The False Light New Age

The promotion of false light philosophies is rooted in Luciferic doctrine, which links to high degree Freemasonry and the Illuminati, who pride themselves as ‘the illuminated ones’. These individuals are well versed in the occult and know how to appeal to our higher nature, saying all the things they know we want to hear, but purposefully using spiritual inversions to lead humanity into a false ‘New Age’ that presents itself as equality and oneness but is governed externally through artificial intelligence deriving from hyper-dimensional interference. It’s true when they say that ‘Satan masquerades as an angel of light’. 

This will be sold as ‘the dawning of the Age of Aquarius’, a technological cycle, which convincingly has us believing that technology is here to resolve the worlds problems, cure disease, restore the environment and create world peace. This is intricately intertwined with Agendas 21/30 and the plans outlined in the Georgia guidestones, not to mention fulfilling the Revelation prophecies that have been distorted as a form of predictive programming to groom the collective consciousness into accepting this reality in their minds so that it transpires on the physical domain. 

This may involve a perceived take down of other waring satanic factions that have committed unfathomable atrocities, but this is simply a shift from the dark polarity to the (false) light, a swinging of the pendulum that is often effectively used to lead people from one deception into another. To transcend this dualism, we need to find our emotional centre in the zero point of neutrality, observing things as they unfold, following our calling, raising awareness, but without attaching to false idols and ideologies that seek to siphon our vital life force and put our trust in external false authority to govern our lives through the manipulation of free will. 

Already we are seeing some of these plastic gurus rearing their ugly faces and demonstrating where their allegiances lie, and with appropriate discernment we can snuff them out quite quickly. They have an energy that feels off. They may appear to say all the right things but they don’t come across as authentically heart-centred and use their knowledge for ulterior motives. They are often spontaneously thrust into the limelight with millions of followers, their books are highly endorsed and make their way to high spots in the Amazon charts and New York Times rankings and they develop a huge cult following who latch onto their every word, openly revering them as saints, gurus, masters, prophets and the like. This is the exact kind of externalisation that detracts from our own personal power and gives it away to false demi-Gods. 

Recently the Dalai Lama made a Facebook update of how we should permit ‘small amounts of a toxic substance for the greater good’ and I have already posted about Deepak Chopra and Jeff Brown in previous updates…and there are many many more and i’m happy to name names. It is necessary. Oprah has strategically been at the forefront of this movement for years now, playing on people’s unresolved wounds so they attach to her inverted spirituality that fails to address the real evils of reality, of which she is a part. 

You often find affiliations between these secret society members who promote each others work and have one another as guests on their podcasts and shows to reinforce the narrative. The New Age teachings are tied to the occult and was heavily promoted by notorious occultist ‘Madame Helena Blavatsky’ regarded as the ‘godmother of New Age thought’, which garnered huge momentum during the free expression movement in the 60s. This wave of liberalism has intensified and infiltrated most modern day culture, helping to fulfil a New World Order dressed cleverly as progressivism through playing upon human emotion and through the promotion of external belief systems that distort the feminine principle of oneness by permitting a hive mind mentality, enforced through political correctness and virtue signalling, stripping away individuality which is necessary to traverse through on the evolutionary journey back to source. 

This alternate thought and revival of spirituality has grown to epic proportions, though much of it, just like religion, externalises power, whether that be attachment to doctrines or idol worship. It is important to make the distinction however that being inspired by a teacher/teachings or school of thought can be very influential in our development, as long as we take what resonates and apply it back to ourselves so that it can be integrated and to help unlock our inherent power that is contained within our own DNA. We all hold the seed of prime creator within us, there are just varying degrees of blockages through conditioning and the formation of shadow that prevents us from realising and accessing this personal power.

Not all duality is a manipulation. On the one hand we see the darkness and false light polarities intensifying and pulling more people into its clutches, but on the other hand there is a real good/evil archetypal battle playing out in the multidimensional field and it is particularly intense on Earth which currently operates at a dense frequency since its fall and fragmentation due to hijacking from forces that split off and severed their connection to the divine, assuming the role of Gods in their own right and believing it justified to harvest others energy to enhance their power and to try and gain immortality through synthetic means. Spiritually, we are all eternal anyway. The physical body ages and dies but our spirit continues on its ascension path, even if that means having to relearn unintegrated lessons. 

I speak of these pitfalls in the awakening process only because I have succumbed myself to these traps in the past and want to help others avoid this where possible by sharing my knowledge and experience. I have no regrets as it was all necessary in light of my own evolutionary journey and without having been deceived I may not have seen the light. I don’t want to diminish anyone’s journey, nor claim that having faith in anything external is all a deception. We all learn in various ways and we are attracted to people who assist us along the way and fulfil the mentor archetype. I hold immense gratitude for these individuals who have assisted me on my path. If this doesn’t resonate with you, that’s fine, it’s not for you. The right information comes to us when we are ready, open and willing to apply it back to ourselves.

We are all going to be confronted with more truth as this cosmic battle unfolds and we can choose to face and work through the fear to gain insight and clarity, which will provide us with vibrational protection, or we can choose denial and ignorance, that will allow us to be used for nefarious means. The truth heals. It connects us back to the divine, our true nature, and this will support us in times of need. We mustn’t let the darkness consume us and leave us powerless, but to transmute it into personal power through embodying this higher knowledge to be a vessel for extinguishing miasmic dark energies and opening our hearts to feel the pain of others and to assist them where we are able to restore the collective consciousness down its correct evolutionary trajectory.

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