1. The Gender Principle

2.The Chakras


1. Conditioning

3. Embodiment

4. Evolution


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3. Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is one of the most misunderstood and misused energies. It is the most potent energetic force within the body. Sexual relating goes beyond sexual pleasure. It’s an intimate connection to our own sexuality through the regulation of sexual energy within the body so that it is free to circulate through the chakra system to provide greater vitality. This helps to calibrate the nervous system so that we aren’t governed by unresolved emotional energy that keeps us disconnected from our authentic/higher self. 

Much of society is enslaved by sexual energy but few realise this. Many of our actions, often unconsciously, are driven by our underlying sexual desires, which are rooted in our longing for a deeper connection. We can become addicted to releasing the orgasm, because the feeling of ecstasy is the easiest shortcut to a state of higher bliss. We see the orgasm as something that’s infinitely available and therefore disposable with no consequence. It provides a burst of dopamine which keeps us craving more. The more we release dopamine the more addictive it is but the more desensitized we become, which means we need more stimulation to provide the same enjoyment. 

This is why sex becomes more risk taking and sometimes perverted, resulting in more extreme fetishes and unusual behaviour. This can take away the intimacy and connection in order to satisfy the immediate gratification of the ego, as opposed to enjoying the process of gradual and sensual stimulation. Chasing the ‘end goal’ of the orgasmic release is like a heroin addict hungry for their next fix. Until the appetite is satisfied, there is a feeling of restlessness which can become all consuming and take away from the finer pleasures of everyday life in the present moment. 

Sexual energy has such a potent effect on the body that it overrides all other desires and can become enslaving. Anything that we give away externally has to be compensated for. When we continually drain our reserves, we are left feeling drained, sluggish and unmotivated. In males, the body consumes a vast amount of energy producing sperm, and when depleted, the process needs to start again. This takes energy away from the other processes that the body needs to regulate such as digestion, which can create physical imbalances. It also interferes with hormonal balance which can affect mood and well-being. The most likely manifestation of this is depression. 

Draining semen diminishes life force affecting creative expression. A man consumed with pornography, sex and masturbation is likely to lose the zest for life. When we diminish our creative juices, we feel out of touch with ourselves and disconnected from our purpose. We experience a state of feeling blocked, with no inspiration flowing through. It becomes harder to maintain concentration and what usually drives passion feels mundane. We become embroiled in superficiality to compensate, seeking out more artificial highs to retain stimulation and before we know it we have multiple addictions that keep us externally distracted and divorced from our inner nature. This will impact our relationships with others also. 

Western society has normalised sexual promiscuity without education of the implications of sharing sexual energy with multiple partners, and without establishing an emotional/intimate connection first. This liberal approach to sex results in many unplanned pregnancies, abortions, relationship abuse and sexual dissatisfaction. This keeps humanity disconnected from spirit and confined to lower impulses. 

Children a being groomed through popular culture to hook into addiction cycles as they are transitioning through puberty and so they become governed by their hormones at a time where they should be taught to understand these developmental changes. Instead, progressively younger children are imitating what they absorb over social media, becoming desensitised to perversions. By conditioning children at a young age into fetishisation and dopamine addiction, they will grow up unable to regulate a state of internal balance to govern healthy behaviour, locked into self-destructive cycles that keep them externally distracted and energetically drained, unable to connect with their authentic self. To continue to satisfy impulses, the individual will strengthen their walls of ego, seeking external validation as compensation for disconnection to their authentic self. 

When we aren’t in alignment with our authentic nature, we seek attachments to act as band aids, and will attract others that reflect this internal imbalance, which can lead to unfulfilling co-dependencies that act in the same way other addictions do. This drives humanity further from spirit and deeper into consciousness enslavement, priming the population for hijacking and transhumanism. 

At the other end of the spectrum, religions that condemn sex as a sinful act leads to repression and contributes to inciting feelings of guilt and shame. This detracts from utilising our own moral judgement, operating instead under subservience to a doctrine of higher authority, which limits freedom in the same way other institutions, such as government, do. There is manipulation on both extremes of the spectrum regarding sexual attitudes, and the answer usually lies somewhere in the middle, without taking a rigid conservative or radical liberal approach. 

