The Energetic Landscape

Many of us are noticing our energy fluctuating dramatically, reflecting internal and external shifts. This can result in feeling over-charged in one moment, to completely drained of energy the next.  We are constantly adjusting to the way energy moves within and through us and shifts in the collective consciousness can throw us off centre. This may happen at a local or wider level and frequencies can also be transmitted through technological channels. 

For example, if we are consuming a lot of fear propaganda from news sources or emotional volatility over social media, this can affect our resonance, if we can’t hold a state of conscious emotional neutrality. These influences can work on a subconscious level as well, and so we should ensure that we aren’t absorbing endless streams of information without conscious focus. 

Whatever we consume is stored in the unconscious, which expresses itself outwardly in some form. Everything carries an energetic charge. This is why subliminal and predictive programming is impactful in shaping subconscious beliefs which can become self-fulfilling prophecies. This is achieved through various channels such as music, video games and movies, and the news is also specifically tuned to undesirable frequencies that induce a resonant response. For this reason, they intentionally play on human emotion, creating fluctuations between hope and fear to keep people deflated and in a state of confusion and learned helplessness. 

By remaining preoccupied externally, reliant upon outside sources to shape our perception and grant our freedom, we will be prone to losing the internal equilibrium attained through a connection to the wisdom of the body, which communicates higher intelligence that serves the most conducive state of being through conserving and harnessing source energy.  If this connection is broken, or obstructed, we become more susceptible to environmental influences and social engineering that subdues and locks the population into a suppressed, powerless state, divorced from their soul essence and guided by artificial programs. 

Many people are walking around fine tuned by algorithms that dictate their emotional and mental processes, and when these manufactured beliefs are perceived to be violated, it triggers an automatic defensive response, in an attempt to restore balance to the hive mind/group think, which is built upon an inverted ‘unity’.  This is why political correctness and virtue signalling are rife in global society at the moment, and these triggered reactions, which come from a place of exploited unresolved individual and collective wounds, create turmoil in the collective field, polluting it with more shadow. 

Being aware of these mechanisms working through others enables us not to get sucked into its vampiric grip through feeding it with our own emotional energy. This is what powers the matrix. It requires our energy to function, for without collective consent, its machinery would have no hosts. 

Technology is a consciousness siphoning program. When we externalise our consciousness, we are exchanging energy with that medium. This is why we must be careful with our words and actions, because they are all recorded in the akashic field and will initiate a causal quantum effect. It is best not to interact externally unless we are holding internal equilibrium, so that we exchange consciousness in a life affirming direction and do not feed entropy. Our loss is something else’s gain. 

Celestial alignments can also influence energetic balance. The moon, for example, is a consciousness feeder, and on or around full moons, this is heightened. Engaging in rituals or externalising our power can have a draining effect, contrary to New Age thought, so caution should be exercised when willingly opening ourselves up, as on the unseen levels we are providing entry points for outside forces to latch into our field. 

Those in charge of their consciousness can work with these influences for heightened spiritual manifestation, though staying sober, embodied and grounded in our centre is a must. The more we can commune with the body’s intelligence, the more we can regulate back to balance if we lose centre. If your body is signalling that you are tired, then rest and recuperate. Recognise the power in surrender. Sleep as long as necessary to charge back up. 

If social media is depressing or angering you, then retreat from the battlefield and engage in self-care and do what brings you joy. You deserve it. This is an important aspect of our development and for anchoring a higher vibration that will positively influence others. If you find yourself in conflict with others, even close ones like friends or family, then uphold a healthy distance until the energy has dissipated. Conflict fuels separation consciousness and drives the control system. 

Simple actions to return to the present moment are useful too. First, bring attention back to breath through deep and controlled breathing, correcting any shallow and inverted patterns that keep us in a perpetual fight-flight response. Conscious breathing and mindfulness regulate the nervous system. Meditation, yoga or any relaxing activity will induce greater calm. 

From this place we are more likely to play the positive contribution we desire to the world, because self love and self care are the precursors to all beneficial external change. As much as speaking our truth and spreading awareness is important, if this isn’t done from an integrated place within ourselves, then we feed division through polarisation outside of ourselves, which is reflecting the internal disconnect.

When we change ourselves we inspire others to do the same and set in motion the momentum to catalyse a beneficial shift in the collective consciousness.

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