Self-organising Soul Collectives

The formation of new soul collectives will be self-organising as a byproduct of the self transformation of its individuals. When we bypass the internal process and seek premature community living based on shared ideals alone, the environment becomes a dumping ground for the individuals unresolved conflicts which will digress into power dynamics, much like we witness within global society today.

Soul Tribe

The Individual Choice Point

We are at the end of a cycle where power has become so centralised that we believe we need a unified, globalised way of living. But this always comes at the cost of individual freedom. The solution can’t came at the same level as the problem and any attempt to unify global society will be futile because such a diverse spectrum of souls are incarnated on the planet, each with their own learning requirements.

3D earth is the point in our evolution where we can choose the direction of our fate through free will. It does not need to be determined by anything or anyone outside of us. Group harmony is best attained through decentralised soul resonance.

This process starts with the self as the centre point in the web of influence and expands outwards from a place of strongest energetic potency. This way we shift onto a different bandwidth that is more insulated and protected from outside interference.

Though we inhabit the same earth plane, we function on different stations of reality, much like we can tune to different tv channels or radio bandwidths, yet they all exist simultaneously. Earth is a holographic celestial body that can accommodate multiple timelines and these are in the process of self-organising.

Forging Psychic Bonds

As we lift the density in our own bodies through trauma release, our external reality becomes more receptive to our consciousness and we witness a speeding up of manifestation. This initially appears as increased prevalence of synchronicity, but over time becomes more integrated as our default experience as we gain greater mastery.

This is how we start attracting those with whom we share a co-creative destiny and we don’t have to go searching for those connections. It’s a natural gravitational pull between resonant souls who recognise one another when they meet. There’s a sense of comfort and familiarity that transcends the personality level. You can read and understand one another’s souls.

This makes for an open, fluid and trusting dynamic that evolves to forge psychic bonds that carry a great potential. At first this may be just one or two individuals. It may be that we need some time to ourselves first to calibrate and connect to our authentic identity. This requires patience and trust, both in the self and in divine timing.

There is no rush and nothing to search for on the outside. All expectation comes from a place of resistance which blocks the organic flow. It’s always a case of internal transformation where the external follows. When it feels right we can showcase our souls gifts from a place of personal integrity. This will inspire and attract others effortlessly. 

A new dawn is beckoning. Many souls are at the 3D stage of completion/individuation and are ready to meet their soul family. These may be quantum connections for now as we each anchor our light in our respective locations. We are all where we need to be as stewards at different points in the grid and in proximity to various leylines. This is part of our purpose for incarnating and assists to elevate the collective consciousness.

Imagine we are all nodes of light that are working to anchor and embody a higher light quotient. Our connection to one another forms a network across the grid that acts as an overlay to counter the anti-life reversal grid that is trying to enslave minds within a hive net, shut off from our spirituality. This is how we start shifting the timelines and move outside the predictive realm of the artificial intelligence that works to keep us suppressed through identification with the shadow.

Honouring Divine Timing

We are witnessing both polarities intensify and eventually the lowest density will spill down the drain as the darkness is assimilated back into the light. In the mean time the forces of chaos will increase as the timelines reorganise.

Know that we do not need to be caught in the crossfire and can still play our contribution to serve humanity by honouring divine will and working to establish our own frequency containers which will radiate that essence to uplift those who are ready to heed the call.

There can be no forcing anyone to change if they don’t make that choice through their own free will, but we can act as the example to help alleviate fear in those who still feel the only way is to be governed from the outside. The more we come together, the greater permission we give others to step out their comfort zone and to see that a new way is possible.

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