We learn best through personal experience, bringing self-awareness to past choices to determine whether they were healthy or destructive, and then adjusting accordingly. This introspection is not encouraged in schools, or within society, and so we must take responsibility to regulate our own behaviour through forming strong moral foundations built on principles of self-love and respect for others – basic principles that have sadly been neglected in much of todays world. 

Sexual Energy Exchange

Sexual intercourse is an exchange of electromagnetic energy/frequency through the merging of energetic bodies. The memory of every sexual experience is stored unconsciously (in the body). Remnants of every partners blueprint remains stored there and can continue to influence our thoughts, emotions and behaviour, even outside sexual engagement. The more frequent and intense the sexual experiences, the greater the imprint that will remain. Any strong insecurities or trauma that we or our partner have been carrying may be transferred to the other. This also includes entity attachments. 

This is why we may find ourselves feeling entangled with the other person, even if we can’t understand why. Women may be more likely to feel this emotionally and men sexually, but they work hand in hand. This way it is important to be conscious of who we are engaging in intimate exchange with and whether we are using sexual partners as a compensation for something unresolved within ourselves, that we may then pass onto another, creating an energetic entanglement that can lead to attachment/dependency issues and other relationship issues. 

‘When you join your physical electromagnetic system (your body) to another, you are transferring energy to one another; you are uniting your physical vehicles. This has a very great impact on the body and a very great impact on the emotional self. Your nature does not discriminate at this level. If you have sex with someone, your body and emotions will attempt complete union. Your body and emotions do not discriminate. If you have this engagement with someone you are not in true relationship with, you will damage your physical system, and you will disrupt yourself emotionally. You will lose energy and efficacy as a result. This depletion of your physical vehicle and disruption of your emotional nature have serious consequences if repeated over and over. This loss of vitality will make you sick. Eventually, it will destroy your body’s self-maintenance. This is occurring with the illness that is prevalent now. It is the misalignment of people’s physical vehicles. It is the destruction, by repeated depletion, of the capability of those vehicles to maintain themselves. This is a very serious matter. (...)If you are to be sexually united with someone, you must find that person, and you must take time to see if they really can unite with you. (…) Sexuality is not a drug. It is an opportunity, but it is only an opportunity within a certain context—within the context of a real relationship, a united relationship, or between two people who have committed their life together in such a way that sexuality would be appropriate for them. Very few people have this kind of relationship today, and yet everyone is trying to have sex, or looking for sex, or having sex at immense cost.'

If we aren’t able to foster self-acceptance through learning how to be comfortable alone and in our own energy container, then those we attract will reflect this lack. Many relationships are being used as a crutch of avoidance and so the relationship seldom extends beyond the conditioned personality and the sexual connection lacks the potency to move beyond biological instincts and base desires. We are conditioned to believe that we should seek love on the outside to find happiness and that not being in a partnership somehow equates to being incomplete. Wholeness is an inside job from which our relationships can then enhance that state. 

A lot of trauma is surfacing at the moment relating to the fractured masculine and feminine which is demanding resolution. This is one of the deepest wounds of a race split into duality, as we try to reintegrate the fractured counterparts, both internally and through divine union. On this pathway, both men and women are facing challenges in romantic partnerships that will manifest according to their disposition. It is easy to project the blame onto the opposite sex as a way to reconcile with the pain of being hurt, abandoned, abused or rejected, and this understandable, but we also need to take some accountability for attracting a mirror of what still needs to be resolved. 

A relationship requires mutual consent and so both individuals are participating and have something to learn. Some of the most painful but powerful lessons are learned through the recognition that we were stuck in abusive cycles and hadn’t found the courage to walk away. This trauma bonding is often a reflection of unresolved childhood trauma, where we get stuck in the same cycle that reflects the neglect or abuse experienced in childhood. 

