Surrendering the Personal Will

The personal will seeks to satisfy the egos need for validation, which largely stems from unresolved internal conflicts seeking resolution on the outside. Surrendering the personal will entails establishing greater trust in our innate intuitive intelligence. We all have a deeper calling to serve the divine will and provide true heart based service to others.

Heart Awareness

The Souls Covenant

When we are still being governed from the layer of the personality
structure, our good intentions can be misplaced. We measure our worth or
success according to external factors such as financial success or the
level of recognition we believe we need to attain.

We hit a certain milestone and the goal posts continue to widen. We stay caught up in comparison and competition, overextending ourselves trying to meet expectations or stand out from the crowd. This creates an internal resistance which eventually leads to burnout.

We also spill emotional energy when we continue to engage in polarised conflict, whether or not we believe we are acting with honourable intentions. We remain plugged into the same energy depleting system we are trying to escape from by fueling it with our energy. This system thrives on polarisation and doesn’t care for which cause we attach, as long as it maximises its energetic yield.

True fulfilment of our souls covenant has something unique to offer but puts no time restrictions or expectations on its evolution. It is a patient and ongoing process of synthesis and refinement based on transformation of the self. We can only measure this against our former self, according to the valuable lessons learned along the journey.

Discipline & Surrender

There is so much untapped potential within our own DNA, but this remains dormant when we are distracted and drained. If we are overexerting and expending too much energy, we become disconnected from the inner wisdom which speaks energetically through the body. It is a felt experience that can’t be rationalised on the lower mental plane.

When we listen to our body, honouring our energy and how we are feeling, we can discern when it’s most beneficial to be in a state of discipline or surrender. We become more conscious of how our energy is being directed and know which battles are worth engaging in. Feedback from external reality provides the confirmation that we are on the right track.

This establishes a personal flow that strengthens trust in the self. We attract exactly what we need in each moment to continue to stay in alignment with our optimal vibration. Sometimes this could be a seemingly negative experience, until we break the karmic pattern by coming back to consciousness to integrate the lesson. In this way we can reframe our relationship with the darkness, knowing that there can be no growth without the struggle, until synthesis is attained.

Divine Authority

The greatest battle is against ourselves. Yes evil is very real, but this darkness works through us by suppressing consciousness to block access to the soul. As we tune into and embody our higher stations of identity, we align with the true divine authority and fear diminishes. We let go of the need to control reality, knowing we are divinely guided and protected. This allows us to navigate through the external turmoil, whilst providing inspiration to others based on our own transformation and without imposing our will on others.

From this state we are able to embody a higher electromagnetic potential and transition to neutral observer awareness, able to hold the tension of the opposites without projecting unresolved internal conflicts on the outside. This is the gateway to the zero point where we expand beyond our own personal needs to serve the greater good of the multidimensional reality.

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