The Political Circus Distraction

The political situation in the States (and worldwide) does appear dire, but this is nothing new. With few exceptions, political leaders are bought off prostitutes invested in the satanic agenda through blackmail, or their own accord. This much is apparent when you look at their anti-life policies and general demeanour, which has all the hallmarks of sociopathy/psychopathy. The very nature of the political structure is such that it is likely to attract individuals of this disposition.

Politicians seldom fulfil their campaign promises, wage endless war, manipulate and lie, receive huge tax breaks and pass laws that increasingly restrict freedoms and serve special interests. They, along with law enforcement, are not held accountable for their own transgressions, giving them impunity where ordinary citizens would be strictly punished.

The false flag pandemic has merely served to tighten this control and demonstrate just how widespread the corruption is. Nearly, if not all, countries are enslaved to the criminal global banking cartel and their fractional reserve banking system, that continues to print money that isn’t backed by gold reserves, which are locked away in vaults, primarily in the Vatican.

This fictional money is lent out, at interest, to governments who drive their nations into a perpetual debt based slave system, granting power to the elite bloodline families who have orchestrated this global ponzi scheme. The decisions of the puppet politicians are therefore dictated by those in control of the monetary system. In the words of the Rothschilds themselves:

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

Expecting change to occur on a political this level is therefore futile. Any politician who attempts to stray from the script is dealt with. Both Abraham Lincoln and John.F Kennedy were in opposition to the federal reserve and met an untimely fate. Likewise, the wealthiest families in opposition to the creation of the fed conveniently perished on the Titanic, leading to the enactment of the Federal Reserve shortly after, in 1913.

The Rothschilds proceeded to infiltrate every government through their central banking stranglehold, and those in opposition were uprooted and replaced with their chosen puppets under the pretext of ‘terrorist activities’, necessitating foreign intervention following civil wars orchestrated through false flag events, which continue today. Gaddafi of Libya had been set to introduce a new gold backed currency and was shortly after assassinated.

These financial mafia have the entire establishment under their grip, and are responsible for financing both sides of every major war. Such bloodline networks stem back millennia to the Babylonians and Khazars, infiltrating nations through economic control, with the longstanding aim to create a global technocracy under which humans are enslaved.

We find ourselves at the precipice of this singularity with a looming reset justified as a response to the orchestrated pandemic. We have to understand the magnitude of this operation and expand our perception to encompass the entire human history (and beyond) and see how the dots connect. Otherwise we will only be fighting the shadows on the wall.

The two-party left/right political paradigm is rife with deception and has effectively divided populations, keeping them distracted from their common enemy, who make up just an infinitesimal percentage of the population. With their occult knowledge, they have been able to psychologically mind control billions of people to serve their own interests, and this works through hierarchical control.

Our attention is better placed higher up the pyramid, instead of bickering over the zionist puppets in government. Global institutions and NGOs such as the WHO, IMF, Federal Reserve, the UN, NATO and Unicef, as well as the intelligence agencies, are gaining greater prominence during this final power grab and they dictate the policies that are affecting the entire world at current. Unless they are held to account and disbanded, their governance will be all consuming.

This of course is just one part of the picture. None of these entities could exist without our consent and this is why they hijack our free will so we build our own prison. For this we have to accept responsibility, regardless of the deception. We must take it upon ourselves to reclaim our mind from the social engineers through integrating the unconscious, attending to our own blind spots so they can no longer be exploited. To do this, we first have to educate ourselves about the reality of the nature of darkness that permeates our collective reality.

As we reclaim mental sovereignty, we are able to make life empowering decisions and withhold our compliance toward self-sabotaging behaviours. Masks are only mandated because enough of us wear them. Social distancing only continues because we separate ourselves. Independent businesses and livelihoods continue to be destroyed because we willingly close them. If enough people were to resist, there could be no enforcement.

We are in a mental health pandemic, denying our children of a life worth living, unknowingly inflicting child abuse on them through forcing them to wear muzzles and avoid healthy social contact, and allowing our elderly to be genocided in quarantined nursing homes, lacking the fresh air, sunlight and connection they need to live out their final years in peace. We have permitted this to happen. Suicide rates are skyrocketing, stress levels are in overdrive, the economy is in disrepair, and yet we voluntarily lock ourselves in our prison cells, restricted to exercise once a day like inmates.

This is self made prison and it starts in our mind. Liberation can only come on an individual level first. When we demonstrate the ability to take charge over our own destiny, we inspire others to do the same. By sitting on the fence, we are complicit in destroying our future. Many of you chose to be here as the wayshowers for those who are blinded by fear. Don’t let their projections deter you from your mission.

Fear can make people say and do nasty things, but most people are in need of some tough love and that requires that we detach ourselves from their judgements and gaslighting tendencies, speaking our truth fearlessly without emotional investment. This also requires that we uphold healthy boundaries where necessary, and focus on those with the willingness to change, because we can’t help everyone.

If enough of us dotted around the world serve our own personal sphere of influence to the best of our ability, these changes will ripple outwards and intersect with one another, elevating the collective grid in resistance to the inversions that seek to keep us in fear and separation. Extend compassion to those who are hurting now and in need of your strength. There are many on the cusp of a personal transformation and we can be there to help catalyse this process. The wheels are in motion and love will always prevail but the time for action is now.

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