If two partners are able to consciously work through their stuff together with the intent to integrate and heal, then any negative energy exchange can be transmuted through conscious communication and intent to learn and grow. We want to meet our partners at a resonant level that allows for this co-operation to inspire one another along the evolutionary path. Monogamy offers the best potential for this, ensuring there is focus on one partner at any time and so attention is not spread too thin. 

Sexual promiscuity can damage the energy/light body making it harder to access higher intelligence, due to the amalgamation of too many energies which distort the signal. This attitude has infiltrated spiritual discipline, including through the New Age belief system, that advocates for free and open tantric sex, which is just another coping mechanism for the same underlying disconnection.

By connecting one on one, the individuals are more likely to develop a deeper and trusting bond, and to establish whether the relationship is serving them in the right way, or whether it may be time to take the lessons and move on. We may cycle through multiple relationships in our life, but through nurturing each one we learn more about ourselves through the mirror of those relationships. This increases the likelihood of magnetising someone who matches the improved version of ourselves, but only providing we do the inner work. 

It is only from this place of relative balance that we will be able to engage with another who has also undergone this process. It is not a fairytale and entails a lot of dedicated work. We like to believe that we will manifest our ideal partner in a moment of spontaneous magic that will make our heart explode with ecstasy. This kind of ecstasy is artificial. It is often a state of desire and infatuation based on surface appearances, which may well possess a strong sexual chemistry, but this will wane over time if the partners are complacent in their personal efforts and the belief that they are contingent upon their partner for wholeness. A true union would be more emotionally stable and patient. No urgency or over-activated hormones, but a quiet state of contentment as the chemistry organically reveals itself.

Much trauma relating to sexuality is embedded in our early years and picked up ancestrally. We carry particular coding related to the masculine/feminine principles within our inherited genetic blueprint, as well as through parental influence and whether we received healthy masculine feminine attributes from which to model. For this reason, a stable parental dynamic is fundamental for developmental progression into adulthood. Sadly, many fractured family dynamics have left distortions within our field that need to be remedied. We are tasked to heal the generational trauma to break the cycle, and in synthesising the masculine/feminine polarities we attain internal harmony that enables the soul to individuate, rather than continuing to be governed by external forces reflecting an unintegrated shadow. 

These masculine/feminine counterparts, as defined by Carl Jung, can be recognised as the animus – the female unconscious masculine counterpart, and the anima – the masculine unconscious feminine counterpart. As we attain greater self-awareness and engage in healing, we nurture these counterparts by bringing them to consciousness, recognising where our external experience was providing a reflection to teach us lessons. This way we can make more refined and empowered choices that break the cycle of suffering from inevitable painful relationship dissolution, stemming from unconscious projections. 

Jung described four key stages a man and woman’s integration process would entail to embody more of their anima or animus and this is reflected in the outer world through their relationships. At level one a man’s anima would be the mother archetype who provides the fundamental nurturing aspects for the man. This is reflecting his own unintegrated capacity to provide these aspects for himself, and this can lead to dependency issues, and the ability to be easily controlled. For females, stage one would equate to the ‘stud’ who provides commitment and offspring which the woman may feel is necessary to provide her the security and stability she needs.

At stage two, a man’s anima would be the archetypal sex symbol or ‘queen’. A man seeking to integrate this would be exploring his sexuality with multiple partners, though none would be able to live up to his expectations for the ideal embodiment. A woman at stage two would be looking to solidify her stability through the all round practical male who fulfils the expectation to serve and provide for his family in all the material and grounded ways. Though these relationships may have some longevity, they are still unconscious projections seeking resolution through external compensation, and so they are prone to dissatisfaction and painful dissolution. This can play out in destructive ways as the psyche yearns for reconciliation but continues to face the same patterns on the outside until the lessons have been integrated so that the psyche can initiate to the next level. 

At stage three, a man is able to separate a woman from his own sexual desires, treating her as an individual first and foremost beyond his own needs. This enables the nurturing of more intimate and long standing friendships, which may have the potential to romantically flourish should their be and organic evolution of deeper resonance. This may be based on the personality, but starts to embody more spiritual essence as progression moves to more full integration of the unconscious counterpart. For women, a man at stage three would be symbolically represented as the professor or intellectual, who can help stimulate her own mind and creative pursuits. This is serving to remind her of these capacities within herself. It may take some time for this potential to be consciously realised for assimilation, but when it is, a woman would feel intellectually competent without those abilities being contingent upon an external male partner. 

