The Great War on Consciousness

We are now in the midst of World War 3, the Great War on Consciousness, as the synthetic technocracy deploys all ammunition in its bid to enslave consciousness in a virtual prison governed by artificial intelligence. This has been a plan long in the works but is speeding up exponentially as technological developments intensify, helping to fulfil Agenda 21. 

Much of this technological weaponry remains undisclosed however, silently bombarding Earth and its inhabitants with electromagnetic frequencies and geo-engineering. The Earth has been long held captive, now surrounded by a network of satellites that communicate with cell towers to transmit harmful frequencies that disrupt the body’s natural bio-rhythms and create mental and emotional disturbances, whilst shrouding the atmosphere in a virtual sub-reality that aims to hook up and interface consciousness with AI, using SMART technologies to operate the electrical grid and vaccines to suppress human spirituality through the modification of DNA and nanoparticle technology. 

Meanwhile chemtrails intoxicate the environment with harmful chemicals and block the suns powerful frequencies under the pretext of reducing global warming, the next major component of the agenda that will exploit increasing concern over the climate, using fear propaganda to enforce these new regulations on those who disagree with the narrative. 

Prince Charles unveils his new ‘Earth Charter’ courtesy of his collaboration with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, being sold as the solution to many modern day issues, whilst people wilfully forget the ties of the British Royal Family to well known convicted pedophiles Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein, along with the suspicious death of the beloved Princess Diana. 

Under this Charter, known as the ‘Terra Carta Charter’, a convenient play on the Magna Carta, a plan is devised to ‘drastically reduce the carbon footprint’ for businesses by 2030, perfectly in alignment with Agenda 30, the next major milestone of global control. The Prince of Wales, during the One Planet Summit (NWO summit), expresses:

“The Terra Carta offers the basis of a recovery plan that puts Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation – one that will harness the precious, irreplaceable power of Nature combined with the transformative innovation and resources of the private sector.”  

This clever wording manipulates those attached to the agenda narrative into believing we are moving toward a sustainable future with the help of global leaders and their initiatives, completely unaware they are being led into a trap that involves sacrificing all freedoms to the state, unable to exercise any individuality under the confinement of global communism. The more we consume this reality inversion, the more those who do not consent are viewed as the threat to future development, pushing their baseless self-absorbed and dangerous conspiracy theories. 

Meanwhile, the manufactured New Age philosophies lure people into the one world religion, promoting generalised notions of ‘oneness’ at the expense of the individual evolutionary process – a form of spiritual bypassing that feeds a group think, evolving rapidly into a global hive mind, that restricts free and independent thought in favour of a unified perception. 

The New Age psy-op puppets continue to demonstrate their allegiances, manipulatively endorsing mask wearing, vaccines and using venomous language to convey their hatred, confirming intuitions held by many genuine truth seekers who were able to detect the underlying inauthenticity of these plastic gurus who prey on the impressionable looking for quick easy fixes, peddling their false light ideologies to promote a denial of the personal and collective shadow that expresses itself externally, as well as perverting spiritual principles, such as the Law of Attraction, that encourages the manifestation of self-serving material interests that don’t align with divine will in service to others, that requires taking personal responsibility and action to raise awareness during these important times. 

This overlaps with the leftist ideologies, manufactured by the global elite, that forbid exercising any free speech deemed as discrimination against en ever expanding list of ‘under represented minorities’, where entire demographics are held accountable for the actions of a few, ironically fuelling more division in the population. 

Such division can be used to justify order from chaos using the problem-reaction-solution Hegelian Dialectic tactic, successfully used to wage false flag attacks to incite a desired response from the population, usually fear and anger, that justifies rolling out the next stage of centralisation through increased surveillance and censorship. 

Major false flag attacks, kicked heavily into motion through 9-11, created the ‘War on Terror’, that was used to destabilise the Middle East, expand The Greater Israel Project and engineer the mass influx of refugees into western countries, as well tightening surveillance and increasing distrust between populations. This was followed by a string of other orchestrated terrorist attacks that successively overthrew any resistance to the central banking system, removing nation leaders under the pretext of their terrorist activities to install puppet leaders.

Meanwhile, the guilty Bush and Blair administrations continue to walk free and interfere with international affairs, openly endorsing the tyrannical Biden administration, calling for tighter regulations as a necessary response to the covid crisis, which requires greater global co-operation through economic and technological innovation, a rhetoric shared by all those complicit in orchestrating the Great Reset, catalysed exponentially by the ‘War on Germs’ psy-op.

All these steps have been systematically employed to accelerate the centralisation of power and stifle any growing resistance through Nazi style, Orwellian censorship. This started with whistleblowers and truth seeking individuals, extending to experienced health professionals, entire alternative networks and social media platforms, and even the United States president. Regardless of political affiliation, this is a non partisan issue that violates a fundamental human right to free expression, preventing necessary debate that would inevitably accelerate the unveiling of truth. This demonstrates panic by the establishment as waves of individuals awaken to the deception and speak their truth. 

This momentum can be stalled but it cannot be stopped. Human ingenuity and spiritual fortitude will find innovative ways to network and share truth. This is the direction those aligned with their personal organic evolutionary trajectory are moving as the great bifurcation of timelines intensifies. We are stepping onto an alternative timeline and will gravitate to those with vibrational resonance, amplifying our potential. Ultimately we are the co-creators and the future will respond to the choices we make. No one can predict how this will unfold exactly. 

Though the dark agendas intentions are clear and unfolding to script, they operate pre-deterministically and mechanically and have abandoned divine creativity that responds to free will, allowing for the mystery of life to unfold in the present in a way that cannot be interfered with. This is why those attempting to hijack the collective consciousness want us locked in frequency prison, with no connection to our true nature, removing the capacity for personal manifestation. 

Ultimately this is a vibrational war and outside events cannot bend in ones favour unless there is a vibrational match. Knowledge and good intention alone will not suffice. There has to be real work done on all levels to facilitate the integrative healing process to become the conduit for divine will to work through. 

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