The Shadow of Winter

As winter approaches and we enter the shadow side of this celestial cycle around the sun, this offers the opportunity to connect to our own shadow side. In these months, conservation of energy and introspection/reflection may feel more natural than over-exerting and depleting energy where there is less to spare.

Winter Shadow

Staying in Equilbrium During Winter

Natural defences can lower during the winter months and we become more receptive to environmental influences. It is a good time to take charge of health and fuel the body with the right energy, as well as getting plenty of rest if needed. Taking action when called is useful, but not at the expense of health and well-being, which ultimately determine the reflection we see in the world.

Pure water, sunlight, organic food, exercise and oxygen are the core elements of healthy vessel. Too much alcohol, caffeine and sugar will all create energy fluctuations that will disrupt balance. Whenever we experience artificial spikes of energy, this has to be compensated for. We must also take responsibility for our emotional and psychological health, keeping stress to a minimum and nurturing a healthy mindset without succumbing to external interferences that are working through the mind as limiting programs.

Subliminal Influence

This is a time when the media ramps up the fear propaganda to exploit vulnerabilities. This is why it is important not to repeat any suggestions of illness, as this can become cemented as a subconscious belief that can materialise psychosomatically as physical symptoms. Repetition of buzzwords like ‘corona’, coupled with particular imagery and colours all have a subliminal impact and can carry a deeper symbolic meaning that interacts with consciousness.

The dark occultists, who architect the matrix from the shadows, understand how to manipulate the mind in this way, knowing that unconscious influences becomes self-fulfilling prophecies. Without the rampant media influence, these suggestions could not take hold in the same way and it would be more difficult to create such widespread illness which fuels the hysteria and becomes a fear contagion – the metaphysical virus from which the physical expressions emerge.

The placebo effect is well established, even in mainstream science, to have both a negative and positive effect on our physiology, testifying to the power of the mind. Encouraging positive belief is not profitable. It is the antithesis of an inverted system that thrives off conditioning limiting beliefs that ignore the power of the mind as the matrix of matter.

Fear contagion not only leads to illness, but convinces humanity to forfeit their freedoms in exchange for illusory stability granted by the social engineers who have perpetrated the deception. This makes it easier to peddle the current contagion narrative to justify more restrictions and accelerate the agenda forward with less resistance.

Being aware of the deception is important, but plugging in too much to the media, even with a focused consciousness that mitigates subliminal interferences, can still weaken the vibratory field through participation in that timeline, which gains more momentum through attention, which is an investment of energy.

It can become an addiction to be informed, to the point that we start to misdirect our consciousness on what we don’t want, rather than utilising the imagination on new possibilities that would dissolve the mind control programs through generating new timelines where those fear frequencies could not as easily penetrate.

Drawing Energy Through Embodiment

Once we are sufficiently informed, we can take that awareness and apply it constructively through engaging in appropriate internal work. This offsets the attempts to infiltrate the auric field through AI infrastructure, which interfaces multiple components that siphon consciousness and emotional energy to weaken the collective consciousness. This becomes a hive mind that requires external governance, having divorced itself from the innate higher intelligence that permits co-creation through applied free will.

The idea is to keep consciousness restricted and attention focused externally, rather than revitalising energy through a connection to source, which opens the gateway for the embodiment of healing frequencies that regulate the nervous system so that it isn’t as susceptible to electromagnetic interference, or other energetic distortions which are trying to weaken the field to disempower individuals so that they are in a passive and docile state, unable to question their own suppression.

The winter months are a good time to harness internal energy, which is activated through decluttering the mind from the layers of conditioning that are obstructing the connection. This state can be attained by tuning out from the external noise and connecting to holistic awareness through integrating with the body. The body has its own intelligence but trauma blocks the gateway to this embodied potential, keeping us trapped in incessant mind chatter that serves the will of the ego.

The ego wants to preserve its dominance by projecting defence mechanisms that mask underlying trauma that it deems too painful to retrieve. When trauma remains lodged in the body, we continue to act out through repetitive dysfunctional behavioural patterns that feed destructive habits and addictions that act as a compensation. Until there is confrontation with those repressed aspects, they continue to govern from the shadows and the collective consciousness becomes a reflection of the unresolved aspects of individuals multiplied.

Activating Internal Authority

We continue to see a mirror reflecting to us what we need to identify within ourselves so we can disengage from the hive mind that has forfeited individual authority in exchange for external governance. If we were to reclaim our individuated soul potential, then the need for external authority would dissolve.

We will have proven that we are able to participate with reality through responsible application of free will that works in alignment with our true nature, rather than unconsciously responding to external stimuli that takes away personal power by siphoning energy through inverted systems that feed a devolved singularity that mimics true connection.

Whilst we are engaging in this third dimensional experience, we all have unique soul blueprints and karmic contracts that need to be fulfilled to enable the soul to reintegrate back along the ascension pathway. Every individuals learning requirements will be different and these are all interacting with one another as part of the wider evolution of consciousness. Not everyone will be ready to unplug from limitation until they are triggered through personal experience, and so those who are activated through self-awareness back to their souls calling can lay the foundations for others when they are ready.

Trying to bypass this process under the guise of collective unity/oneness is all a part of the dark/false light dichotomy, which keeps the soul suppressed from the individuation process, which is the segway to true connection. Without integrating the dark/light polarities within first, trying to attain that harmony outside will be futile, as the collective consciousness becomes a global group think, only able to respond to external dictates that use progressive ideals as a convenient scapegoat for the internal disconnection, and so individuality is punished whilst conformity is rewarded.

As we evolve back through the dimensional layers, we find resonance with those functioning at a compatible frequency, and unity emerges effortlessly and organically. Everyone is on the path back to collective unity, but not until they engage with the individual process and understand their spiritual nature, which transcends arbitrary divisions used to divide and rule populations.

For as long as we are externalising the blame for our own lack of self-worth, we are divorced from our own power that communicates through embodying our higher intelligence to navigate through external turmoil with the knowledge that everything happening is providing a learning experience and teaching us acceptance and compassion.

We need not concern ourselves with others choices and judgements if we are confident in the direction we are moving, having received direct external confirmation of the changes we are making. This involves the recognition that even the seemingly negative experiences are offering pearls of wisdom that may not become apparent until later. The outcome is determined by the way we choose to react and strength of trust in the unfoldment of the divine process that requires we descend into the underworld to open the gateway to heaven.

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