The Metaverse

The metaverse is a mimickry of consciousness. It exploits the human desire for greater connection using synthetic means to manipulate society to plug in and form a hive mind masquerading as global unity. This is achieved through playing upon unresolved trauma stored in the personal and collective unconscious, creating personality identification that feeds ego impulses that seek external validation above authentic connection attained organically through soul resonance.


The Pull of The Hive Mind

When disconnected from our authentic nature, we become caught in addiction cycles that stimulate hormonal releases. Over time these addictions deplete vitality through harvesting consciousness energy. This creates entry points for subliminal mind control programs working through matrix infrastructure. Removing this temporary source of pleasure can invoke strong emotional and physical withdrawals as the soul tries to reclaim its individuality.

The egos survival instinct is strong, prioritising familiarity and convenience over self-responsibility through nurturing self-awareness. Going against the grain is difficult when facing the pull of a collective feeding the reality inversion. Reality is structured in a way that promotes conforming to social norms and authority which direct and govern our lives from the outside, believing we are subject to limitations in free will within a container of rules and responsibilities that maintain an illusion of collective harmony through law and order.

Paradoxically, more laws equate to less freedom, but we have been programmed into a state of learned helplessness, conditioned to believe that humanity is unable to govern its own fate, with respect for individual autonomy. This is largely a product of disconnection from our spiritual nature due to scientific dogmas that disregard consciousness as the the fabric of reality and building block of matter.

The Transhuman Singularity

By pushing the evolutionary model of Darwinism, we are reduced to victims of genetics, rather than masters of the expression of our dna through conscious will and belief. With such perspective of our nature, we would be willing to exchange our ‘flawed biology’ for the promise of superior qualities through transhumanism, and so we are witnessing a war on biology through the germ theory that compounds the assortment of programming designed to disconnect us from the natural world and to join a ‘safer, cleaner, convenient and connected’ metaverse without the threats of terrorism, germs, a degrading climate, and other engineered limitation.

These successive false flag events are all designed with this purpose in mind, funnelling consciousness closer to a devolved singularity operating on a lower vibrational bandwidth, just like our physical expression of reality is already a manifestation of a slow vibrational rate that has given rise to the illusion of separation.

The current bioweapon, amongst other bioengineering methods, have kept human genetics suppressed and now our souls risk being imprisoned in a transhuman farm that recycles energy to power the AI grids which send energy out the planetary grid to empower the anti-christ forces who wish to physically inhabit the planet. This is only possible if the planetary frequency matches their own.

Reclaiming The Soul & Reconnecting To Source

Only by acknowledging this bigger picture can we start to reclaim the fractured aspects of our soul strewn across the multidimensional field through successive incarnation cycles. Now is the time to individuate by restoring access to source through embodying our multidimensional self. This is going to require immense effort and fortitude in the face of the intensifying external threats that are working full time to keep our souls suppressed in its web of illusion and control.

They fear those of us who are awakening to higher consciousness in remembrance of our divine nature, because this gives us the power to break the shackles of mental slavery and to reclaim energetic sovereignty, withdrawing sustenance from the parasites. To maintain their survival, they need perpetual feeding through mass compliance.

Once the wheels of awakening are set in motion, this generates a momentum that cannot be stopped and so efforts are being ramped up to finalise planetary bondage. In doing so, this is only exposing their tracks, but they will deploy every weapon to take as many souls down with them, until we have rehabilitated and can free souls held in captivity and trapped between worlds.

We can only save others by emancipating ourselves, and so this is where our focus is best invested, with the understanding of how this transformation helps to shift external conditions. As we reconnect internally to channel energy from source, we align with a more empowering vibrational channel which brings into manifestation other people and situations of resonance through virtue of energetic attraction. This is an irrefutable reality principle, though it takes time to establish enough quantum links in the planetary grid to override the AI timeline that is shrouding the planetary atmosphere in an entropic electromagnetic web. 

The Merging of Dark and Light

We may be able to manoeuvre around the chaos according to our unique vibrational signature, in a timeline-reality split, but the planetary consciousness is the sum total of its individuals, and this is a collective effort to restore the earth back along its optimum ascension pathway. Paradoxically, this process is already underway as we transition between the ages and witness the dark and light polarities intensify simultaneously until the dual forces merge.

This conflict between the forces will be occurring internally also, as we are forced to face some of the deepest shadow aspects that are blocking soul embodimen, which activates spiritual vitality and opens the heart portal to activate more light on the planet. This internal battle is a microcosm of the chaotic collective forces that extends across the multidimensional field, all interlinked in a quantum web responding to free will through the law of cause and effect.

By recognising the symbiotic relationship between our inner and outer worlds, we receive clearer confirmation through external feedback to help regulate our choices by strengthening our beliefs. This way we start to properly participate with reality in a conscious fashion, unbinding from the unconscious programs that are driving unfavourable outcomes.

This helps to dissipate fear through the knowledge that we are conduits for divine will imagining ourselves a new timeline in alignment with the forces of nature, of which we are a part. The earth is a living organism that possesses vast wisdom that we can reconnect with through establishing a holistic awareness with ourselves by bringing consciousness into the body so that we aren’t governed by mental programs in servitude of the ego.

Opening The Heart

By ascertaining wholeness with our spiritual vessel (the body), we naturally harmonise with our environment and with one another. This alignment of the chakras opens the centre of our being, the heart, to wider compassion. This force of love is the antidote to evil, helping to extinguish dark energy through emanating pure light into existence.

Such electromagnetic frequencies are more powerful than any distortions that steal from life, rather than allowing it to thrive. All of creation will be required to reintegrate back to source, having reached resolution of an experiment that birthed an evil believing it could become the supreme creator.

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