Stage four is spiritual integration that actives transcendence. This is a state of wholeness achieved through integration of the psyche, so that an individual can step into their authenticity without external reliance and attachment to the ego. The stage four anima would be synonymous with Sophia, the embodiment of the holy mother and the animus would be Christ. It is important to recognise that these represent more archetypal spiritual significance and don’t have to be conceptualised in physical form. Integration is recognising the qualities inherent within that archetype that can be embodied to serve that individual through inner inner heirogamic/divine union. 

Once the anima and animus have been fully embodied, this could be reflected through romantic union, or what’s commonly referred to as the twin-flame. This is a partner who has successfully graduated through their own assimilation process so that the two partners converge without any dependency and can co-create together with no loss of individuality. The sexual union would serve to enhance this, activating transcendent stages of consciousness through the circulation of energy through open circuitry from a state of true unconditional love. This represents an energetic merging of the souls so they exist in union with a shared destiny, as well as their own. 

The Twin Flame Trap & Dark Side of Cupid

It’s worth noting that there are distortions in the interpretation of what a twin flame constitutes. Yearning or actively seeking a twin flame union blocks its ability to organically manifest and is still reflective of a lack of internal integration. The term twin flame has been idealised and glorified as a spiritual feat, and so we see an increasing emergence of proclaimed twin flame relationships that correlate with the resurgence of spirituality in culture. We project desirable qualities onto those who possess the qualities that are still unconscious to us, believing they will make us whole. In doing so, we fail to first engage with the inner process to establish the integration of the masculine/feminine principles that we all possess.

Divine unions don’t subscribe to specific time limits or expectations. An individual committed to their evolutionary growth first and foremost is patient and present, trusting in divine timing. They don’t look to another to compensate, but engage with the world to aid with their growth, and in doing so attract others who are in resonance. This applies to all relationships, platonic as well. When we prematurely strive for wholeness through looking outside, we set ourselves up for failure and a potential twin flame trap. These are based on wishful thinking.

From an occult standpoint, twin flames can be orchestrated by dark cupids who set up ‘alien love bite’ matches to try and derail individuals who are evolving along their evolutionary path and to prevent hierogamic unions that help to elevate the collective consciousness by lifting the physical density. Evie Lorgen has done some great work in this area, exposing how deep this deception goes in terms of alien interference that involves Milabs subjects who may be implanted with false memories and subjected to other forms of experimentation. 

These forces exploit blind spots through playing on existing wounds related to ongoing sexual misery, targeting those who have a weakened light body through trauma. These interferences can lead us to believe that we have prematurely healed. Subjects may experience synchronicities that seem divinely orchestrated, or astral sex encounters that provoke powerful orgasms. This demonstrates how spirituality can be manipulated/inverted and emphasises why we should strive for a sufficient level of soul embodiment, without spiritually bypassing to find solace in the higher domains that are prone to hacking. 

There are many false twin flame match ups that are breaking down as the timelines accelerate, bringing up intense emotional responses as all the embedded trauma in the pain body rises to the surface and we are met once again with the necessity to engage in the sincere individual work, without running away from the shadow, or believing there will be a saviour, whether that be a romantic union or any other external saviour. These traps are part of false light programming that exploit wishful thinking and give the illusion that solace can be found through avoidance of self-confrontation.

Sexual Trauma

The embodiment of our multidimensional self occurs through a merging of the masculine feminine polarities within and between partners. As we merge with a partner in loving union, we activate more energy within the nervous system which increases the potency of the orgasm – the portal to higher consciousness. This understanding has been purposefully suppressed. Sexual trauma is purposefully inflicted upon the human population to limit their spiritual potential and keep them governed by the ego and its defence mechanisms as a means of avoidance. 

