The Grips of The Hive Mind

From birth we are conditioned with self sabotaging belief systems that are reinforced from multiple avenues to keep us restricted in our perception and unaware of our wider potential. We grow up to believe that life has to be a struggle and those who dare to dream bigger are irresponsible or unrealistic, labelled as the idealists who need to get a grip on reality.

Individuals who are afraid to open the door to their inner world try to justify their own bondage to the external world by diminishing others free thinking and creative spark. This is an attempt, often unconsciously, to bring that person down to their level.

When we are unable to heal and elevate our consciousness, the darkness thickens in the external reality generating a kind of autonomous will that seeks to suck others into its grip to strengthen its power. This can be recognised as the hive mind, an entity that thrives off continued hardship and suffering that reflects the pain of the collective unconscious.

Those under its spell fall into a state of deep hypnosis, unaware that something else is doing the thinking for them. This master deceiver harnesses the energy of those under its grip to do its bidding and enforce its will by targetting individuals who have retained or reclaimed their consciousness and try to create their own reality free from centralised governance.

These individuals become the subject of energetic attacks that penetrate into the astral realms, where even stronger manipulating forces are able to manoeuvre the hive mind by working through the many of its agents, using them as conduits to single out anyone who isn’t being compliant. Those with creative and spiritual capacities are seen as threatening to the established structure and order, and therefore must be initiated into the Matrix through manipulation or force.

But we don’t have to comply. The power in you as one individual alone has the potential to counter this force, because we are each unique expressions of the divine with the ability to access and embody increasingly higher states of consciousness the more we learn to activate them through dedicated self work and shadow integration which clears the vessel to harness the creative energies from the ether.

As we unlock these capacities, our beliefs are strengthened and rewired, reconfiguring our DNA and activating dormant codes that have been suppressed through the faulty programming.

As more individuals split off from the distorted collective field in this way and step onto their individual trajectory, those of a similar resonance will attract one another through energetic synthesis. This natural communion of souls is the organic antidote to the hive mind and contains much more power because it functions in alignment with divine law and so can continue to expand with elevated vibrations that increasingly connect back to source.

Dark energy is dense and entropic. It is a contracting force that has a limited lifespan. Its power can be temporarily alluring, manipulating the ego by playing on desires and rewarding compliance with perceived security. But this temporary trade off has no value on our spiritual journey. It is a deception, an inverted timeline that restricts growth, destroys humanity and builds an invisible prison wall from which our connection to divinity is removed.

Those who are able to trust in themselves and resist its grip will bear the fruits of a pure and awakened soul that yearns for the continuation of its journey back to connection to creator.

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