Shifting The Collective Consciousness

From a broader perspective darkness is an energy. It’s physical manifestation is determined by the resonance of the collective consciousness. For certain negative conditions to be satisfied, there has to be a vibrational match. Therefore events can only change externally if there is an internal adjustment, for which everyone has a responsibility. If the current system were to be exposed and dismantled through sufficient awareness, we could not progress as a collective unless we took individual responsibility. Otherwise, we would still need to be governed from the outside and a new system would come in to replace the old. 

At present, most individuals are still functioning at a low level. They are divorced from their spiritual nature and governed by the ego, which expresses itself as various attachments, addictions, insecurities and narcissistic tendencies that drive the archetypal victim/victimizer complex that feeds into itself and siphons human energy. This generates negative external outcomes and is why patriarchal values and perverted tendencies have become commonplace amongst everyday citizens, and not just the ‘global elite’.

Though there is obvious manipulation occurring on the unseen levels to suppress human consciousness through mind control techniques, energy harvesting and through appealing to our desires, if we were to reclaim sovereignty over our minds and undergo a process of inner transformation, we could no longer be manipulated and we would starve the parasites of their energetic sustenance.

At a sufficient enough level, the collective consciousness would elevate and external events would start to bend in our favour. Reality is responding to us. We only perceive events as random because we are unaware of our potential to manipulate reality through shifting consciousness. Without this understanding, we remain open to exploitation and our choices will be manipulated to serve other external agendas.

The dark energies that reside in the astral realms are always looking for a food source. They are relying on humans to stay in a fearful and low vibrational state so they can latch onto their blind spots and feed off them. This is energetic vampirism. Those of you familiar with the Archons will have an understanding of this, though I prefer not to ascribe specific terms as they are always subject to interpretation.

When we focus too much on fighting an evil outside of ourselves, by projecting negative emotion or feeling controlled and helpless, we actually contribute further to our own demise through self-fulfilling prophecies. This is why subliminal and predictive programming techniques are successful. They subconsciously rewire our beliefs so that we collectively bring the desired negative outcomes into manifestation. On a quantum level we are all co-creators.

When we reclaim the ability to think for ourselves through becoming more conscious, it is harder to infiltrate our minds and so the dark agendas have to come out of the shadows to exert their control, and in doing so they expose themselves. This process is underway, but it is not as simple as just being aware, though that is the first step, and a necessary one.

It’s how we apply knowledge that determines our future trajectory. Are we able to continue on the quest for truth, rather than becoming complacent? Are we willing to take responsibility for partaking in the negative experiment, even if on an unconscious level? Are we willing to turn our attention inward, face our demons and integrate the shadow so that it doesn’t express itself outside of ourselves? Are we willing to acknowledge that awakening is a gradual process that entails some intense self-work and trauma release?

It is true that enlightenment is a destructive process, because it involves shedding away deeply rooted layers that no longer serve us. The ego doesn’t like to relinquish control. It is attached to the path of least resistance and cunningly convinces us to employ defence mechanisms such as repression to avoid facing pain. But in doing so it is relegated to the unconscious and needs an outlet for its release, which plays out through unhealthy behaviours and neuroses.

There is no shortcut to our evolution. The only way out is through. Whatever we integrate we can elevate beyond, but when we lapse back into an unconscious comfort zone, we invite control from the outside, and there are plenty of forces looking to capitalize on that.

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