1. Expansion And Activation

This is a call to all those looking to solidify their personal timeline to fulfil their spiritual assignment and architect a new earth parallel reality founded upon soul embodiment through individuation. We are at the great choice point in this cycle. The old paradigm is dying and our future will be a reflection of the level of power and internal authority we choose to reclaim. We are each responsible for nurturing our spiritual growth to align with the organic evolutionary pathway back in connection with source and not regressive false AI timelines that feed the inverted reality system.

These discussions will involve:

  • Discerning the lower predatory ego mind from the higher mind.
  • Regulating sexual energy through masculine/feminine synthesis.
  • Opening and expanding the electromagnetic heart portal through chakra integration.
  • Holding emotional neutrality in the zero-point space.
  • Embodying compassion through acceptance, empathy and service.
  • Discerning and defending against hostile thought intrusions and other entity interferences.
  • Activating our personal soul blueprint to fulfil our spiritual assignment.
  • Mastering the balance between Discipline v Surrender.
  • Surrendering as a conduit for divine will.
  • Establishing psychic bonds in the quantum field.
  • Aligning with New Earth energies and the timeline reality split.

2. Trauma and Embodiment Work

These sessions are an opportunity to identify and integrate unresolved internal conflicts that are giving rise to repetitive self-sabotaging cycles. Much of this trauma is accumulated during early childhood years, but also has a genetic and ancestral component, as well as reflecting where we are on our souls trajectory. To heal, we must cut to the root. During chaotic external events, these imbalances can feel particularly heightened, necessitating the importance to unearth and assimilate what resides out of conscious awareness, governing from the shadows.

       These sessions will entail:

  • Identifying core childhood wounds.
  • Understanding the interplay of the internal masculine/feminine energies and how these relate to the mother/father dynamic.
  • Somatic work to access trauma lodged in the body, particularly at the lower centres of the pain-body located in the root and sacral regions.
  • Understanding and dealing with sexual trauma, which is particularly devastating on the energy body and can lead to soul fragmentation.
  • Identifying external dependencies, such as addictions and relationship attachments, that are reflecting unresolved conflicts.
  • Understanding the negative ego and its defence mechanisms that mask underlying pain.
  • Correcting any breathing irregularities that are interfering with the flow of energy through the chakra system and resulting in nervous system dysregulation.
  • Bringing mindfulness to the body to access the flow of emotional energy and receive intuitive guidance.
  • Regulating sexual/creative energy through polarity synthesis to attain internal equilbrium and open the heart.

* Sessions can cover both areas if preferred. Please outline anything you want to draw particular attention to beforehand in the Details Box below*


Session Price: £75 (GBP) per hour. The number of sessions will depend on what we need to work through.

The sessions will take place over zoom (will consider alternatives if necessary).

Payments are made through Paypal (International) or direct bank wire (UK). You can pay through paypal without a paypal account if necessary. A link will be provided via email once the booking form below is completed. Alternative payment methods will be considered if necessary. Sessions are non-refundable.

Please select the relevant date on the calendar and time slot below. Times are listed as GMT so please take this into account when choosing a time slot and convert from your local time zone first. I have added a broad time schedule to account for a number of time zones.

If you have any queries before proceeding, please add in the ‘Details’ box, or feel free to reach out on social media.

I look forward to working with you!

* Current bookings are not displayed. You will be notified straight away by email if there are any clashes. *

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