Revelations of Truth

Much has been revealed over this past year that may come as quite a shock to those who had put their faith in external sources with the best of intentions. We are discovering how evil adopts many cunning disguises and can portray itself as benevolent beings and even saviour figures. These are present in the political realm, in the spiritual and wellness communities, and just about every industry, regardless of external appearances. 

The controllers have an advanced understanding of human psychology and know how to set up booby traps on the path to awakening, to deter individuals from their unique path and into belief systems that can hijack their psyche once more. Some of these belief systems are dressed up as revolutionary movements and saviour programs that can easily win our acceptance on external appearances, so when we abandon discernment and take things on face value, we risk being hoodwinked and wasting time and energy stuck in illusions, persuading others to participate in them with us. 

Popular figures are continuing to unveil their allegiances through partaking in the promotion of harmful inoculations and other harmful behaviours, either astonishingly oblivious to the reality of what’s going on, coerced/blackmailed, or most likely, controlled opposition. No one with deeper awareness and genuine intentions would encourage others to effectively poison themselves in this way.

The entire paradigm is infected from all angles and most of these deceptions were orchestrated by the same controlling hand that keeps humanity divided through polarisations, serving as a collective energy sucking machine that wants you to forfeit your personal power. 

Those who appear out the blue with no viable backstory are normally planted minions and if you tune in properly your spidey senses will tingle, and later your suspicions will be confirmed when they expose themselves as part of the ritual unveiling that on an occult level they believe negates their negative karma through winning our consent through free will. 

This highlights the importance of not blindly investing faith in others and jumping on a bandwagon without exercising appropriate due diligence first to establish trust. The biggest names in the spiritual community have proven to be wolfs in sheep’s clothing, and more will come out the woodwork as the polarisation intensifies and the false pretences dissolve. This is a positive thing, though many will feel betrayed, but ultimately the truth will set as free and all illusions must crumble.  

The self-development and spiritual communities have also become a breeding ground for narcissism masquerading as positive virtues. Much of the landscape has become plastic, much like the rest of society, full of snakes seeking to serve their own self gain and pushing their services as if they have mastered themselves and have the miracle cure to all our woes. Whenever someone tries to encourage you to follow their way as the one and only way, this is an immediate red flag. 

This is an attempt, perhaps unconsciously, to indoctrinate you into their cult. A true truth seeker doesn’t wish to be ‘followed’ but magnetises others as a reflection of his/her commitment to serving divine will. They don’t concern themselves with the opinions of others and have nothing to prove. They don’t need to virtue signal or gloat of their importance, nor make you feel inadequate about your own shortcomings. 

We are each on a unique spiritual journey and things will play out differently according to the soul lessons we each need to learn. Those who believe they have it all worked out and project an air of superiority, sometimes in subtle ways, are still a product of their own unresolved conflicts and insecurities which are being masked and compensated for through seeking validation. More likely, as we become more connected to our spiritual nature, we desire less attention and more space in solitude to nurture this connection, which transcends the desires of the ego.

All these revelations will add strength to our resolve, enabling us to establish genuine bonds with those of organic resonance. When they appear in our lives, we will feel a sense of inclusion and genuine compassion. Their virtues will be self-evident with no ulterior motives or snake oil tactics. It is these heart centred individuals who will be the way showers for establishing new timelines on Earth. 

Those who continue to cling onto the dying world will be met with greater turmoil in their lives as they are pulled deeper into the quagmire of insanity, exchanging pieces of their souls for more false promises of freedom and stability, leaving a gaping void of vacuousness. There is no escape from our choices and the call to return home will whisper or cry out to us all eventually. 

The path back to ourselves takes courage to wade through the murky waters of the shadow. It’s a continuous process of peeling away the layers of conditioning that have burdened our vibrational density. No one can walk this path for us. Anyone who wishes to interfere with this personal process without permission and respect for that persons unique disposition is out for themselves and thankfully their masks are falling off. 

Don’t be dismayed by some of these shocking revelations. They too will catalyse the awakening. The time of putting blind trust in external saviours is over. Religion has failed us. Spiritual communities have failed us. Politicians have failed us. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Only you can initiate yourself into a higher states of consciousness and lift the vibrational density to craft your destiny with less obstacles. The power of creation lives within us all.

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