Shifting Timelines

When we connect to one another energetically we are generating a quantum field that works as an overlay to the collective consciousness. This can happen across the space-time continuum simply by holding one another in our thoughts and sharing ideas. It is like tuning into a different frequency channel, but existing on the same planet, much like a radio station or tv channel. The others still exist but we are not invested in them.

Whilst we are operating on that vibrational channel, we exist on a different timeline, shared with those of resonance. If we can maintain that vibrational state its influence grows stronger and it works like an attractor to magnetise others through resonance. As this field grows wider it starts to permeate wider reality and pose as a genuine alternate timeline for the collective consciousness to adopt, but for this to constitute a paradigm shift it would have to reach a critical mass.

At the moment, humanity is still locked in regressive timeline that is formulating into a hive mind singularity governed through AI. This will continue for as long as humans remain divorced from their own spiritual nature under the dictates of an external force that keeps consciousness suppressed through mind control. As soon as we reclaim self-awareness, we start to branch off from this timeline and back onto our own unique spiritual trajectory back in alignment with the correct course of evolution. This is an individual process first.

This pathway can be activated through choice which requires confrontation with the shadow to dissolve fear, which acts as the suppression program to give our power away. Until we find the strength to assimilate these darker aspects into consciousness, they will continue to drive our behaviours from the shadows and these blind spots can easily be exploited by malevolent forces for their own self-gain. They work by siphoning our energy which is most easy when we are in a state of unconsciousness.

By reclaiming consciousness, we become more aware of what external energies are infiltrating our minds and this affords us greater choice to utilise our free will. Most individuals, aware of these manipulations, would choose to exercise personal sovereignty, even in the face of threats and intimidation attempting to indoctrinate them back into subservience. It is very difficult to go back once this power is unlocked, though some choose to exploit their more expanded awareness to control others themselves.

Greater awareness comes with greater responsibility and part of that responsibility involves serving others, which in doing so is in service of the divine for the betterment of all, because we are all connected. As soon as we decide to hoard knowledge or slip into spiritual ego, we become a part of the problem again. Rather than looking down on others, we should lift them up, with respect for our personal boundaries if they are being violated.

Some people aren’t ready to reclaim their personal power this lifetime, but those who are will show a receptivity to learning, and by working together our collective energy grows stronger to provide genuine resistance to those who have split off from creator and assumed the role of Gods. They want to lock humanity into a fixed timeline, governed by fate. In reality, expanding consciousness through exercising free will has the capacity to create new worlds birthed from the imagination and there are no limits to these creative abilities, except what we hold within our mind as a limitation. Consciousness creates reality, not the other way round.

Though its useful to be informed about the darker agendas plan to enslave the collective consciousness, when we submit to feeling helpless and controlled, we help to materialise their plans through self-fulfilling beliefs that are reflected in the external landscape. The controllers know how the psyche works and aim to pummel frequencies of fear from all angles, even infiltrating spiritual communities to manipulate our allegiances to dark entities masquerading as beings of light.

As soon as we give our power away, we are forfeiting control to govern our own destiny by believing something or someone on the outside is worthy of dictating the course of our evolution. Genuine inspirations and mentors would never seek to win your acceptance or for you to be their followers. This is how cults are formed and cults can form into entire religions that justify heinous crimes under the name of protecting those beliefs.

Each of us are responsible for crafting our own timeline, and when there is shared resonance between individuals, these can overlap forming micro-communities that amplify their charge. As soon as we follow someone else’s way, accepting their word as gospel and forfeiting our ability to think for ourselves, we have fallen into another trap, only this time under a more cunning disguise, often even unbeknownst to the cult leaders themselves.

Freedom hangs in a delicate balance and the ego can be a master deceiver, projecting itself as virtuous and philanthropic, but consumed with its own ulterior motives. Liberation is an inside job, and until we are willing to take personal responsibility and reactivate our own inherent power through breaking the walls of conditioning that has fed us illusions of limitation, then we will continue to live a life fractured from our own essence and multidimensional potential.

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