Ritual Psy-ops

We are experiencing media propaganda at an unprecedented level as the controllers ramp up the momentum toward initiating the global population into a communist one world order where individuality and independent thought is substituted by a socially engineered group think programmed through external channels to think, feel and behave in a certain way. Any divergence from the dictated narrative will be met with social scorning and sanctions as an attempt to indoctrinate the free thinkers into swallowing the blue pill back into the hive mind. 

This is well underway through the rampant censorship orchestrated by the Silicon Valley giants and their tentacles that penetrate deep into the fabric of the establishment and society. The controllers have been able to use the general population as conduits through instilling destructive belief systems masquerading as collective unity, which when challenged, triggers a manufactured emotional response that justifies incessant virtue signalling.

The George Floyd psy-op was purposefully pushed into public consciousness at a time when the population was vulnerable due to the lockdowns. This ritual killing, whether real or otherwise, was used as the pretext to instil shame into the white population so that they accept responsibility for all the past atrocities inflicted upon persons of colour, whilst generating increased distrust toward law enforcement to push a divide between the police and the population at a time when they need to be unifying against the common oppressor perpetuating these divisions. 

This one event had an extraordinary impact on the societal landscape, initiating riots, looting and burning, hypocritically justified by the same establishment that has condemned and infiltrated peaceful lockdown protests, and who were ironically responsible for unjustly incarcerating the highest percentage of ethnic minorities, of which Kamala Harris and Barack Obama played a strong hand, demonstrating that evil has no identity and spares no prisoners. 

Since this false flag event, we continue to see the reverberations, such as sports teams bending the knee in an act of humiliating subservience. These programmed responses aim to keep humanity locked in low vibrational states such as guilt and shame, forfeiting the power to judge their morality against their own individual behaviours, and not as a reflection of attributes like the colour of their skin. 

By shifting the burden of responsibility onto an entire demographic in the fight against ‘systemic racial discrimination’, only more racism ensues and populations remain at war with one another, instead of discarding unnecessary demarcations and celebrating common humanity, whilst identifying the anti-human forces that incite and feed off separation because they have severed their own connection to source.

The latest psy-op surrounding the death of Sarah Everard is the UK’s version of George Flloyd, but this time concerning gender separation through waging war against masculinity, whilst continuing to push the police v population divide to stir civil unrest. In order to initiate the desired response, there has to be real emotional wounds to exploit that play upon traumas embedded in the individual and collective consciousness, so the cause appears justified. 

False flag events that receive prominent air time create a wave of intended emotional responses that can be manipulated to further the underlying agenda. All mainstream networks are bought and controlled by elite interests and so the information presented is according to their dictates and almost always has an ulterior motive beyond informing the public. When we recognise this, it is much easier to see the underlying manipulation and refrain from investing in the mind control program and maintain emotional equilibrium.

Ritual killings are performed and publicised on specific dates and times that correspond to numerological patterns. Sarah was Aged 33 (6) vanished on 3/3 (6) and last seen at 21.30 (6). These occult Masonic rituals, along with the outpouring of emotional energy, shift the collective vibrational landscape which allows the minds of those participating in the charade to be more susceptible to further programming. To further the cause, the commemorative vigil was infiltrated by agent provocateurs, in this case the police again, to exacerbate and conflate the two narratives of police brutality and toxic masculinity. 

Though police exploitation of power and abuse does exist, as does racism and suppression of women (to a degree), these issues are collectively being used as scapegoats to destroy freedom of speech under the guise of protecting against discrimination. This clever manipulation works in a way that paints those who challenge the agenda as being discriminatory, which is currently being equated with right wing extremism, even though many of the free thinkers affiliate with no political ideology, recognising how ideological wings and two party politics are the means to keep people divided and distracted. 

Whilst capitalism can be attributed to unhealthy masculinity, communism or left wing ideologies reflect the unhealthy and manipulated feminine principle. This is how it wins the favour of so many. You present the idea that the toxic patriarchy needs to be dismantled, giving way to more equality through restoration of women’s rights, and then you use this to leverage the ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ agenda, that are nothing but tag lines for globalism and The Great Reset. 

Identity politics has been the primary weapon to achieve mass compliance for the transition toward communism, which requires the destabilisation of capitalist strongholds. For this reason, countries like the US and UK have been prominent targets, and is why we see infection rates highest in these countries of interest. The entire existing system is now being portrayed as a suppressive patriarchy, dominated by men and unrepresentative of women’s rights. Whilst this is true from a certain vantage point, these patriarchal qualities can be exhibited by both genders and don’t define the entire male gender, equivalent to around 50% of the world’s population. 

By conflating the patriarchy with men in general, this instills the belief that masculinity is an inherent threat to women and justifies the homogenisation of the population to move toward transhumanism, through dissolution of binary gender. This entails the feminisation of men, so they are passive and weaker in the face of prevailing threats by the controlling hand, and masculines women, through instilling a necessity for retribution against male oppression which is being reintroduced as an existential threat, just like with systemic racism. 

This ‘woman’s empowerment’ movement has coopted feminism so that its adherents illicit the same patriarchal qualities they claim to be protesting against, rather than restoring the undervalued sacred feminine principle defined by qualities such as intuition, empathy, compassion, sensitivity and creativity, which as a collective we’ve been lacking in its organic from, and which would offer a genuine restoration of balance away from a rigid structure that has been skewed in favour of masculine qualities, and which can manifest at the extreme as genuine misogyny. Statements in the BBC like “The sisters united will never be defeated’ is intentionally provocative and gives rise to the belief that the aforementioned feminine qualities are somehow regressive and weak. 

The only way for true salvation is through the reconciliation of opposites, and that means transcending beyond arbitrary boundary lines by not feeding into the purposeful division tactics perpetuated through propaganda streams. This involves acknowledging the masculine and feminine qualities we all possess internally, but whilst also honouring respective biological gender differences, which provide their own unification. 

Whilst we shouldn’t completely disregard oppression against minorities, we can bring these to consciousness through the integration of our own shadow, so we can recognise where we project onto others to compensate for the lack of balance within ourselves, rather than allowing our emotions to be manipulated by external forces that prey on our own internal conflicts so that they are reflected en masse as collective polarisation that justifies more order from chaos to further subjugate humanity.

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