware can help to reclaim some of this outsourced energy back into unification to seal the lightbody and evict imposters from our field. However, for as long as we continue to prioritise self interest over honouring a higher will in alignment with divine will, our good intentions can easily be subverted. The ego is a master trickster and can seek to co-opt spiritual knowledge for self gain under the guise of humanitarian pursuits.

This constitutes an aspect of the Luciferian gestalt of consciousness that remains divorced from true heart based awareness in service of the Law of One for the betterment of all creation. Intellectual exploits using creation laws for self gratification represent a false light movement divorced from God and so transcendence beyond the 3D matrix requires polarity synthesis of the dark and false light into neutrality to access the unifying field which is the gateway back to the soul.

We are witnessing a shift in the collective consciousness from the dark satanic to the false light Luciferian archetypal expression. This is an unavoidable phase in the collective evolution, and is progressive only in as far as it promotes disclosure of the deeper distortions of satanic consciousness that has been governing reality, both within and on the outside. This presents the opportunity to clear the shadow residue that has been perpetuating suffering and which has resulted in consciousness enslavement.

Clearing Dark Distortions

Clearing these energy blocks relieves tension in the lower energy centres that drives addictive tendencies and drains energy. This energy can then be circulated within the body and redirected to revitalise the physical body and establish greater emotional and mental well-being that grants the individual more free will to take charge over the direction of their destiny, as opposed to being governed from the outside.

Until a tipping point is reached in the collective consciousness, the inverted reality matrix will continue to siphon enough energy to keep the inorganic architecture functioning and the planetary body locked within a closed source system that could lead to magnetic pole shift, as witnessed in previous cycles such as the Atlantean cataclysm.

This is why it is necessary for a sufficient reclamation of consciousness to trigger humanities ancient memory that is currently suppressed within the collective unconscious. This would put an end to the repetition of armageddon software used across successive cycles through enforced amnesia. We are like the cells of the planetary body, and collectively we can determine the fate of the planet.

As the war for future timelines continues to play out, each individual is responsible for establishing the direction of their evolution during this choice point in the cycle. A window of opportunity has opened to realign with the organic DNA template as part of the 2012 wave of ascension. This involves working to embody our unique soul frequency by repairing the 2D-4D split, which gives the individual access to the higher soul energies.

When we are still suffering sacral distortion, it is more difficult to sustain heart based awareness. We may be dealing with emotional conflicts linked to guilt and shame programs, that may likely have been inherited along the ancestral line. We are tasked to heal these genetic imprints to break ongoing karmic entanglements which would allow for soul individuation. This involves practicing forgiveness for the self and others, by understanding the deeper meaning behind our experiences and what can be learned in light of the wider evolution.

Accessing Heart Intelligence

If we are unable to progress beyond these lower emotional states, we continue to be ruled by judgement, looking to scapegoat our issues onto other people or circumstances, without taking charge over our own healing process. Self responsibility doesn’t condone bad actions or mean we haven’t been a victim to our circumstances, but offers us a way to move beyond suffering through polarity integration so we can reclaim control over our reality. Whatever we are unable to integrate will continue to manifest as our external experience.

As the soul is reintegrated and housed back within the body, this opens a portal to heart intelligence, opening access to the higher sensory body to experience higher emotional states and heightened sensory faculties. From this wider perceptual field, we are able to neutrally witness external events without judgement. We can recognise which different aspects of consciousness give rise to certain outcomes, having reconciled those same conflicts internally, and so we don’t seek to cast blame or engage in conflict to try and control the outer circumstances. This feeds the parasitic system which exploits all conflict, no matter how well intentioned.

Reconnecting with our higher identities naturally invites a more expansive connection to reality and widens our field of compassion. We move beyond personal preoccupations and fears to understand the value of heart based service in devotion to divine will. This dissolution of separation consciousness connects us to the unifying field, where all life is treated with reverence and all suffering can be felt as if it were our own.

To hold this state, one must be able to relinquish all lower ego desires. When we are still holding fear in the lower centres, we cannot surrender into full self trust and self love, from which we can then extend this unconditionally to others. With this comes the necessity for spiritual discernment to observe the dark and light polarities without judgement. Being stuck in the positive polarity means we may not be fully equipped to detect potential infiltration masquerading as astral glamour.

The Law of One

These DNA upgrades are available to us all if we choose to conquer the mind programming that has kept us disconnected from the truth that we are spiritual beings under the authority of the Law of One, where no one has the right to dominion over another without reaping the karmic consequences. This is not a form of external punishment, but a self-corrective mechanism to restore harmony and unity with source. We alone decide when to course correct and all of our life experiences are serving to bring us back into remembrance. This opportunity is amplified during this choice point at the end of this cycle as we experience the pronounced archetypal dualistic forces to bring them into synthesis.

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