The Esoteric Significance of Halloween

Halloween falls in between the autumn equinox and winter solstice. This represents the transition into the darkness of winter, for those in the Northern hemisphere. During this shift, the veil between worlds thins, opening the gateway to the spirit world. Though classed as mere superstition today, the esoteric signficance of Halloween and other astrological dates was recognised by indigenous cultures who were well attuned to the energies and seasonal shifts.

Esoteric Halloween
Our Celtic ancestors celebrated this day as Samhain, part of one of the four primary seasonal festivals. This would be a kind of ritual honouring for ancestors who have passed. It was also as an opportunity to commune with the passing spirits. Through offerings, it was believed that livestock and the population could be better protected during the harsher winter months.

Thinning of the Veil

As with anything pertaining to spirituality, there are two polarities. Being aware of the darker side affords protection from interference during times when the veil is thinnest. This includes during full moons. Demonic entities will exploit any opportunity to increase their energetic harvest through capitalising on unconscious blind spots where possible. When we open ourselves through intoxication, sexual lust, or engagement with rituals, and without sufficient psychic preparedness, we become prone to interference. We open access points through the auric field where entities can latch into the lightbody and feed off negative emotion, unresolved trauma, and addictions, amplifying this where possible.
Over engagement with the higher centres, without sufficient embodiment, misaligns the energy body so that we aren’t anchoring our vibration through the nervous system to remain centred and grounded on earth. Many New Age teachings encourage opening up during full moon, without approproate caution. This may be through ritual practices, tantric sex, or psychedelic use, believing it an opportunity for heightened manifestation and other benefits. This can compromise the organic progression to higher states of consciousness that are best attained from a sober state and as a consequence of committed self-work to assimilate the unconscious, with safeguards in place to protect the psyche from unintended infiltration.

This involves merging the lower and higher chakras. The base levels relate to the pain body where trauma is stored. It can be tempting to avoid this pain through seeking refuge in the higher planes, but these too are rife with manipulation.  The lower astral realms particularly are hubs for demonic entities to siphon life force through dark portals in the planetary grid that have been hijacked and inverted at specific energetic centres along the leylines.

The Dark Side of Halloween

There is potential in exploiting significant celestial periods to catalyse our growth through intention setting and personal rituals. This must be done from a conscious place and with respect for the energetic polarities. Sadly, witchcraft and occult magic has become trendy, brushed off as harmless fun, or used as a means of spiritual bypassing to shortcut spiritual growth. This can lead to false light corrupted channels masquerading as benevolent angels trying to assist humanity through spiritual emancipation. This ends up feeding the centralisation of power through perversion of the unity principle that promotes oneness without individual synthesis first.
The week leading upto Halloween is a prominent time for satanic ritual abuse, particularly of children. This is an uncomfortable truth that we have to confront to understand the bigger picture of what’s going on at earth this time. The Earth has become a prison planet, evolving along an inverted axis to funnel consciousness out through black holes. This powers the AI architecture used to subdue the human soul. Much of this is connected to Saturn, a hub for satanic control which preys on unconscious shadow material (loosh).
The energy of children is a prized elixir. Trafficking hubs are prevalent all across the planet, carefully concealed through underground networks. What we perceive on the surface, even through the global establishment network, all feed these forces in the unseen realms. They interface through dark human portals who have substituted their soul to be a conduit for demonic possession. This is invoked through rituals, especially on days such as Halloween.
It may seem harmless to engage with black magic, but we may be unwittingly summoning undesirable interference through unconscious consent. This is why symbols and numbers are important. They are all attuned to specific frequencies. Yes we can transmute these, as we can assist in recalibrating the leylines through grid work, but this comes with responsibility and shouldn’t be used as a means to feed spiritual superiority or hero/saviour complexes, which are a welcomed state for hijacking.

Harnessing The Transition To Winter

As we transition into winter, this is a time where conserving energy is perhaps more beneficial than over exerting. Vital resources are needed during these months to maintain equilibrium. This promotes the opportunity to engage with our shadow side through conscious introspection and mindful surrender.
As the trees shed their leaves every autumn, we cycle through deaths and rebirths as we confront unconscious patterns so that layers of obsolete ego can fall away to activate greater soul connection. Inevitably, uncomfortable emotions will rise to the surface, but this is a call to attention. We are being taught not to fear our shadow side, the gateway back to ourselves. It is through the discomfort that the synthesis occurs.

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