The Dissolution of Family Values

A large part of the destruction of society is the dissolution of family values. Increasingly we see divorce rates and cases of infidelity on the rise. Romance is dying, replaced by an over sexualised culture addicted to quick fixes and promiscuous behaviour to avoid confronting underlying trauma. At the other extreme we see unhealthy dependencies, with partners settling out of convenience or to compensate for their own shortfall in self-development, leading to unhappy marriages and children born to unhealthy parental dynamics which filter down affecting child development.

Many parents, particularly mothers, are left as single parents, struggling to make ends meet and to provide for their children in the healthiest way and with the support of both a mother and father who can contribute different aspects to their childs development. This is not to insinuate that all children with single parents follow this trend, but it makes things more difficult. Children born into the intensifying technological era are being exposed to technology to an unhealthy degree which compromises their connection to the natural world and creates attachment to a virtual environment that disconnect individuals from holistic awareness felt through their body and its connection to the natural environment. Fixation on screens keep consciousness confined to the head.

Children become less stimulated by family activities and on building organic connections, sucked into the quagmire of virtual insanity, more concerned with impressing their peers and conforming to the latest trends that provide quicker dopamine releases that easily become addictions. This decreases attention span and motivation for more purpose driven endeavours that require discipline and dedication to achieve mastery and longer lasting fulfilment. When the novelty of a particular fixation wears off, they are looking for their new dose of artificial stimulation.

This virtual obsession extends to learning environments where children are more susceptible to bullying with social media as a weapon. Kids who are less willing to engage in the ego mania are easier targets and may feel peer pressured to conform in fear of being ostracised or perceived as inferior. We consequently see cases of poor mental health rising and children less likely to speak out. This presents a difficult task for parents who need to establish an effective and compassionate communication strategy to inform their children at an appropriate age of the dangers of overuse of technology and social media, but whilst upholding the delicate balance of allowing them the freedom to express themselves and not to cross the threshold into smothering parenting, which can create the same, or potentially worse, negative result if a child decides to rebel against perceived strict authority.

Schools need to adopt appropriate safeguards to prevent the excess infiltration of technology, not just confined to social situations, but in learning situations also which are moving more toward virtual learning methods, reinforcing the technological descent of society into artificial intelligence and away from the organic evolution of consciousness. Technology certainly has its uses when employed appropriately with regard to a reverence for nature and human connection, which are becoming more compromised. A stable family dynamic is the foundation of a healthy society and when these relationships are compromised, anti-social and other pathologies pollute the social and cultural landscape. This justifies increased law and order by those who have perpetuated the decline in the first place and so the dysfunctional cycle continues thrusting the population down a destructive timeline, feeding consumerism as a result of prevalent insecurities and an unresolved collective shadow, which are exploited by corporate interests who monopolise on suffering.

Unless awareness is raised and action is taken to reverse this trajectory, our external landscape will fall deeper into the hands of global tyranny and their appetite for a Hunger Games society from which they present their corrupted solutions to problems they created. The restoration of community spirit and traditional family values is an antidote to control because it is built upon connection over separation, and this is what those who seek to divide us fear the most. The power of love unifies.

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