Secret Technologies

The gene therapies are just one part of the picture when it comes to the bigger agenda, albeit an important one. The overall aim is to hook human consciousness to artificial intelligence so that it no longer has self governing capacities and can be programmed with thought and emotion insertions to do the will of its handlers. This is the end game of a war on consciousness that has spanned across human history as we know it, and preceding the end of the last Ice Age.

Things have sped up exponentially in the last century due to the industrial and technological ‘revolutions’ but these technologies have been available long before we became privy to them. Should they have been made accessible prematurely they could have been utilised by the general public for other means outside the agendas narrative and they would have lost control, but mainly it is a gradual desensitisation process so that humanity remains unaware it is walking into its own trap and imprisoning its own mind. This can also be recognised as the totalitarian tiptoe.

Various unknown advanced technologies have been utilised as electromagnetic weaponry and for military experiments outside of public awareness. Nikola Tesla was one man ahead of his time who was able to understand both the positive and nefarious potentials of technology, but his inventions were suppressed, stolen and perverted to keep humanity enslaved in an electromagnetic prison and having to pay for their energy.

For this reason, the idea of nanobot technology is foreign to most people and many still choose to deny it as a far fetched conspiracy theory, even though scientists have shown demonstrations of how these technologies work in the human body, whilst proclaiming they are both progressive and inevitable, hailed as another breakthrough in science like many others that pose a grave threat to humanity due to inverted anti-life applications.

The splitting of the atom, cloning, and the interfacing of the human brain with AI are just a few of these, whilst our spiritual nature is denied and ridiculed. This way it has become easier to hijack human free will and inflict mind control through the unconscious to the point where those unaware of their true nature relish in their servitude and demonise anyone who attempts to break the spell and reveal their suppressed power.

There are other ways to contaminate the human vessel with nano particles which are so microscopic in nature they are not detectable to the human eye. I just watched a video of a Dr claiming the covid test swabs penetrate the barrier to the brain and contain nano bots on their surface, and so the vaccination process had already begun. Aerosols sprayed into the sky potentially contain this technology which we ingest when we breathe, not to mention heavy metals, which when accumulated, turn the body into a walking antenna, susceptible to frequency signals all around in the environment. The same applies to the contaminated water and food supplies, which is why it’s important to take charge of our health and periodically detox to clear the vessel.

This detox can occur on multiple levels, not just physical. Mental and emotional balance keep the immune system healthier to fight off foreign invaders and elevating our vibrational state through consistent spiritual/self work and shadow integration means these bio-incompatible frequencies are less effective at disrupting the nervous system. Staying mindful also helps to prevent subliminal infiltration through the backdoor of the unconscious. All around us through the media, entertainment, music and advertising we are being bombarded with mind control and predictive programming so that we collectively manifest our own demise.

The tactics employed against us are always multifaceted and are stemming from multiple dimensions. The masks, for example, besides increasing the potential for bacterial pneumonia and carbon dioxide poisoning, also serve as a symbol of silence, suppression and dehumanisation, and this is why at an esoteric level the controllers want this perpetrated for as long as possible. Arguably its the combination of the masks, swab tests and vaccines, as well as prior contamination through the aforementioned methods, that are genetically altering the human genome and driving us closer to merging with machines.

Those in the most fear ironically will be those affected the most. Reality is responding by giving us a reflection of what we hold within us. This is working on both an individual and collective level. By facing truth with courage and the knowledge that we can be assisted by divine will as we increasingly commune with the aspect of it that lives inside of us, we will be led through intuition and synchronicity to make the right choices to move in the opposing trajectory, back in alignment with organic ascension where consciousness drives reality. This is the true technology they don’t want you to know about. Instead of an artificial hive mind, we connect more telepathically with one another so that we can co-create a future free from tyranny, whilst maintaining our individuality.

We are all unique expressions of the whole and this should be celebrated and explored as we work our way back to source on the multidimensional journey. Being a human can be a wonderful experience if we honour Natural Law and serve our true nature.

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