This is a powerful choice point where we can harness our free will to determine the direction of our evolution. During these sessions, the aim is to bring you into deeper alignment with your personal authenticity so that you have a deeper trust in your personal timeline and how you can best fulfil your souls blueprint during this transitional phase in the cycle. 

As we recall and reintegrate the fragmented aspects of our soul, we retrieve life force from the energy siphoning, inverted reality matrix. We embody a higher electromagnetic potential and shift onto higher frequency stations that provide insulation from chaotic external conditions.

This way we transition from responding to reality through unconscious programming governed by the lower ego mind, and towards creating reality through the higher mind. We bear witness to the breakdown of old and obsolete ways, focusing our energy on generating a new timeline built on the foundation of true unity through personal freedom, self-sufficiency and aligned co-creation through soul resonance.

Sessions are £85 (GBP) per hour or 3 for £225. They will take place over zoom.

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