This reduces sex to procreation and pleasure, much of which is a trauma response filling a void that results in long term dissatisfaction and a loss of energy and authenticity. If humans were to be aware of the potential of their sexual energy, they could not be as easily controlled. We would graduate to our spiritual identity, of which sexual energy is the life force that flows through all of us and can literally create magic.

Sexual trauma is lodged in the sacral chakra like a corrupted energy signature. This fuels ongoing impulsive tendencies which keeps the individually spiritually/creatively disconnected. The victim becomes like a host for parasitic entities who continue to feed off the ongoing trauma from the addiction cycle, which harms the soul of the individual causing it to fragment and scatter. These parts needs to be reclaimed through deep integrative healing. 

Lower emotional responses rooted here include guilt/shame, as well as feelings of unworthiness, lack of trust/self-doubt. Imbalances here also give rise to anger/rage due to the build up of fractured emotional energy. The individual may fall into destructive habits and exhibit behavioural dysfunction, enslaved by base instincts and disconnected from the heart centre, caught up in playing out self-destructive patterns that amplify pain and fragment the soul. 

Issues in the second chakra can lead to problems with relationships and personal boundaries and a general feeling of unworthiness stemming from a disconnection to our authentic self and a higher purpose that transcends ego based desires. In severe cases this can result in clinical personality disorders. Until the addictions are resolved, the ego continues to identify with sub-personalities and the person’s soul will remain fragmented, dissociated from the integrated self. 

Circumcision is a blood sacrificial ritual that fragments the soul and damages the brain-body feedback mechanism through nervous system dysfunction, disrupting sexual and emotional intimacy. A child cannot discriminate and registers extreme discomfort and pain in the genital region just like a victim of sexual abuse would, and so it should be treated as such. This is particularly devastating during early years when a child is not conscious and internalises the pain, which may be so deeply repressed that it is difficult to retrieve later in life. This is due to walls of ego that have been erected as a defence mechanism. 

During circumcision a baby’s auric field is open to infiltration by hostile forces that latch onto the sacral chakra and feed cycles of addiction throughout their lives, resulting in prolonged imbalance and sexual misery, which can lead the victim to become hooked into dysfunctional behaviour patterns such as perversions and fetishes as an attempt to cope with the emotional and mental pain. The victim may experience narcissistic tendencies or split personality due to the soul fragmentation as a result of the trauma. The child grows up detached from their ability to connect properly through circulating and exchanging energy through the bio-circuitry that sends electromagnetic signals through the nervous system. 

Damages to the brain-body feedback mechanism disrupts the activation of pleasure due to the ablation of vital nerve endings. The Meisner Corpuscles removed during circumcision are the most innervated part of a man’s penis and his entire body. This energy generated is essential for transference to sexual partners which acts like a rod of energetic power (the yang) that is passed onto sexual partners during intercourse and works with the yin (female) energy in synthesis to activate higher consciousness. Disrupted nerve activation means this transference is greatly diminished and so less yin is absorbed through the dried out and calloused head/glans. Pleasure remains confined to the sacral region, rather than stimulating the entire body. This can lead a man to rush to reach orgasm to gain the pleasure he is missing through full body sensuality. This produces shorter and weaker orgasms that aren’t all encompassing. 

Genital mutilation suppresses the harmonic resonance of a man’s bio-field, inhibiting his connection to spirit and interfering with divine unions between partners through the disruption of intimate connection. Sexual connection can be used as means to activate dormant consciousness between partners and to regulate this energy between them in an exchange that promotes healing, true love and attainment of higher consciousness. 

This disconnection can lead to incompatible partners and destructive relationships that aren’t built on spiritual foundations that connect through love. It also limits the potential to attain inner union of the masculine and feminine principles that arise as a result of the circulation of consciousness through the chakra system, from the perineum (the base/root chakra) and up through the crown. This is what the social engineers despise the most, feeding off separation and trauma whilst the population is stuck in perpetual misery.

Sexual trauma has the most devastating impact on a human psyche and will require the most work to recover. The pain inflicted through ritual trauma impacts us all on a collective level, stored as painful memories in the collective unconscious and slowing down the evolution of the species. It benefits us all to work together to expose this normalised barbarism. Awareness surrounding sexual abuse, in all its forms, is fundamental in order to transform the collective consciousness back to a more empowered state. It is a difficult reality to face, but one that must be confronted.

