Stockholm Syndrome

Inevitably we are all going to be faced with the disappointment of loved ones making disempowering decisions which we have no control to change, celebrating the slow torturous release from their cages and wearing their vax status like a badge of honour, welcoming Orwellian health passports so they can go on their eagerly awaited summer holiday.

It’s now been a year since governments ignited lockdowns worldwide, imprisoning citizens in their home in a fashion resemblant to fascist regimes of the past, yet we have failed to heed the warnings of history and continue to pledge allegiance to authority that seeks to wield its control through the suppression of its people, using mind control techniques and crippling propaganda to win the subservience of those it wishes to exploit.

Fear programming is the primary means to keep subjects in a state of Learned Helplessness, a psychological condition whereby those under its grip are so accustomed to having no control, that they accept this as their reality and do not resist any further attempts to subjugate them. In this case, this extends to a state of Stockholm Syndrome, where wide percentages of the general population are in a state of psychological attachment/dependence with their oppressors to the point of sympathising with their causes and being used as conduits to enforce their agenda onto those who are deemed as non-compliant.

This mind virus has become so pervasive and consuming that it can even convince those we hold most dear that our concerns are misplaced conspiracy theory, or ‘anti-science’, a popularised term that has been used to shut down necessary debate, whilst gaslighting tactics are used to accuse fellow citizens of having nefarious intentions themselves, acting selfishly and willingly endangering others lives.

Meanwhile, the advice of psychopathic megalomaniacs take precedent, heralded as the arbiters of truth by holding positions of power deemed more worthy and respectful. This is an example where the intellect and ego fails us, disconnecting from the capacity to discern vacuous rhetoric and underlying sinister intention noticeable through basic psychological cues such as facial expressions, body language and mechanical behaviours that have no semblance of genuine benevolence.

They hide behind their credentials and philanthropic foundations which have become a smokescreen for their genocidal motives, wielding their wealth to lobby and control every major institution through tighter centralisation, yet when these obvious conflicts of interest are exposed, the cognitive dissonance sets in, and there is a point blank refusal to look at the information presented, even when this comes from the very resources they put their trust in.

The agenda is hidden in plain sight for those capable of utilising critical thought and establishing the links and vested financial interests. The investments of Bill Gates alone would give the game away, yet the genocidal maniac who openly advocates for global depopulation, blocks the sun, monopolises farmland, peddles synthetic meat and pushes genetically engineered injections, has somehow qualified to dictate global health policy and freedoms.

Because the tentacles of institutional control run deep into every sector of society, and has been established gradually over many years, the public by and large has been conditioned into accepting this structure as representative of their best interests, and many individuals have too much personal investment to risk shattering their illusion.

However, ignorance is no defence, and for as long as the masses continue to participate, the controllers march closer toward their goal for global governance, annihilating the livelihoods of anyone that doesn’t serve its will. This will lead to a rude awakening for many when the irreversible economic destitution, in preparation for The Great Reset, strips them of the comforts and livelihoods they worked tirelessly for.

This evil knows no bounds and spares no prisoners. Every human being is considered disposable for its own end, and so those who refuse to wake up and smell the coffee now will have to contend with a more harsh awakening later on, or succumb so deep into technological mind control that they remain incapacitated to the point of perpetual enslavement, indoctrinated as the unwitting agents of darkness.

This is an unavoidable fate for some, but we are all on our own evolutionary journey and the process will play out differently for everyone. As much as we’d like all our friends and family to walk the path with us, this is an unrealistic expectation. We can not become martyrs for the cause, depleting our resources to the point of exhaustion so that we can’t invest in building the new. Though free will has been grossly manipulated, ultimately if someone is adamant not to listen, then we can’t force them to see sense.

Our soul tribe will find us through resonance, and many of us are already feeling the natural magnetic pull to those in alignment. Together we can work on co-creating new timelines that stop feeding into a regressive singularity, and the stronger the resonance, the more our energy is amplified to materialise more favourable circumstances through the power of collective manifestation.

This energy field, as it generates a greater charge, will attract others when they are ready to make the transition, and slowly but surely we can dismantle the limiting paradigm that thrives off disempowered individuals subdued by ignorance and fear.

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