The Perversion of Science

Despite continued contradictions by the global establishment organisations, falsified statistics, censorship of health professionals, disregard for natural immunity and the vilification of a successful and non harmful drug used for decades to tackle viruses, the intellectual smart arses still somehow think this is a matter of ‘science’.

Science has been appropriated to mean anything that supports vested interests with the financial backing to create and publish studies to justify just about anything they wish to promote. This is fake and dangerous science that has no basis in common sense and its dogmas are a form of indoctrination.

The excuse that science is changing based on new information in reference to this ‘novel virus’ does nothing to convince those who are capable of reading between the lines and see the bigger picture, one element of which is that breathing back in our own carbon dioxide toxicity is nothing to do with our health and safety.

When governed solely by the rational mind, we disconnect from our intuitive faculties that are able to correlate a wide pool of information to draw the right conclusions. Blindly putting trust in information just because it comes from a big scientific organisation doesn’t automatically make it true.

Scientists of the CDC, WHO and NIAID are either severely indoctrinated or bought off prostitutes, only funded to conduct studies that fit the intended narrative. Peer reviewed articles are also censored and selectively published in journal articles that align with the same narrative. The educational establishments, particularly universities, are also complicit in this brainwashing, successfully grooming its students ready for adult life to be good compliant citizens and worship authority as its God.

When I studied Psychology at a top UK university, there were select topics deemed inappropriate for dissertations, and an overemphasis on objectification and statistical analyses to measure aspects that were non-tangible and should be carefully assessed on a case by case basis. I couldn’t wait to escape the educational programming once I was aware of this.

This perversion of Psychology gave it an official scientific classification which was celebrated in the literature, whilst the essence of Psychology, that also incorporated unconscious mechanisms, such as the work of Carl Jung, were relegated from the syllabus and barely mentioned, despite it’s groundbreaking insights and successful therapeutic methods that earns him increasing attention today, in multiple domains, including Psychology.

The arrogance and complacency of the self professed intellectuals of today means people happily gloat about their love for science, whilst worryingly disconnecting from their emotions and feminine essence that considers moral implications and uses other faculties to perceive reality from a holistic standpoint.

It’s these same individuals that are surprised when they come down with mysterious illnesses and put it solely down to deterministic and genetic factors, unaware of how to take health into their own hands. It’s these same people that endorse artificial intelligence to fix the worlds problems, ignoring its dehumanising impact and transfer of autonomy completely to an external entity. Privacy concerns are secondary or irrelevant to innovation.

Splitting the atom to allow nuclear holocausts, geo-engineering that disrupts the delicate balance of the ecosystem and genetically modified organisms without any long-term safety assurance (which alter the human genome), are also all deemed progressive and innovative under the banner of science, not to mention attempting to treat disease with pharmaceutical drugs known to cause devastating side effects/addictions and vaccines that contain aborted human fetuses, heavy metals and other toxicity incompatible with human biology.

Darwins’ Theory of Evolution was hailed as a breakthrough in the understanding of the origins of our species, though it has still yet to be proven and ignores leaps in development from ape to man that brings the whole theory under scrutiny, let alone that it dismisses the understanding of consciousness as spiritual jargon, and fails to understand the relationship of quantum mechanics to conscious reality creation, writing it off as ‘spooky’ and ‘impossible to grasp’ to justify their own lack of self-awareness or ability to see anything as interconnected or transcendental to physicality.

We don’t bother to ask why or to use our own critical thinking to look deeper. We simply bow down to and trust those put in a position with a fancy name and idolise them as the fountains of knowledge and the saviours of humanity. We live in an inverted reality where those we believe are representing our evolution are contributing to our demise. I suppose Hitler had everyone convinced that his eugenics programs were somehow for the greater good as the Nazis proceeded to eliminate unwanted races from the gene pool.

Next time someone tries to stifle your voice with regurgitated rhetoric classed as science, remember it’s these individuals who will take everything out of humanity reducing them to the status of homogenous drones, plugged into a global hive mind super computer that does the thinking for them, commanded at the flick of a switch.

Real scientists with integrity know how to account for ethical considerations, to never dismiss a theory until proven false, to remain open minded, to understand that current theories are not concrete and to not disregard others hypotheses in favour of a strict doctrine that disconnects humans from their own essence.

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