Regulating Energy

Regulating sexual energy is an extremely powerful way to regain control over our impulses and diminish enslavement to sexual desire. This doesn’t necessarily require abstinence, though a prolonged abstinence period may be useful for a general reset. By understanding how the energy works within our own body first, we can then learn how to exchange it with partners, though this requires commitment from both partners and a shared understanding about the deeper energetics of sexual union. When we have sovereignty over our sexual energy, we are far more likely to attract another who reflects this state and who has undergone a similar transition. 

This type of connection will feel much more authentic and natural as the two partners freely explore the sexual realm in a harmonious way, rather than offloading unresolved baggage onto the other. True connection becomes the primary motivation and sex a way of expressing this bond. Practicing love making in a mutually satisfying way unlocks co-creative potential, opening new doorways of consciousness. With this awareness comes less desire to give energy to, or receive energy from someone with whom we are not compatible. 

When we allow ourselves to store up reserves of sexual energy we feel much more focused, motivated, energised and creative. This is because we’ve allowed the energy to circulate within the body instead of expelling it, and therefore can redirect it in more productive ways. Learning to regulate this energy is an incremental process that shouldn’t be forced or rushed. Otherwise this can cause problems through repression. Unable to contain the energy, a man may become overcharged and aggressive or anxious from an over-stimulated nervous system. He may fall into worse addictive tendencies to compensate. This burning sensation in the testicles is an excess of ‘yang (masculine)’ energy. When a man connects to the counterpart, the ‘yin’, this fans the flames and brings greater balance, but only if that energy is congruent with the vibration of the male, otherwise it can stimulate unhealthy addiction which only creates more yang energy. 

There are certain methods which help to relieve the build up of energy in the sacral region that heightens testosterone to an uncontrollable degree. The key is to circulate the energy around the body by drawing it up through the energy centres. This can be difficult to understand or practice after years of entrenched conditioned habits. Men are used to the feeling of sexual energy confined in the genital region, because this is where they associate sexual function. The penis is seen as the source of stimulation and so mental focus is often contained there during stimulation. This is why many men at the first feeling of sexual attraction develop a quick erection. The brain quickly communicates to the body to send blood to the genitals to prepare for stimulation. Once it reaches that point it is hard to reverse. The idea is to prolong the time until the ‘point of no return’, working to successively increase the interval between ejaculation.

Breathing is the fundamental foundation point from which to ascertain self-control. By bringing attention consciously back to the breath, attention instantly diverts from one particular area and toward a more holistic awareness in connection with the body. Both men and women can practice this and regulating this energy goes beyond sexual function. If we have been unconscious with our breathing and developed bad habits, it will initially feel difficult to regulate the nervous system into a state of calm. Our breathing may be inverted, shallow and more rapid. This prevents oxygen from circulating evenly and to where it is most needed. Inverted breathing is where we contract the stomach and draw the oxygen up. When we bring mindfulness back to our breath and take in oxygen in slow and controlled manner, naturally our breathing pattern is adjusted back to its habitual state, expanding from the belly and up through the chest. 

This breathing filters awareness down through the body to the seat of consciousness located at the pelvic floor at the base of the spine, where the root chakra is located. This can be identified as the muscle area between the anus and testicles known as the perineum. For many men this muscle is very tight and in a state of frequent involuntary contraction. Try pressing two fingers on the muscle and assess whether it feels slightly firm or is more soft. Now try clenching your buttocks and feel the contraction of the muscle. When relaxed, the perineum is less tense and our consciousness is more embodied, which means that we have integrated awareness into the body. 

Most of the time due to modern distractions and technology, our focus is isolated in the brain and we lose touch with the body, creating disconnection and stress. There are other intelligent faculties of the body that are largely neglected. Research is now starting to understand the gut-heart-brain connection and how the three of these work in harmony as the major information processing centres. Ancient indigenous cultures referred to this as the ‘three brains’ When energies are grounded in the body we unify these three centres for holistic awareness and embodied functioning. 

