The Emasculation of Men

These power grabbing times call from more proactive engagement. More men, in particular, need to be willing to step up to the plate and challenge corruption to help protect the future generations of this earth, rather than exerting intellectual superiority that arises from brainwashed scientism, keeping them trapped in their rational intellect and believing that all the answers are to be found outside of themselves and from the hand picked ‘experts’.

The unwillingness to challenge beliefs and resorting to sarcasm or ad hominem when shown plausible alternative information demonstrates the rampant narcissism and arrogance. Many have been lured into intellectual cults led by dangerous individuals who are very manipulative at coming across as legitimate in their presentation of knowledge, which is all based on dogmas that disconnect humans from their inner world and higher faculties, bound by the laws of physics, which is leading humanity to accept that interfacing with AI is for the betterment of the species, and promoting this as evolution.

In reality this is a devolution of consciousness, an imprisonment of the human soul that blocks the ascension process and moves the collective consciousness into a virtual hive mind sub-reality, a level lower than our experience of physical reality. The alternate timeline is to bring higher frequencies into the body to elevate our experience whilst still here on the third dimension. Doing so would make our reality more malleable and susceptible to conscious intent, and this experience would feel lighter and more vivid as we offload the density.

This is unsurprising given the level of educational indoctrination which works best on men in the manipulated scientific domain, coupled with the increasing emasculation program, making men weaker and more passive, unable to embody their archetypal quality of being the protector of all that is sacred. These healthy masculine principles have long been inverted into the toxic ones we are very well acquainted with by now.

I refrain from using the word patriarchy where possible, due to its overuse in the feminist community who have adopted these same traits as a means to apparently strive for equality and seek retribution, instead fuelling a masculine dominated system led by the tyrannical rule of the head and split from the feminine essence of the body. This manifests as an internal split and on a macrocosmic level as hierarchical control, governed by the peak/head of the triangle, whether that system is capitalist or communist in nature.

This governance will remain until reintegration occurs, and that has to happen on an individual level first, and then we will experience the resurgence of the suppressed feminine in the collective alongside the rise of the healthy masculine. Everyone can integrate these poles, which have nothing to do with biological sex, but spiritual integration. Undergoing this unification within ourselves allows both men and women to step back into their inherent gender strengths, maintaining the equilibrium of the masculine and feminine forces in the external domain.

We are not to mistake the masculine version of this as a desire to control, exploit, abuse or be greedy. These are all the unhealthy manifestations that have resulted from the hijack of the ego and the relegation of unprocessed traumas to the unconscious, formulating a shadow that continues to exert its influence.

The same applies with respect to the unhealthy feminine, where the two feed off one another in a toxic feedback loop, where women over exert themselves sexually which pulls in the desperate wounded male who seeks to exploit sexual energy for his personal gain. These men are weak. They are not role models or ‘lads’. These displays are a reflection of insecurities, often linked to parental complexes and a lack of self love and confidence.

The solution also doesn’t lie in the domain of the ‘divine masculine’ you see flaunted in the spiritual circles either. These are often still emasculated males identifying too strongly with their feminine through spiritual bypassing, which can result in a lack of decisive action and escapism to avoid confrontation with the darker aspects of reality, and tantric lifestyles as a more subtle way to satisfy untamed sexual desire.

This attracts the unhealthy polarity, the ‘divine feminine’ cult that feels empowerment comes primarily through showcasing her looks and sexuality for attention, rather than radiating her feminine essence to attract the healthy polarity. These unions are often hailed as ‘divine twin flame matches’ as they feed into one another’s complexes, but they seldom last or represent the co-creative potential from true alignment that comes as a result of long and committed dedication to integration within oneself first. ]

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