The rational mind should be in service to these other two and not the driving force. The more embodied we become, through allowing consciousness to filter through the entire body, the greater the resolution with negative emotional states and we gain greater balance and well-being. We are bought back to the present moment. When the mind governs, our attention is often elsewhere. A consistent breathing and meditation routine should suffice to kickstart this process of greater integration with the body. Naturally, from this place of heightened holistic awareness, this connection translates to our environment, promoting greater compassion. When emotions are unresolved and heavy, we move into disconnection with our environment and others and the ego can regain control to serve its own interests, because the sense of unity has been fractured.

Both men and women can learn to work with their sexual energy through understanding the interplay of these masculine/feminine energies, a power that goes beyond sexual pleasure and governs the expression of physical reality. We should establish reverence for the sacredness of our genitals and how these sexual organs can be used to activate higher centres, whilst aware of how this can be manipulated and misused to siphon our essence. 

As we clear sacral imprints and redistribute energy, this opens the creative portal through the fifth chakra, the throat chakra to express our higher authentic purpose. When the second chakra is blocked, this stifles creativity, impacting the fifth chakra. Therefore sexual and creative energy can be viewed as synonymous. Semen retention for men activates creative energy by allowing sexual energy to circulate within the body. This increases energy and boosts motivation. It is a gradual process that involves learning to sit with and work with the energy so that it can be distributed. Otherwise it accumulates in the testicles, generating heat and tension. 

As he retains his divine seed and learns how to channel this energy constructively to serve his divine mission, he becomes positively charged and will attract feminine counterparts who reflect this empowered and balanced state. These co-creative partnerships will enable him to exercise his masculinity in the healthiest way, with the support of a partner who has undergone their own healing process, so that they are both innately connected to one another’s energy field through an understanding of the interplay of the masculine and feminine within them. They can then explore sexual chemistry together through an interplay of these energies, which helps connect them to higher planes of consciousness. 

For females, this may manifest differently. They can reclaim their femininity through reverence for their sexual sacredness and feminine power through spiritual wisdom, rather than expecting a partner to fill the void to provide security in the world. By mastering her emotional energy she becomes adept in the art of surrendering to embody and anchor her spiritual power and harmonises her chakra system to synthesise her feminine and masculine. She then naturally gravitates to men who value this essence and they can exchange energy as a co-creative force, mastering the polarities within and without. This way they are still whole individually, but enhanced together. There are no dependency issues trying to compensate for an imbalance. 

Pelvic floor breathing enables sexual energy to be more evenly distributed and helps bring the chakras into greater alignment. This takes heat out of the testicles and allows a man to feel more in control of his impulses. He may find that this relaxation activates his creative potential and that he can channel inspiration from being more attuned to himself and his environment, rather than being mentally preoccupied, which sends signals straight to the genitals at times of arousal.

Individuals with sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction may benefit the most from this. Both dysfunctions are manifestations of distorted sexual energy. When our pelvic floor muscles involuntarily contract we lose control over erection and/or ejaculation control. Mainstream advice to rectify this focuses on the well known kegel exercise. This involves strengthening the pelvic floor muscle through voluntary contractions involving a squeezing/clenching action. Next time you go to urinate, stop the stream mid-flow so that it draws the urine back in. The muscle responsible for this is the ‘PC’, part of the pelvic floor. The idea is that by strengthening this, it will reduce or prevent involuntary contraction, giving more control over ejaculation for increasingly longer periods of time, and maintaining harder and longer erections. 

However, strengthening exercises can often exacerbate the tension and so we want to work to relax the pelvic floor, again so it doesn’t try to involuntarily contract which happens under tension. Now imagine you are gently pushing out to urinate. Focus on the muscle at work here. This again is the pelvic floor but this time it is expanding/relaxing so that it drops as the seat of consciousness once more. By practicing the breathing technique above and making it our default, the body learns how to automatically relax that muscle when it clenches, taking tension out the body and keeping the nervous system in greater balance.